What Does Following Mean On Facebook

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Following someone on Facebook means you can see all their posts, updates, etc., in your newsfeed. They also see your posts on their timeline if they follow you back.

There is a difference between Facebook friends and followers; if you add someone on Facebook as your friend, they will automatically start to follow you.

To follow someone on Facebook, you can send them a friend request; if they accept it, you start following each other.

If you mistakenly unfollow any of your friends, go to your profile and open the friend’s section. Tap the ‘three dots’ just beside the username and tap ‘Follow’. 

Moreover, if you follow someone on Facebook, then it is not needed that they would follow you back; even if you unfollow them, they will never know.

What Does Following Mean On Facebook:

When you follow someone, all the stuff they like or comments will be on your news feed. You can see their public posts, and they will update you every time. There are usually two types: one is when you are friends with someone.

In this case, both of them follow each other automatically. But in case you are not friends with someone then it is not needed that they will follow you. You can see their posts, but they will have to follow you or add you as a friend to get your posts on their newsfeed.

⭐️ Difference Between Facebook Friends and Followers:

The main difference between Facebook friends and followers is that when you add someone as a friend, you and that person will follow each other automatically. Facebook friends differ from followers in how they can interact with you and your posts on your profile.

Facebook users can have 5,000 friends, but there is no limit on followers. Adding someone as a friend builds connections between users, showing their stories, profile, and activity in your News Feed. Facebook will also remove you from their following list if you unfollow the person. But you remain a friend. 

Following on Facebook – What you Can:

There are a few things that would happen:

1. You can Follow the Person Sending a Friend Request

To follow a person, you can send him a friend request, and if they accept your friend request, then both of you, by default, start following each other. Even if you unfollow them, you are on their friend list. Here are the steps you can take to send someone a friend request.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: After logging in to your Facebook account, you will enter the Facebook Homepage. Now, you can see the ‘Search bar’ at the top of the screen. 

tab on search bar

Step 2: Click on the ‘Search bar’ and write down the name you want to search. After entering the person’s name, tap ‘Search’, and you will enter the person’s profile.

search by user name on facebook

Step 3: You can see the ‘Add Friend’ option just below the username. Click on it, and Facebook will send your friend request. 

Clcik on Add Friend

Step 4: After they receive your friend request, you can check your friend list, and beside your friend name, tap on the ‘three dots’, and you can see the option ‘ ‘Unfollow’ the person’s name ‘, which means you are following them.

Also, you can go to your settings and there open ‘Activity Log’ and check your ‘Following’ list there.

See Unfollow option

2. You can follow any of your Friends:

You can follow your friend if you unfollow someone from a friends list or want to follow someone again. 

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First, open your friend list by clicking the option ‘Friends’ on your profile page to follow your friend’s list. 

clicking the option 'Friends' on your profile page

Step 2: Then identify the friends whom you unfollowed. Tap the ‘three dots’ icon that is beside your username.

Tap the 'three dots' icon that is beside your username

Step 3: Click on the option ‘Follow’, and you can start following each other again. 

Click on the option Follow

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If you Follow someone, would the person follow you back?

If you have followed someone on Facebook manually, you can’t say whether the other person will follow you back or not.

Because it depends on the person, if they wish to follow you back, they will follow you; otherwise, they won’t follow you back.

But in this case, it is a friend request, which means if you send a friend request to a person and accept your friend request, then by default of Facebook, they will follow you back.

If you see that the person is not following you back, delete them from your friend list and add them again to the list. By doing this trick, you can make more followers on Facebook.

2. If you unfollow someone on Facebook, will they know?

No, whether you unfollow a friend or non-friend, the other person is not informed. If you’re a friend and follow them after you unfollow them, Facebook won’t notify them. However, if you follow a non-friend again after unfollowing, Facebook will notify them. But in the case of Facebook pages, if you unfollow a page or group, their posts will stop showing in your feed.

Page admins can see if people have unfollowed their page by analyzing their Facebook page. Analysis shows how many people like, dislike, follow and unfollow their page, but it doesn’t show the exact name of the user; it just shows the number. They can only identify a person if they use Facebook’s Insight tool and go through the list thoroughly.

3. If I follow someone on Facebook will they see my posts?

If you follow someone on Facebook, it will not be true that they will see your posts every time. If you keep your posts private, they can’t see your posts.

Moreover, if you follow someone manually, then there is less chance that they will see your post; if you follow them through a friend request, then there is a good chance that they can see your posts.

You can also tag them in your posts to show your posts in their timeline. Undoubtedly after following a person, their updates will be on your timeline, and you can see their posts if they have a public profile.

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