Why Can’t You Take Screenshots on Your Mobile?

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  1. To fix the screenshot issue on your mobile, you can enable the screenshot permission to the browsers such as chrome and Firefox. Along with that, remove Device’s Security Policy, as well, from your device.
  2. To enable permission to Chrome browser for the screenshot, open “Chrome” and search for “chrome://flags”. On the appeared page, there will be a search box, there, type > “Incognito Screenshot”. 
  3. Next, click on the “Default” drop-down arrow, and from the appeared options, choose > “Enabled” and hit the > “Relaunch” button at the bottom to implement the changes. 
  4. Similarly, for enabling permission to Firefox browser, open Firefox and click on the ‘three dots’ icon on the right end of the search box. From the appeared list, select > “Settings” and then > “Private browsing”. Now, enable the “Allow screenshots in Private browsing”.

However, the app issue for screenshots cannot be resolved, as, on some apps such as payment apps or video streaming apps, screenshots are not allowed and won’t be allowed because of security reasons.

If you are not able to take screenshots on your Mobile that means, there is some issue with either browser or the applications.

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Why Can’t you Take Screenshots for Apps on Your Mobile?

There can be hundreds of reasons why you were not able to take screenshots for apps on your mobile. The commonly reported reasons are browser issues, device issues, or app issues.

There are some apps and websites on the browser which do not allow the visitors to take screenshots, due to confidentiality purposes, etc.  Or, there can be some issue with the screenshot function on your mobile device. 

There are many reasons, however, let’s discuss the most prominent ones in detail:

1. Your Browser Issue:

Your Browser Issue

People generally use Google Chrome or Safari as the search browser for all of their internet-related work. Hence, chrome and safari have to provide the user with strong security and protection, so, no data without their knowledge go out.

For this reason, browsers do not allow users to take screenshots of the searched content. In such cases, the browsers have no permission to take a screenshot or let users take screenshots. However, if you want to take a screenshot, you can enable the permission to browser under settings. 

Also, many confidential pages on the browser such as bank websites, etc, would not let you perform screenshots, due to security reasons. 

2. Your App Issue:

Your App Issue

Similar to a web browser, many applications on a mobile device do not allow the users to take screenshots, due to very obvious security reasons.

Video Streaming apps and others that connect users to their bank, and many such personal and, confidential information-containing apps do not let users take the screenshot. 

In such cases, the fault is not in your device and not even in your app, but the application’s security is crafted in such a way that it won’t allow you to perform that activity due to very obvious reasons. 

How to Fix it if You Can’t Take Screenshots?

You can fix the browser issue of, not allowing users to take a screenshot, as the permission to take a screenshot or not on the browser is completely in the primary user’s hand. Hence, you can change the permission and take the screenshot.

So, let’s now learn to enable browser permission to let users take screenshots:

1. Enable the Browser Permissions for Screenshots:

Here are the steps to enable the browser permissions for screenshots:

🔯 1. For Browser:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, check your internet connection and open the “Chrome” web browser.

 open the Chrome web browser

Step 2: Now, tap on the search bar and type > “chrome://flags” and search it. 

chromeflags and search it

Step 3: A page will get open, where you will see a search bar box on top, an ‘Experiment’ head, and other related information. Ignore everything and on the search box, type > “Incognito Screenshot”. Type and hit the search button. 

 the search box type

Step 4: The “Incognito Screenshot” page will appear on the screen, with a drop-down arrow for permission options.

Incognito Screenshot

Step 5: Next, click on the “Default” drop-down arrow, and from the appeared options, choose > “Enabled”.

Enabled on chrome

Step 6: With this, the “Relaunch” button will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. Hit the relaunch button and changes will get implemented. 

Relaunch button

Step 7: Now, on the Chrome browser search for any random thing and try taking a screenshot. This time you won’t face any difficulty in taking screenshots. 

🔯 2. For Firefox:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: If you do not have Firefox on your device, then, first install it. Go to “Google Play Store” and search for “Firefox”. Open it and click on Install.

Firefox google play store

Step 2: Once the installation process is completed, open the application on your device. On the first interface, on the top right side, alongside the address bar, there is a “Three dots” icon. Click on that to go to the “Settings” option.

Three dots icon on firefox

Step 3: Tap on the ‘three-dots’ icon and a list of options will appear on the screen. From the list, you have to choose > the “Settings” option. 

Settings option on firefox

Step 4: Thereafter, on the “Settings” page, go down to the “Private browsing” section, and open it. 

Private browsing

Step 5: And then, tap and turn ON the “Allow screenshots in Private browsing” option. 

Allow screenshots in Private browsing

Step 6: With this, the permission is enabled to the Firefox browser. Now, go back, refresh the Firefox search page and try taking a screenshot of any random searched page. 

Video on Why Can’t You Take Screenshots On Your Mobile:

2. Removing Device’s Security Policy:

If you have installed any device’s security policy app or software, then, immediately delete that from your device. Or if you have activated an in-built device’s security policy then deactivate it. 

To uninstall the Device’s Security Policy app:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on your device. 

Step 2: Scroll the menu list and select > “Apps or Manage Application” folder, where all the installed applications are been placed for settings. 

Apps or Manage Application

Step 3: Next, under the ‘Apps or Manage Application’ tab, find and open > “Device Policy” app. 

Apps or Manage Application app

Step 4: On the “App info” page of the Device Policy app, you will get an “Uninstall” option at the bottom. Hit the “Uninstall” button and delete the app.

Device Policy app

Now, to deactivate the Device’s Security Policy :

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, go to the “Settings” app on your mobile and open > the “Security” tab.

go to the Settings app

Step 2: Next, under the security tab, go to > Device Administrators and uncheck the Device’s Policy App. 

 Device Administrators

Step 3: Thereafter, click on “Deactivate” and “OK”.  That’s it.

Deactivate and OK

The Bottom Lines:

If you are unable to take a screenshot on a browser or app, then there must be security and permission issues. Well, the browser permission issue can be resolved by enabling the permission to the browser tab for a screenshot. However, app such as payment or Vidor streaming is built in such a way that screenshots are not allowed and cannot be allowed by any means.

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