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How To Copy Comments From Instagram

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✎ Key Points:

» You can copy comments from Instagram by using the web version, as the app doesn’t allow direct copying. Open the app, tap the three dots on the post, choose “Copy link,” paste it into a browser, and hold to copy the comment.
» Try taking a screenshot if you don’t have the link, then use Google Photos to detect text with the “Lens” option. Long-press on the text and tap “Copy” for comment extraction.
» If you’re using an iPhone 13/13 Pro Max, take a screenshot, open it, and tap and hold the text to select and copy the Instagram comments.

How To Copy Comments From Instagram:

You can take the following steps below to copy comments:

Step 1: Open the post on App

To copy comments you see on Instagram, the first step you have to follow is to open the Instagram app from your phone’s home screen.

Now that the App is opened look for the post under the comment you want to copy. You can do this by searching for the username of the post owner or by scrolling through your Instagram feed. Once you have found the particular Instagram post, you have to tap on it to open the post.

Step 2: Tap on the Three-dots icon & ‘Copy link’ 

Now that you have found the post and opened it, you will notice three dot icons on the top right corner of the post, besides the username of the owner of the post. You have to tap on these three dots icons.

Tab on three dot icon on instagram

Then a tab will open on the lower part of the screen, with options to share or hide the post or even report it.

You have to tap on the “Link” icon to copy the post’s link whose comment you want to copy.

Step 3: Open chrome > Log In > Paste the link 

After you have copied the link to the post whose comment you are interested in, you have to go ahead and open Google Chrome from your phone screen. Once you are here, open the Instagram web page by searching it using the search bar.

Copy link and paste on chrome

Then you have to log in to your account. After you have logged in, go to the search bar, paste the post link that you had copied earlier, and press “Enter” on your keyboard. This will take you to a particular post.

Tab on Desktop Site

Step 4: Tap, hold, & Copy the comment 

Now that you have reached the post, you must tap on the three dots icon beside the search bar. In the tab that will open, you have to tap on the option “Desktop site”.

This will change the format of the post to how you would view it on your computer browser. Now go to the comments section and search for the comment you want to copy.

Once you have found this comment, you have to copy it by tapping and holding anywhere on the comment until the upper and lower limit icons appear that you can drag to select the whole comment.

Once you have selected it, a “Copy” option will appear above the text. Tap on this option to copy the comment to the clipboard.

Tab on hold and copy the comment

Why Can’t I copy Instagram comments:

You can very well copy comments that you see on Instagram. However, you can only copy comments from Instagram when you are using the website version of Instagram through your phone or PC browser.

When you are using the application version of Instagram, you will not be able to copy the comments that you see. This is because the App does not allow the copying of comments. This is how Instagram app designers chose to develop the App. 

Therefore if you want to copy comments, log in to your account from the browser and use the feature.

How to Copy Comments on Instagram without Link:

You can easily copy comments on Instagram without using the link using the lens feature of the Google Photos App. Read on for a detailed step-by-step process:

Step 1: Open Post and Take a Screenshot of Comments

The first step you have to follow is to open the post with the comment you want to copy. Then you have to go to the comment section by tapping on the comment icon and take a screenshot of the particular comment you are looking for. 

Take a screen shot

Step 2: Open Google Photos app & Open Screenshot

Now that you have taken the screenshot, you have to open the Google Photos application and search for the screenshot you just took of the comment you want to copy. Once you have found the screenshot you took, you must tap on it to open it. 

Open that Screenshot

Step 3: Tap on ‘Lens’ from Bottom Options

After opening the screenshot, you will notice a list of options at the bottom. One of the four options at the bottom of the screen will be the Google Lens icon. You have to tap on this icon. You will see that the text on the screenshot will be highlighted in separate sections. This means that it detected the text in the screenshot.

Tab on lense

Step 4: Select text and tap ‘Copy text’

Now that the text is highlighted in different sections, you have to tap on the text to reveal a starting point and end point icon for selecting the text. Drag these icons to the point where the comment is selected.

At the bottom, there will be a “Copy text” option. Tap on this to copy the comment.

Select text and tap 'Copy text'

How to Copy Comments on Instagram on iPhone 13/13 Pro Max:

You can copy comments on the Instagram app on iPhone 13 or 13 Pro Max by going to the post whose comment you want to copy.

◘ Open the post’s comments sections and take a screenshot.

◘ Then you have to go to the comment section and search for the comment. Take a screenshot of this comment and open the screenshot.

◘ You will notice that the text in the screenshot has been detected, and all you have to do is tap and hold on to the text, i.e., the comment, and you will be able to copy it.

◘ This feature is available on all iPhones above the configuration of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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