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How To Show Add Friend Button On Facebook

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can’t see the “Add Friend” button if the person recently rejected your request, or set strict privacy settings, or if there’s a past blocking with that person.
» If that is a privacy reason, find a mutual friend and send them a friend request, as the “Add Friend” option may not be directly visible.

How To Show Add Friend Button On Facebook:

Follow the steps below:

1. Adding Mutual Friends of the Person

If you cannot see the “Add Friend” option on the profile of an account holder you want to add, you have to see who this person is friends with on Facebook. You can do this by going to their friends list.

You have to tap on the option “Friends” for this. Once you’re on the friends list, look at the accounts present. If you see a person you are familiar with or whose account seems friendly enough for them to accept your friend request, go to their account.

Click Friends

You can do this by just tapping on their name. If you can see the “Add Friend” option, tap on it. Wait for them to accept your friend request. Now go to the account of the person you wanted to add to your friends but could not. You will notice that you can tap on the option “Add Friend”.

Add Friend

2. Wait for Sometimes

If you cannot see the “Add Friend” option because you have earlier sent them a Friend Request already, there is only one fix. You have to wait patiently for them to accept your friend request. If this person is even a little famous, they will constantly receive requests to be accepted as friends.

This is a drawback because they will have to scroll through a list of, for example, 200 friend requests to reach yours. A situation like this takes a lot of time, and no one has the time to accept all follow-up requests instantly.

This is why there might be a delay in their accepting your friend request. The only way out is to wait patiently until they accept the request or send a message and wait.

Why is the Add Friend button not Showing on Facebook:

There are the reasons below:

1. Person Declined Friends Request

It might be possible that when you sent the particular individual a friend request in the past, they declined it. If this is the case for you, the “Add Friend” option will be temporarily removed from your profile.

Consequently, the “Add Friend” button will either be grayed out so that you can’t click on it, or it will not be visible on the page entirely. This is a safety measure by Facebook to ensure that the “Add Friend” option is not misused by people on Facebook who have ulterior motives or by bots.

After a while, the option will again be visible on their profile, at which point you can send them a friend request. This may take a few weeks or even a month. But if they decline your request again, the period for which the “Add Friend” option will be unavailable will increase greatly compared to the first time. This means you will have to wait longer until you can send them a friend request again. 

Therefore to summarize, if the account holder has declined your friend request, you will not be able to see the “Add Friend” option on their profile for a temporary period.

2. Due to Privacy Settings, You can’t Send Friend Requests

The person you want to send a request to may have blocked you, or you have blocked them in the past for whatever reasons, or have only allowed friends of friends to send requests. Changing these settings will allow you to send them a request.

🔴 Method 1: Unblocking

Go to the Menu icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Scroll down to the “Settings & Privacy” section.

Click settings and privacy

Tap on the drop-down arrow beside it to view a list of options, then tap on the “Settings” option.

Click Settings

You have to scroll down until you find the option “Blocking”. Tap on it. Here you can see the account names of all the people you have blocked in the past that you no longer remember.

Click blocking

If you notice the account name of the person, you want to send a request to, tap on the “Unblock” option beside their name. When you open their account now, you can send them a friend request.

Click unblock

🔴 Method 2: Controlling who can send friend requests

Go to the menu icon, tap on the “Settings & Privacy” option, and then “Settings”. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy Settings”. Scroll down and tap on ‘How people find and contact you’, after that tap the option “Who can send you friend requests?”. Under this, tap on “Everyone”.

How people find and contact you
tab on every one

Does the Friend Request Go to Spam?

No, friend requests do not go to Spam. This cannot happen because there is no individual spam folder for friend requests. If you have sent a friend request to someone, the receiver will find it in the designated section. There is no way they did not receive the friend request. The only likely explanation is that they haven’t seen it yet.

However, let us suppose that you have sent a message to them from their profile by tapping on the “Message” option, and you have not previously sent them a friend request, or they have not accepted the friend request yet. In that case, the message you sent will go directly to Spam.

Therefore, to summarise, in no scenario is it possible for friend requests to go to a spam folder. However, messages sent without being accepted as a friend can go to Spam.

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