Read WhatsApp group Messages Without Sender Knowing

WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted that restricts other users to see through the WhatsApp and even if you have been succeeded in reading, the person can know this easily.

I just have searched on this topic a lot and finally got some amazing tools that can read someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing.

Reading the messages from someone’s phone and marking as unread does not look like the same and that one can easily understand when the unread messages do not show a number inside the green dot.

May be parents need this to monitor their kid’s inbox. In order to read someone’s WhatsApp messages either in Group or Chat, you need to install the mSpy app on your device and see what someone is sending to the person or to someone without them knowing. Although, seeing messages from Notifications or finding media from phone’s storage is possible without others knowing. 

To read the WhatsApp group messages without being seen,

  1. First, make sure the notification is turned on for that group and install the ‘Shh 😏 No Last Seen or Read‘ app on your mobile.
  2. Now when someone sends a message to you on the WhatsApp group, you can view those messages either it was sent in a group or in a chat directly from this third-party app.
  3. If you read messages from this app, the other person would not know that you have read their message.

The basic step that most people follow is just by using the WhatsApp web to see the chats and messages but this has a limitation. Let’s dive into other steps:

How to Read WhatsApp Messages without seen?

If you want to read the WhatsApp messages without knowing the other person then you have many choices. The simplest thing that you can do is just by turning on the flight mode option and then see the WhatsApp messages that came on your phone and after that close that WhatsApp and turn on the mobile data. But, this process has some drawbacks that I am going to discuss in this article.

Let’s describe how can you read WhatsApp messages without them knowing:

  1. When you get notifications that someone sends to your WhatsApp initially just turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Now open your WhatsApp chat and read those messages.
  3. Close that WhatsApp on your phone from your tasks.
  4. Connect to the internet again. The person will not get any blue tick sign when you have read those messages.

But, what did I see by myself? I just applied this on my two WhatsApp accounts to test and when I applied the same process this actually works but whenever the phone gets connected to the WhatsApp application again the person gets the blue tick on the read receipt instantly on that time.

read whatsapp chat seen status time fake

You can say that they would not get the correct read time rather they will get the read receipts when the WhatsApp application get connected to the internet.

But there is another way that you can turn off your read received from the settings and by doing this you will also miss the read receipt of someone else as well.

How to Read WhatsApp messages without Blue tick

Blue-tick on messages is something that you get when someone read your sent messages on WhatsApp and vice-versa if someone read your sent messages you also get the blue tick on your send messages.

For instance, if you turn off the read receipt on your WhatsApp settings you would never get any blue tick or the person who sends you messages will never get the blue tick when you read their messages on WhatsApp. Let’s follow the process in order to turn off the blue tick option while reading someone’s messages on WhatsApp:

  1. First of all, open your WhatsApp and then go to the ‘Settings’ option from the top three-dot icon.
  2. Now from the settings go to Accounts and then go to Privacy option.
  3. Under the privacy option you will see and the option ‘Read receipts’.
  4. Just swipe the button to the left to turn off Read receipts.
Turn Off Read receipts

Once you have done this, all of your sent messages will never get any blue tick and finally, other people will no longer see blue tick when you read their messages.

no blue tick

As you see even you get the reply the tick has not gone not blue for previously sent messages. After you swipe it to the left, the read receipts will no longer be received and the person will not get blue double tick when you read his messages.

Read WhatsApp group Messages without opening app

If you have got a few messages on your WhatsApp group and you don’t want to show yourself as Online or don’t want to open the WhatsApp but want to read the messages as well of that particular group then you can do some following steps that I am going to discuss in this method.

You will have two parts on this, firstly you will be able to see the text messages and other files like images or videos can be easily viewed from your phone gallery where the WhatsApp media messages are being saved. 

Just one thing that the contacts that are present on the WhatsApp groups should also have to be present on your contact list as well to get the media files automatically saved on your phone media.

This looks really simple to see those  WhatsApp group messages without letting them know. So, let get this sorted out into some simple steps:

  • Make sure you just have turned on your notification for that WhatsApp group or it is not muted.
unmute group
  • Now once someone sends you messages on that WhatsApp group this will be notified on your notification bar on your Android or iPhone devices.
  • When someone sends you media like videos or images, this will be saved on your phone automatically if your settings are made to auto-download the media files and the WhatsApp group contacts are saved on to your phone-book.

That’s all you have to do to see the messages and media on a WhatsApp group without being seen.

Read Someone’s WhatsApp Group Messages With mSpy

mSpy is the best spying app that you can get for iOS or Android both type of devices. This mSpy is used to track online status, get notifications or hide last seen and like many things. In this article, if you want to view someone’s messages without being seen then mSpy can help to do this easily even from your PC or Macbook.

To view received WhatsApp messages without them knowing, just do the following:

  • Create an account on mSpy with your email ID or set a strong password.
  • Download & Install mSpy on the target devices where the WhatsApp is installed.
  • After that, log in to your account into mSpy dashboard with those ID and Password.
  • Now you can easily see other messages on your phone without knowing the sender of that WhatsApp message.

That’s all you have to do with mSpy.

Apps to Read WhatsApp Group Messages Without Sender Knowing

If you want to use any third-party apps that can do the job for you then you can use the following apps that you can get from the Play Store. Now what this app is doing is, this tracks all of the incoming WhatsApp messages and save it on its internal dashboard and when someone sends messages, you can view those messages and the person will not get the blue tick for those messages as you are not using the WhatsApp Messenger originally to see those messages.



  • Can record all of incoming WhatsApp messages and save it.
  • WhatsApp messages including media or text messages can be seen through this app.

How does it work:

When you read the messages on this app then your read receipt will not be sent to that person as you are seeing the recorded messages on this UNSEEN app and not using the Whatsapp messenger.



  • No ‘Read receipts’ or last seen.
  • Can view all messages from WhatsApp, Facebook without being seen.

How does it work:

When someone sends you messages on WhatsApp then those messages got recorded on this app and you can see those messages onto this app and the same will not be notified to the particular person.

The Bottom Lines:

This has been clear that if you just directly check and unread someone’s WhatsApp messages the person will know this as the number on the green circle will no longer be there. So, if you just use third-party tools that allow you monitoring your apps from other devices then the task will be easier and KidGuard is the best tool available in this purpose.

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