Read WhatsApp Messages Without Sender Knowing

WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted that restricts other users to see through the WhatsApp and even if you have been succeeded in reading, the person can know this easily. I just have searched on this topic a lot and finally got some amazing tools that can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. Reading the messages from … Read more

Best WhatsApp Mods Download 2021 – Hide Online

If you lack a lot more feature on your WhatsApp then these mod apps can add a handful of premium features to it. The mods in another way considered as dangerous for its unencrypted features, that means whatever you message someone can be read by the third-party. Remember: Whichever mods you are using you are … Read more

Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp for One Person

It’s really an awkward situation when someone inspects your last seen status on WhatsApp? The situation can also be ignored if you take steps on it before. WhatsApp has its own last seen tracker that catches you while you’ve been online. WhatsApp provides the option to show or hide your last seen status but this … Read more

Know if WhatsApp video call is being recorded by Someone

Getting spied on WhatsApp and other privacy concerns are common in using WhatsApp. Whenever having a call with my friends I was just thinking that maybe someone is recording my WhatsApp video call and definitely to find it out you have to be smarter than the apps. WhatsApp does not have the video call recording … Read more

(Working) Unblock Me using GB WhatsApp & Clone App

Someone blocked me on WhatsApp that I confirmed by checking with a few facts that appear only if you’re blocked. I tested many ways and finally, a few of those worked. To unblock yourself from the WhatsApp block list of someone else, you can enter the common WhatsApp group for you & that person or … Read more

When You Block or Unblock Someone on WhatsApp

Are you blocked on WhatsApp? If someone has blocked me on WhatsApp, can he see my status? You first question when it comes to WhatsApp might be, Can I see online status if blocked on WhatsApp? The answer is NO. Then, how could someone view such status? Well, there are ways to do that. Besides the last seen status, … Read more

View Blocked or Hidden WhatsApp Status [Working]

WhatsApp no doubt is the most popular chatting app than the Facebook messenger and this is also was proved. But, like other social media sites, WhatsApp also offers its users to share status. Mark from the WhatsApp team answered me with a few details, let’s talk about this. As you see, he confirmed that if the … Read more