How To Copy Message ID On Discord

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To copy the message ID on Discord, first log in to your account, go to your profile page (for mobile) and tap on the ‘gear icon’, and go to the ‘User Settings’ option.

Go to the ‘Behaviour’ (for mobile) and then ‘Advanced’ (for PC) and turn on the ‘Developer Mode’ option.

Go back to the chats section, tap and hold a chat for a few seconds, and tap ‘Copy ID’. (for mobile)

Point your cursor to a particular message in the chats section, select the ‘three dots from the right, and tap ‘Copy ID’. Now you have successfully copied your message.

If you can’t get Discord ID or message ID, first make sure to enable your ‘Developer Mode’ and check again.

How To Copy Message ID On Discord:

Copying message ID on Discord follows almost the same technique as copying user IDs. You can use your desktop or mobile app to perform this. In both cases, you have to first turn on your developer mode, and then from the chats section, you can copy the message ID.

Step 1: Open Discord and login into your account

First, launch the Discord mobile app (if you don’t have the app, then download it from Play Store), enter your login credentials, and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for a new account. 

Open Discord and login

If you are using Discord web, first search Discord on your browser, go to the ‘Login’ page, enter your email/phone number and password, and log in or log in with a QR code.

Open the Discord app on mobile, go to your profile, tap the ‘Scan QR Code’ option, set your camera to the desktop’s screen, and scan the QR code and you will be logged in to your account. 

Step 2: Tap on ‘User Settings’

After logging in to your account, you will enter the Discord homepage, where your first step is to navigate the ‘User Settings’ option. 

Tap on the User Settings option

For the Discord app, you have to click on your profile icon from the bottom right corner, and you will redirect to your desired section.

But on PC, first open any of the servers you have and see its text channels, voice channels, etc. At the bottom of these options, you can see your profile icon and name, and next to it, you will see three different icons—a microphone, headphones, and gear.

Click the ‘gear icon’ to navigate you to the ‘User Settings’ page.

Step 3: Go to the ‘Behaviour’ (for mobile) & ‘Advanced’ (for PC) and Turn on Developer Mode

After clicking on the profile icon, scroll down the screen for the mobile app. There are three subsections: ‘USER SETTINGS’, ‘APP SETTINGS’, and ‘APP INFORMATION’. Click on the ‘Behaviour’ option under the ‘APP SETTINGS’ subsection. Then you can see the ‘Developer Mode’ option under the ‘CHAT BEHAVIOUR’ section. Click on the toggle option and turn it off.

Advanced on pc

On PC, after clicking on the ‘gear icon, you can see at the left of the page there is a column containing four subsections: open chats and tap on the ‘Three dots’: ‘USER SETTINGS’, ‘BILLING SETTINGS’, ‘APP SETTINGS’ and ‘ACTIVITY SETTINGS’.


There are also three more subsections, including ‘Log Out’ when clicking on the last option ‘Advanced’ of the ‘APP SETTINGS’ subsection. You can see two options: ‘Developer Mode’ and ‘Application Test Mode’. Tap the toggle bar of the ‘Developer Mode’ option and turn it off.

Step 4: Select ‘Copy ID

Now back to the Discord homepage on your phone and go to any server chat or personal chat. Open the chat and tap and hold on to a message for a few seconds you can see a pop-up will come from the bottom containing some options. Click on the second last option, ‘Copy ID’. 

 Open the chat

For PC, after turning on the ‘Developer Mode’ click the ‘ESC’ button, open any of your friend’s chats, and set your cursor on the message, and you can see the ‘three dots’ option come at the extreme right side. Click on it, and you can see the ‘Copy ID’ option at the bottom, select it.

Copy ID on discord

You have successfully copied your message ID:

After clicking on the ‘Copy ID’ option, you will successfully copy your message ID for both devices. Just keep two things in mind: if you didn’t turn on your ‘Developer Mode’ option, you couldn’t see the ‘Copy ID’ option; you have to enable it.

The second one is that the message ID is different for every message; you can store it for further use after copying it.

The Bottom Line: 

Discord is a very trendy application worldwide, and there are a lot of features for users. Copying message ID or user ID is also this type of feature. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can easily turn on ‘Developer Mode’ and copy the message ID for both devices. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Can’t I Copy Message ID Discord?

If you can’t copy the message ID on Discord, you should first check if the ‘Copy ID’ option shows. If it is not showing, you didn’t turn on ‘Developer Mode’.

So first, you have to turn on this option and then come back and see in the message section if it is showing. But if you have turned on ‘Developer Mode’ and still can’t copy the message ID, it could be an app glitch or network issue; come back later to see if the option is working.

2. Can’t get Discord IDs on PC?

If you do not receive the Discord Message ID, first check if your developer mode is on or off. You need to turn on your developer mode to get your Discord Message ID. To do this, open Discord and log in to your account on a PC or laptop.

Now, at the bottom left, you can see your Discord username. Here you can see the ‘gear icon’ option. Click on the option, and enter the ‘User Settings’ page.

Now scroll down a little and you will see the ‘Advanced’ option under the ‘App Settings’ section. Open Settings and turn on the ‘Developer Mode’ option there.

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