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How To Read WhatsApp Group Messages Without Sender Knowing

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To read the WhatsApp group messages without the sender knowing, make sure the notification is turned on for that group and install the ‘Unseen Last Seen Hidden Chat’ app on your mobile.

If you read messages from this app, the other person would not know that you have read the messages.

The basic step that most people follow is just using the WhatsApp web to see the chats and messages but this has a limitation.

How To Read WhatsApp Group Messages Without Sender Knowing:

If you want to read WhatsApp messages without knowing the other person/sender then you have many choices.

The simplest thing that you can do is just turn on the flight mode option and then see the WhatsApp messages that came on your phone after that close that WhatsApp and turn on the mobile data.

1. Using Unseen–No Last Seen App

Unseen–No Last Seen app can record all incoming WhatsApp messages and save them.

WhatsApp messages including media or text messages can be seen through this app.


🔴 How Does it Work:

When you read the messages on this app your read receipt will not be sent to that person as you are seeing the recorded messages on this UNSEEN app and not using WhatsApp messenger.

2. Offline Chat – No last seen

Offline Chat can view all messages from WhatsApp, and Facebook without being seen.

Offline Chat

🔴 How Does it Work:

When someone sends you messages on WhatsApp then those messages get recorded on this app and you can see those messages on this app and the same will not be notified to the particular person.

3. Using mSpy App

mSpy is the best spying app that you can get for both iOS and Android. This mSpy is used to track online status, get notifications, or hide last seen and like many things.

To view received WhatsApp messages without them knowing, just do the following:


Step 1: Create an account on mSpy with your email ID or set a strong password.

Step 2: Download & Install mSpy on the target devices where WhatsApp is installed.

Step 3: After that, log in to your account into the mSpy dashboard with those IDs and Passwords.

Step 4: Now you can easily see other messages on your phone without letting the sender know about them.

4. Messages Blue Tick

The blue ticks on messages are something that you get when someone reads your sent messages on WhatsApp and vice-versa. If someone reads your sent messages you also get the blue tick for your sent messages.

Let’s follow the process in order to turn off the blue tick option while reading someone’s messages on WhatsApp:

Step 1: First of all, open your WhatsApp and then go to the ‘Settings’ option from the top three-dot icon.

three-dot icon
WhatsApp settings

Step 2: Now from the settings go to Accounts and then go to the Privacy option.

whatsapp privacy option

Step 3: Under the privacy option you will see the option ‘Read receipts’.

Step 4: Just swipe the button to the left to turn off Read Receipts.


Step 5: Once you have done this, all of your sent messages will never get any blue ticks and finally, other people will no longer see blue ticks when you read their messages.


Step 6: As you see even if you get the reply the tick has not gone to blue for sent messages.

After you swipe it to the left, the read receipts will no longer be received and the person will not get the double-blue tick when you read his messages.

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