How To Call Someone From A Different Number

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To call someone from a different number, install the Fake Call app on your phone and buy its credits. Then use this application to make calls with another caller ID.

You can do the same thing using virtual numbers, there are many virtual numbers VoIP providers like CallHippo and RingCentral.

These providers provide you with a virtual number through which you can make calls with a different number.

Also using fake caller ID apps, you can call someone with their own phone numbers or without showing your phone number.

You can also use Techniquehow’s Virtual number caller, from where you can choose a different number to call someone.

How To Call Someone From A Different Number:

There are certain ways that you can use to make calls to someone with a different number.

1. Fake Call App

Using the Fake Call app, you can easily call someone without revealing your number.

πŸ”΄ Steps to Use the Fake Call App:

Step 1: Open your Play Store app and search for ‘Fake Call’.


Step 2: Install this ‘Fake Call‘ application on your Android phone.

 install this application

Step 3: Then, allow all the permissions that the app needs to run.

Allow all the permissions

Step 4: Then you have to buy the credits to make calls.

 buy their credit

Step 5: You will then see two sections, On the ‘Caller ID’ enter the target phone number of your choice from which you will call.

two sections

In the second section, on ‘Call To’ give the phone number you want to make a call and then press the call button.

πŸ›‘ Flaws of Fake Call app:

β—˜ You have to turn your mobile data on when you are calling someone. Otherwise, your call will not be placed.

β—˜ You cannot use this app without buying its credits, the credits are very costly. To buy 22 credits you have to pay $8.68, for 60 credits you have to pay $24.04 and to buy 135 credits you have to pay $39.53.

β—˜ There is a 3-day trial offer where you will get 10 credits by paying $0.72 and after three days you will receive a bonus of 200 credits and you will be charged $18.34.

2. Using Virtual Number

You can pay and get any virtual number online or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to make and receive calls without being connected to any SIM card or any physical network. CallHippo and RingCentral are two famous virtual number providers.

Get A Virtual Phone Number:

β—˜ Visit the virtual phone number provider’s website.

β—˜ Sign up with your individual or business details.

β—˜ Then Purchase a virtual phone number, after purchasing it, a product expert from a virtual phone number service provider will contact you and help you to set up the number and it’s ready to make calls.

πŸ”― CallHippo:


πŸ”΄ Steps To Use:

Step 1: You have to log in to your CallHippo account.

 log in

Step 2: Enter the number you want to call.

Step 3: You have to use the right extensions, meaning country and local code.

Step 4: Then press the call icon to call.

πŸ”― RingCentral:


πŸ”΄ Steps To Use:

Step 1: First of all, go to the RingCentral website and tap on ‘Create free account’.

sign in page

Step 2: Next, make the payment to get any plan and tap on the ‘Contacts’ icon.

number to make your call

Step 3: Then dial or type a name or number to make your call.

type a name

Step 4: Then tap the call icon to place the call.

tap the call icon

3. Different Number Caller By Techniquehow

πŸ”΄ How To Get:

Step 1: First, open Techniquehow’s virtual number caller tool on your device.

Step 2: You will see an option to choose the country for which you need a virtual number, then click on the drop-down menu and select the country from the list.

Step 3: After selecting the country, click on the ‘Get Another Number’ button.

This will generate a virtual phone number for you that you can use for making calls or receiving text messages.

You will be provided with a virtual number, which you can see on the screen. Simply copy the number and use it.

How to Call Someone without Showing Your Number:

You have the following methods to call someone without showing your number:

1. Disable caller ID on iOS

If you want to call someone but don’t reveal your caller ID to the user, you need to disable the caller ID on your iPhone. Once you hide it, your number will not be shown to whom you call. Caller ID can be disabled from the settings of your iPhone.

Here are the steps you need to follow to disable caller ID on your iPhone:

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Settings app from your home screen.

Step 2: You’ll need to scroll down the list and click on the Phone option.

click on the Phone option

Step 3: located below Voice Memos. Next, you need to click on the Show My Caller ID option.

click on the Show My Caller ID option

Step 4: Then, you’ll find the switch next to Show My Caller ID enabled. Toggle it off by swiping it to the left.

Show My Caller ID enabled

You’ll be able to see the switch will become white after you turn it off.

2. Use *67 to hide

You can also use the easier method of adding *67 to the number while dialing so that your caller ID gets hidden. However, you need to know that this method can be applied one call at a time.

You need to dial *67 before the number every time you’re calling someone to hide your caller ID. If you forget to dial *67 while entering the number, your caller ID will be visible which is why it’s a little risky and time-consuming too.

But if you want to hide your caller ID for a specific call, this method would be perfect as it doesn’t disable caller ID for every call.

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, open the dial pad of your device & dial *67.

Dial call

Step 2: Next, enter the phone number to whom you want to call.

Step 3: Click on the call button below the dial pad to place the call on the person.

3. Virtual Second Number

You can use a free virtual number app to get a second number and then use it to make anonymous calls so that your primary phone number is not shown to any user whom you’re calling. There are tons of free virtual number apps available on Google Play Store and App Store from where you can get a virtual second number from yourself.

As these virtual numbers are disposable, you’ll be able to delete a number after using it. You can also send anonymous messages from these disposable virtual numbers. It doesn’t have locational restrictions either. You can use it from anywhere across the globe.

You can use the Fanytel Business app which is one of the best virtual phone number apps.

πŸ”΄ Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Download the app. Sign in with your phone number or Google account.
Verify your account.

Install Fanytel

Step 2: Next, you’ll be taken into the app.

See number

Step 3: Click on the No Caller ID tag.

Step 4: Then, click on +Get US Phone Number.

Step 5: Next, you need to click on Get Number.

Step 6: Then, choose a city. Choose a number. Click on Continue.

Step 7: Next, buy it and use it for making calls.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to Call Someone and Display a Different Number for Free?

If you want to display a different number while calling someone, you need to use a virtual second number to do that. You can use any virtual number app or tools available online to use their virtual number for free and then send calls so that your primary number is not exposed to them.

You can also buy virtual numbers using the premium virtual number apps which offer virtual sim cards for an affordable rate.

2. How to call someone without showing your number?

If you want to call someone but hide your caller ID so that your number is not visible to whom you’re calling, you need to disable the caller ID of your device. You can either do it permanently by switching off the caller ID or you can use the *67 tricks to hide it temporarily for specific calls.

3. How to call someone with their own number?

You can call someone with their own number by using fake caller id apps. There are some fake caller ID apps that allow you to call someone with his/her number.

You have to open the app and go to more options. Then select User and select the caller ID option, enter his/her number then save it. After that go to the calling section and enter his/her number again then place the call. Thus he/she receives a call from his own number.

4. Why are my text messages going to another phone?

Sometimes you can see your text messages are going to another phone. It could happen when you add an Exchange account using ActiveSync to an Android phone. In this case, some phones will start forwarding a copy of every SMS message (text message) the phone receives to your email account. This feature may be different for each phone.

5. How to call someone without showing your number?

Android phones have the feature to block their own phone numbers and hide their caller ID. The user will be shown as ‘Anonymous’ or ‘Private’ on the recipient’s phone after they blocked their number.

β—˜ You can dial the vertical service code(*67) before any phone number to block your caller ID when you call that number. If you want to permanently block your number, then add that number as a contact and save it with *67 at the start. There is some important thing to note you can not block your caller ID when you are calling 911 or 800 numbers.

β—˜ You can also go to your phone settings and tap ‘Phone’. You will see the ‘Show my Caller ID’ option there, just flip it to the left and turn it off.

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