How to Tell if a Snapchat account is Fake or Real?

If you have doubt on a Snapchat account be fake you can report or block that account easily. Now, if the Snapchat account is known to you then you can look into a few factors to check either this Snapchat account is fake or not.

Although having a good Snapchat score proves a Snapchat account to be most old but that does not mean the account is real. Yes, it may incur that the account may not be fake but that’s not true always.

Moreover, for a new Snapchat account getting a score is not easy that you can guess the profile is fake or not…Right?

To know if the Snapchat account is fake or not, you just have to look into the profile for a few days and follow the daily story & profile picture the person update. If you notice any realistic stories with a group and that look really natural, then the account is not fake.

Also, if you are finding some popular profiles on Snapchat and confused seeing the original ones this Snapchat score will help you find the real profile, like the highest score the account is more likely to be a real authentic Snapchat account.

Let’s dive into more details.

How To find out If this is a real Snapchat account?

To tell if a Snapchat account is real or not, you can directly video chat with the person and if the person agrees to do that really means that is a real Snapchat account and there is no doubt you would have in that case.

However, having a huge Snapchat score and good reputation on Snapchat makes a profile looks really awesome and realistic to other users and the stories posted on a regular basis make a profile believe that it is a real Snapchat account.

Like, if you want to check the Snapchat account is real or not then you have to follow some basic instructions to check from below:

You should Check the Snap score:

As you know the most Snapchat score a profile has, highest the chance for the profile to be real but that does not always mean that profile should be real in case the profile maybe old for getting such a good Snapchat score but you have to check with more following options to be sure that it is a real Snapchat account:

snap score

[ 🖐 Although a new Snapchat can easily gain a good score soon. If you want to know the methods then read this guide ]

i) Check the profile picture of the person and the first ones from their camera rolls.

ii) Look for the story that a posted from. If the story is like taking selfies and like a group pictures of the person that really makes a profile to be realistic or real Snapchat account holder.

Check the stories posted:

People tend to repost others stuff and make a fake Snapchat account of someone else or abuse a celebrity. Now in the cases, the trick that I am going to discuss in this article may be really helpful and you have to wait for those to be sure.

From Camera roll

You will find a story posted on each suspected accounts and find out the one that has posted the story for the very first time. This account might be the real one as the other profiles may have been posted his stuff just by reposting the stuff from the original profile.

Is it possible to know if a Snapchat account is fake or not?

Actually, you cannot say that this profile is 100% fake or not fake because of the reality that we are guessing the profile to be fake based on the activity the profile is doing like posting staff and getting good followers or using the profile for the own purposes i.e. selling products, advertising other things and a lot more like that.

You must check the profile picture:

Sometimes looking at a profile picture of a Snapchat account tells a lot about that account like either this profile picture is a person itself or using something else from the stock photos. You should have found that if a person just using a profile picture that is not of that person itself then the profile may be fake that you should not trust on.

Check the Followers or the Following list:

If that account has a lot of followers on the list but those maybe random followers that may be brought or received from the bots. If those profiles are trying to sell their products, you should be thinking one more time before getting trapped.


I personally go into some steps like looking into the followers of the profile. I just reach to those profile and look into the profile stuff of those followers of that investigating profile and this makes me clear to find out if the followers are real or not and if in most of the cases I get the followers to be fake I mark that profile as fake for getting the fake followers to increase the online reputation.

How to track Snapchat Account IP Address?

Track the Snapchat IP address of any accounts is not difficult. You can easily access the Snapchat IP with the help of the Grabify IP logger tool. This tool works effectively and allows you to get the IP address of any user click on the link.

You would need the content that people want to click and this is how is your job will be done.

  1. Find a link related to the catchy topic, make sure to use a catchy topic so that the person cant refuse to open the link.
  2. Now Visit Grabify IP Logger ( and you enter the link and click on get tracking code you will be redirected to a new page where the shortcut link will be displayed to you and the Access link will also be visible that you have to save for future use. grabify tool
  3. Now share the shortcut link over the Snapchat profile that you want to track, it is advised to use one shortcode per particular one account and send the short link to that person. access code & short link
  4. Keep checking the access link and if the person just clicks on that link to view the content his IP address will be logged and all details like location will be recorded on that dashboard.

Find out who is behind a Snapchat account:

You can see the Snapchat account by the catchy username but to find the real name of the person is really simple. If you are willing to know who is behind the Snapchat account,

  • Just open your Snapchat and then make sure to click on the Gear icon which is available on the top left corner of the app. settings snapchat gear
  • From there makes sure to go to the profile.
  • After that, you will see the option ‘Friend’.
  • Click on that option and then you will see the list of friends.
  • Now you need to find type in the name of the account according to the username.
  • You will find a gear icon that will appear on their username.
  • Now tap on that gear icon. You will get to see their real name.

That’s all.

Can you find the email from Snapchat username?

If you want to know the email address of someone from Snapchat then you don’t have any direct ways. On other social media platforms, most people use their email addresses. To get an email address of a Snapchat account, you need to find it with logics,

  • Firstly you need to find their username. Then you can search the username on Facebook. Mainly Facebook will show several options.
  • From there you can choose accordingly and try to figure out the same person.
    If you can find the same username made a Facebook ID then make sure to recheck their information and details.
  • From their Facebook details, you can gain the email ID of that specific Snapchat account.

The Bottom Lines:

Hope in this article I just cleared your doubt on finding out a fake Snapchat account and if you have any more doubt you can use the method that I gave to find Email address and if this does not work you can use the Grabify tool in order to find the exact location of that Snapchat account holder.

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