Does Instagrammer Mean Deleted Account or Blocked?

Instagrammer is just a title-stamp that you could see on Instagram profiles when the profile is either blocked or deleted.

Let me explain the situation. I was searching for a friend to see his updates on Instagram but I could not find his name all I see some profiles that were showing ‘Instagrammer‘ on the name.


I just got back to check my Instagram DM and opened the chat where the profile also was showing as ‘Instagrammer

Although, if you think that the profile itself has been deleted then you can find it out from here.

The Instagrammer either means that person has permanently deleted his profile or he just blocked you. On a rare case when Instagram ban an account temporarily for suspicious activity, you may also see this tag on that profile.

You might wonder why the name is showing as an Instagrammer. The Instagrammer could be meant whose account has been permanently deleted or deactivated or the owner of that account has blocked you.

Why do I see Instagrammer account?

Why is the original name of the owner not being shown? When you move through your DMs and one account that catches your eyes, is an Instagrammer account that also happened to me. You might wonder why an Instagrammer account is seen:

  1. If any person has stopped using or deactivated his or her account, then the account will come as an Instagrammer account till when the person makes its account activated.
  2. Instagram itself deactivates a person’s account due to the violation of Instagram’s policy, and if a person has misused the policy of Instagram, then also Instagrammer account is seen.
  3. If the person has permanently deleted his or her account, then it will be shown as an Instagrammer account. It might become difficult to understand that the user has blocked you or permanently deleted his or her account. As if a person blocks someone then also Instagrammer account is shown up.

What does Instagrammer mean on Instagram DM?

Just imagine you are scrolling your Instagram DM and suddenly an account with Instagrammer pops up. You try to open it and to your amazement, no post is seen on that person’s account. If you’re just thinking that you are being blocked by that user, it is not like that.

If you come through any Instagrammer account, it could mean that the user has permanently deleted the account or has blocked you. You must know what happens in both of these cases:

  1. Instagrammer when Blocked by someone:
    If you came across an Instagrammer account, you may think that you are blocked by that person.
    As if you are blocked by someone then that user cannot be in search results on the search bar on Instagram DM.
  2. Instagrammer when Permanently deleted the account:
    In this case, if anyone deleted his or her account permanently then that person has to choose the option of permanent delete from settings. The account is not deleted on the spot, it will take 30 days time, till then it will be shown as an Instagrammer account. You can search the user by name, but it will come as an Instagrammer account.

These are the situations you might face for an Instagrammer account.

Instagrammer instead of the name on profile – Blocked or Deleted?

If Instagrammer is seen instead of a name, then it means that either you are blocked or the user has deleted his or her account permanently or temporarily. This is not the case always, sometimes Instagram also deactivates account if you violate its policy.

  1. If you are blocked by someone, then you cannot see their stories or posts, you can’t even send messages to the user, cannot even search the user in the search bar.
  2. If you are not in the mood of using Instagram then you can temporarily or permanently delete your account. Tapping onto the Instagrammer account which is permanently deleted, then it will show nothing like videos, posts, and even the user’s bio.
  3. If the user deletes or deactivates the account temporarily, it will show the user’s bio if it is tapped.

That’s all.

How to know if I am not blocked by Instagrammer?

I have described what this ‘Instagrammer’ means but how you become sure about that someone has just deleted his Instagram not blocked you.

1. Find the profile using Profile link without Logging in

If you want to know that the user has blocked you without logging in Instagram, then you need to find the user’s Instagram link and then type it on the web.

Before knowing Instagram links you need to know it’s an Instagram username and you can find the username from a web browser.

Once you open the profile of the user and you can see his or her posts, in case of public accounts, this means you are not blocked.

2. Try a new Instagram ID to view the profile

If you really want to identify that Instagrammer either blocked you or not then you can check by making another account.

If you see the user’s account from the new Instagram profile or the profile opens normally, then your main account is blocked by the user that is why you are seeing this Instagrammer on the name.

The Bottom Lines:

Hope I cleared the meaning of Instagrammer and the same is understood by all. There is not only one way for an Instagrammer account, if you come across any Instagrammer account then don’t think that the user has blocked you. It can also mean that the user has deactivated his or her account or Instagram did itself or the person deleted the account.

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