Rejoin WhatsApp Group – Leaving without Admin permission

Did you leave a WhatsApp group and want to rejoin without admin permission? Wondering how to add someone to WhatsApp group without being an admin? WhatsApp allows users to join any WhatsApp group on your wish by clicking the invite link.

But, once you left the group, how to join back into that group again using LINK?…

To rejoin the WhatsApp group, either get registered with new a new mobile number while having the invite link with you or you directly request the Admin to add you again if you were removed by any WhatsApp group admin.

Once you have left a WhatsApp group and you were the admin of that group, upon leaving the group the admin permission shifts to someone else.

Now, if you are planning to get that position back then you must RELY on the current admin of that group.

The BEST part.

Things go WELL till you have done this on your wish and the possibility is there that everyone will support you to get back into the group.


But, what should ONE do if someone or the admin removed him/her from a WhatsApp group!


Don’t worry. You have a way that lets you RE-ENTER the WhatsApp group again without anyone’s permission.

Note that while you’re an admin of a WhatsApp group, you can add remove anyone and none can remove you from WhatsApp group.

But, while you deactivate/delete your WhatsApp account, you can also lose access to all existing WhatsApp group and the admin permission will also be lost.

So, here we have got the conditions that are responsible for leaving a WhatsApp group. In this article, we have discussed the methods to rejoin the WhatsApp group after leaving.

You can also get ways to join the SAME WhatsApp group after being removed or without permission. The best enjoyment is to rejoin the same WhatsApp group as an admin.


On WhatsApp, you can create groups if you have to discuss something with people of the same interests as you or you can also text people individually.

WhatsApp is famously known for its group chatting. In a WhatsApp group, you can add a lot of members and you can share audio clips, video clips, and pictures.

Sometimes, mishaps do happen. While scrolling through your chats, you may accidentally leave the group.

So the most obvious question is, how do you rejoin that group after being removed?

For example, you have a group like this where you can plan to go out on a Sunday.

You keep chatting and suddenly click on the exit group.

Then, you can request the group admin to add you back if you know them. In this case, since it is a friend you can easily approach.

Ask Someone to Add into that Group Again

If you don’t know the group admin, you can politely text them citing your concern about exiting the group.

Ask Someone to Add you

You can request them to add you so that you can rejoin the WhatsApp group.

How to Rejoin WhatsApp Group as Admin

If you are the only admin in the group, you should assign someone an admin of that group while leaving. You can ask any member to send you the group invite link so that you rejoin the group.

All you have to do is to click on that link and rejoin the WhatsApp group again. Make sure you verify the link before joining. Then ask the admin (made by you previously) to make you the admin again.

Rejoin WhatsApp Group as Admin

However, if you had the invite link with you, you can use that one without asking it from someone else.

Join Same WhatsApp Group using WhatsApp Beta

There is another way also, you can install the WhatsApp beta version on your phone.

Then ask a member of the group to send you the group link. Then click on that link to be added, and then verify the link.

Rejoin WhatsApp Group link

By following these steps, you don’t need the admin permission to rejoin the WhatsApp group. Without the actual need for an invitation, you can join.

How to Create Group Link in WhatsApp?

Now a lot of people might have a question what a group link is and how to create that in WhatsApp.

It’s pretty easy. You have to follow these steps:

Step #1: Go to the group info of any group you want, then you will find an option of an invite to the group link.

Step #2: After that, you can click on it and wait until the group link is created. Then, you can share the link to the people who want to rejoin the WhatsApp group or also copy the link to your email.

invite link

Step #3: You can also use the QR code so that you can be added to the group without any invitation.

If you do not wish to continue or if someone else has already added the person then you could choose the revoke link option.

These are the ways you can rejoin the WhatsApp group if you leave the group due to some circumstances.  It’s totally understandable that these accidents do happen sometimes due to our absent-mindedness but we have hacks for every problem!


Why can’t I add my friend to a WhatsApp group?
If you’re unable to add a person into the WhatsApp group, then this may happen due to two reasons. Either the person has recently left the group and blocked the admins or the person changed her settings that nobody can add her into any WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp recently came with a feature, located under privacy settings. You can set the permission either to your contacts or nobody to add you to a WhatsApp group.

Can I exit from a group when I am admin there?
While you are the only admin of a WhatsApp group then you can leave a group but not in a single click. You have to take a few steps to make another person as an admin of that group to leave the group.

You have to make someone admin of that group who is presently a member of that group. But, if you wish to make the admin who is not a member of the group just take time to add him/her to that group first.

How to add myself back into that WhatsApp group I left?
Now, if you have left your WhatsApp group then you have to take the help of the admin of that group. First of all, the admin of the group has to add you as a normal member of that group. After that, he can make you an admin of that group again.

How can I regain my admin tag in WhatsApp Group?
A WhatsApp group shows who created the group and for this whatever the reason you leave or delete WhatsApp profile your number will always be shown as the group creator.

So, if you have left the group still your number is shown as a group creator. Now if you left and want to rejoin the WhatsApp group as admin then the only way is by requesting the current admin to add you into the group and then make you the admin.

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