Can’t Share Post To Story Facebook – Why & How To Fix

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Facebook stories normally stay up to 24 hours after you upload. You make it in two ways, either you can just upload a photo or video to the story or you can just share someone else’s post to your story.

However, you might see that the Facebook post-to-story feature is not working in some cases. It can be a bug, post privacy settings, or anything else.

The simple solution most people consider is switching to the mobile app instead, trying the desktop version of Facebook, if it does not work then you need to understand the cause of this error first.

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Why Are You Unable to Share Facebook Posts to Story:

There can be three possible reasons stopping you from sharing a Facebook post to the story.

1. Facebook Temporarily Disabled the Option:

Facebook requires its users to follow the guidelines while using the platform. If an account is suspected to spam lots of users or violate the Facebook policy, the account is temporarily disabled from creating new posts, sharing stories, and interacting with others’ posts.

Facebook Temporarily Disabled the Option

The temporary ban from Facebook is mainly for 24 hours, but it extends as if you violate the policy again and again. So, if you share a post to the story and get this warning, you should avoid sharing violating posts again.

If you can’t see the option on any devices then you can also wait for a couple of hours and try again as there might be a bug or issue on the server side causing this issue.

2. The Post You’re sharing to Story is not Public:

 Story is not Public

The ability to share Facebook posts into stories works with public posts. If you are willing to share a Facebook Page’s post in the story, then you will get this option only if the posts are public whereas, if the account is private, then you can’t share the post.

The same thing appears when you are trying to share your friends’ posts in the story. The easy way to recognize whether the account is private or not is by checking the share or send button.

If the post you want to share in the Facebook story is private, then you will see the “Share” option right after the Like and Comment button.

On the other hand, if the account is public, then you will get the “Share” button right below the post.

3. No ‘Share to your story’ option:

Even though the post is public and you are seeing the “Share” option, you might not get the ‘Share to Your Story’ option in two situations.

Either you are using the web version of Facebook or you are using Facebook Lite. Even if the post is sponsored post then also you won’t get the option.

This is a limitation as the web browser isn’t capable of doing the task and allowing you to make changes in the story. A clear example of this situation is easy to find when you share a post to a story on Facebook through a PC.

How to Fix if You Can’t Share Post to Story:

There are multiple methods that you can try in order to fix the issue while you can’t share the post to your Facebook story.

Let’s follow:

1. Switch to Facebook app or Desktop version:

If you are using the web version of Facebook, then this will be an easy fix:

Step 1: Open the app, login into your account, and then open the post you want to share in the story.

Step 2: Click on the “Share” button and then choose the “Share to Your Story” option.

Congratulations…!!! You have successfully shared the post to your Facebook story.

2. Download That Post and Upload Manually to Story:

If you don’t want to switch to Facebook App or the option to share a post in a story isn’t available, you can do it manually.

Step 1: You can take a screenshot of the post and click on the “Create Story” option. Select the image from your photo gallery and you can share it with friends.

Step 2: Alternatively, if the post you want to share is a video, then you can use the story Downloader app.

These apps help in downloading posts and then you can share them with friends manually by following the same steps.

How to Share a Facebook Post to Story:

f you are unfamiliar with Facebook’s clustered interface, then you can follow the given steps to share a Facebook post to the story:

Step 1: Begin by opening the Facebook App and directing to the Facebook post you want to share in the Story.

Step 2: Just look at the given options and see what it says. If it offers a “Share” button, then you can share this post in the story.

Step 3: Tap on the “Share” button, and choose the “Share in Your Story” button.

You will get the Facebook editor to make any changes in the post, or add any text or cool graphics.

Share in Your Story

Step 4: You can simply tap on the “Share” button and this post will be in your story.

However, there are a few basic requirements that you must meet to get these features working.

⭐️ Requirements:

◘ You must be on the Facebook App to share the post in Story.

◘ Alternatively, you can use the Facebook Desktop version and upload the post into the story.

◘ The post you want to share must be Public.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the different reasons behind the issue of not being able to share posts to the story. You can try a few fixes that you have in this article.

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