How To Know If Someone Saved Your Number On WhatsApp

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To know if someone saved your number on WhatsApp, you can start by looking at the profile picture of the user. But this can be a confusing approach as many users allow their photos to be made public so that everyone can see them.

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Even if the number is blocked, you would also not see that user’s profile picture. Here you can look at a few things that would help you know if you’re blocked on WhatsApp.

You can’t see someone’s status or profile picture if they have permitted their privacy settings for ‘My contacts’ and your number isn’t saved to their device.

On the other hand, you can easily view their profile photo and status if their privacy is enabled as public, regardless of whether your contact is saved or not.

You have all the details that you can get and confirm if the user really saved your number or not.

Can You See if Someone Saved Your Number?

There is no direct way, but with a few settings, you can easily guess whether your name is on their contact list or not.

Stage 1: Open WhatsApp on your device and tap on the three dots shown at the top right of the corner.

Stage 2: Select New broadcast and add the suspect’s contact with another user whose number is already saved on his/her device.

Stage 3: Next, send a message to the broadcast list.

Stage 4: Once the text is delivered, tap and long-press the text you have delivered and tap on the notification option.

Stage 5: Two sections named Delivered by and Read by will appear on the screen of mobile.

Stage 6: If she saved your mobile number, you can see her name in this section.

If the name does not appear in this section, it will be understood that she has not saved your number.

How to know if somebody saved your number on WhatsApp:

If you don’t want to verify via broadcast messages, you can either inspect DP privacy settings or upload the status. There are two best ways to ensure she has saved your number in his contact list.

1. Check From the DP Privacy Settings:

WhatsApp has developed a new feature where a person can maintain their privacy by not showing their profile picture to anyone or only their contacts. This feature on WhatsApp is known as Profile Picture privacy settings.

If you are too curious to know if your friends or loved ones have saved your contact on WhatsApp, go through this method.

Here are a few tips given by our experts when it comes to checking DP visibility.

🔯 Verify If DP is Visible from Another Phone:

To ensure that a suspect’s profile picture is visible to all, save that number on any mobile phone that has never saved the target’s number or does not have the target’s number on the phone. 

By doing this, you will get two conclusions in front of you, whether the DP will be visible on the other phone or not.

🏷 The Outcomes:

If the DP is visible from your phone but not from the alternate phone, then understand that your number has already been saved. That way, you can guess that the profile picture is set to My Contacts privacy instead of the Everyone option.

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Behind the keeping everyone option, people are fond of showing their dip to everyone, but in my contacts, only those people who are on the contact list will see the profile picture. If the profile picture is visible on both devices, it does not confirm that your number has been saved.

2. Check by Uploading Status:

Another best way to make sure is to check upload status, if your status and stories will be shown by him/her it means your number has been added to their contact list.

Uploading Status

Here are some steps to do when it comes to using this method:

🔯 Firstly, Upload the Status from Your Phone:

Post any video status or picture on WhatsApp, whatever you want your loved one or friend to see.

🏷 The Outcomes:

The uploaded status is not necessarily visible to him/her immediately. Whenever you see his name on the viewers’ list, understand that that person has saved your number.

If not then this doesn’t mean she/he has not saved your contact as maybe they are not available to view your status rather you may try numerous times to try this method.

Overall, you also have to be patient. Sometimes the status is seen even a little before the completion of 24 hours, then there is the possibility that you missed his/her name from the list.

🔯 Would you get a ‘Delivered’ tag on Messages if your number is not saved?

Whether your number is saved or not, you will see the sent or delivered tag when you send the message. In addition, you will also see the last seen information regarding the suspect, even if your number is not saved.

There will be a double tick show when the message is delivered to the inbox, but it will turn blue depending on the user whether the message is opened or not.

The Bottom Lines:

This article has all the detailed information that can help you determine whether someone has saved your number on WhatsApp. In the midst of all this, the best way to be sure is the primary method, which is trickier than the rest of the two methods in this article.

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