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Why Can’t You Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram

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✎ Key Takes:

» You can’t search multiple hashtags on Instagram if you’ve violated the platform’s terms and policies, often related to inappropriate content.
» Always follow Instagram’s content rules, ensuring your posts align with community guidelines to avoid limitations on hashtag searches.
» If you find yourself unable to search multiple hashtags, review your content for any violations, as repeated offenses may lead to Instagram Shadowban, restricting your search and activities on the platform.

Why Can’t You Search Multiple Hashtags On Instagram:

The two principal reasons for this issue can be, that content with Hashtags violates the T&C of Instagram and another reason can be Shadowban.

Let’s discuss these two reasons in detail:

1. Content Associated with Hashtags violates T&C

Instagram has certain rules, ‘Terms and conditions’ for the content that people post. The user cannot post anything that hurts the feelings of others on the platform, provokes people or the community, religious statements, or many such inflammatory things.

A user has to post content considering every single user using Instagram across the globe. However, if the user posts such content, Instagram immediately deletes it or sometimes doesn’t even let the user post it.

Hence, if the hashtags are associated with such terms & conditions violating content, then Instagram would not let you search multiple hashtags for the post. 

2. If you’re Shadowbanned

Shadowban is nothing but secretly banning the content and other activity of a user on an online platform, like Instagram. Instagram would not shadowban you unless and until you have made a mistake or have been doing an inappropriate activity for a long time.

In simple words, if you breach the rules and service policy of Instagram and post content that is not allowed, Instagram will shadowban you. And, if it happens, then you won’t be able to perform any activity, like posting or searching multiple hashtags for your post. 

Thus, if you are not able to search multiple hashtags on Instagram, then, this clearly means that you have either selected the wrong content or have violated the rules and terms of services of Instagram. 

What causes Instagram shadowban?

Shadowbanning is also called ghost banning or comment/activity ghosting.

It is the practice of blocking or partially blocking the user and their content from some features. Shadow Banning happens in such a way that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.

For instance, shadow-banned to make comments posting a picture, story, or video on your account. Also, the activity will not be visible to other users using the platform.

The main cause of Instagram shadowban is the user has violated rules, and terms & conditions. The users have to post content of a certain type. The users are not allowed to hurt other users’ feelings or communities. Inappropriate content, inflammatory posts, or articles are not entertained by Instagram or any other online platform. Hence, wrongful activity can be the root cause of Instagram Shadowban. 

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