How To Get More People On Your Discord Server

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To get more users on your Discord server, set a short, snappy, memorable title for your server. The title should reflect your server’s aim.

Keep your server updated every day with your server’s topic and other current affairs. 

Use custom emojis, text decorations, and GIFs to make your server more engaging, interesting, and user-friendly. Use Canva and Photoshop to create your emojis and add this to your server. 

It would be best to focus on a particular and unique topic that will attract users to your server.

Use Discord’s main attraction to your server, which is Discord bots. This feature in Discord will attract the users most to the platform.

How To Get More People On Your Discord Server:

There are a few things that you can do in order to get more attention on your Discord server:

1. Choose an easily Memorable Server Title

If you want to get more users to your Discord server, you need a very interesting and unique name. Also, the name should be easily memorable to users. Your title should be informative and short, attracting potential members to join this group.

One of the most significant ways to create your title is should reflect your server’s aim. Note one thing in mind you need a name that sounds professional, snappy, and easily memorable. So before going to give a title to your Discord server, search for the other servers and note down the names which attract you most.

Go for other interesting and attractive terms. It could be companies’ names, which you can bring from social media platforms. Now make a list of these pretty names and come back after a week and check which names from this list are still in your memory. Then concerning these last names, create the name for your server. Take the help of nature’s beauty because it gives beautiful ideas.

2. Keep on Updating New Stuff every day (on Discord Server)

As an admin, your priority should be engaging the group as much as possible. For that, you have to track the new Stuff every day. It would be best if you did not miss any updates regarding your group’s unique topic for which the server is created.

Not only your server’s main topic, try to be informative with other current affairs and update your Discord server every day. Give them permission to all the users to send new Stuff and keep updated on the Discord server.

If your server is a gaming server, then your main focus should be to keep updated your server on gaming; if it is a technical server, then first send technical news and so on. That way, users can get to know each other better and get your server up and running faster. 

3. Make & Use Custom Emojis, and GIFs

It is a good approach to use custom emojis, GIFs, and text decorations in your server because it creates more interactions between users. Surely these things will inject more life into your server.

Use the animated short video memes, better known as GIFs, in Discord group chats. It will make sense that all of them are very friendly and open to each other. When new members join and see the group members making use of GIFs and memes, they will be sure to stick around for longer. 

Text layout can help you quickly express your feelings and take interactivity on your server to another level which will help keep members engaged. Fancy text can deliver your message uniquely, which will liven up your server. If you don’t have an inbuilt font app on your phone, then install any font app from your Play Store and use it to decorate your texts. 

You can also add custom emojis to your server, which will undoubtedly increase your group engagement. Sometimes we can not express our tone by just text, and we have to add emojis. Create custom emojis using Canva, Photoshop, or any other apps.

Then open your Discord group and tap and hold on to your profile icon for two seconds. Then tap ‘More Settings’ and scroll down the screen, and you can see the option ‘Upload Emoji’ at the end. Again click the ‘Upload Emoji’ option and select the emoji you have created.

4. Choose a Particular but Popular Topic

If you want to get more users on Discord, you have to focus on a particular topic. But the popular should be popular. You can see a lot of servers having a huge number of users.

Mostly, gaming servers and technical servers have these numbers, but many educational discord channels have a lot of users. If you choose a unique topic, it will be very interactive. People love to discuss special and trending topics.

Mention the topic’s name on your server’s description also because when new users are coming to join, they usually look at the description of the server, so make sure that it is also very attractive.

5. Use Discord Bots for More Engagement

Discord is nothing without its wonderful bots, and people come to this for these bots. You can use discord bots to do virtually anything, and the functionality of these bots has helped enrich discord servers over the years. One of the most entertaining and engaging bots are music bots: ‘Sasta Spotify,’ ‘Hydra,’ ‘Chip,’ etc.

Using these bots, all users can listen to a song together. They have to join a Voice Channel to hear and sing together. Many bots like ‘Dank Memer’ and ‘Koya’ also create memes. These two bots are very popular among users because they make memes that engage people in chats. You can find plenty of fantastic bots on like ‘Onyx,’ ‘MEE6’, and ‘Dyno.’ They even have a certification program for bots that remain online 24/7. 

The Bottom Lines: 

Discord is a very trendy application worldwide, and there are a lot of servers for users. If you want to go to the top among all the servers, then you need more users on your server. So do the above things, and you might get more users on your server.

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