How To Find Your TikTok URL

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To get your TikTok profile URL, first of all, open the app and log into it. After that, click on the “Me” option in the bottom right corner of the home screen, and then, on the ‘Profile Page’, tap on the “Edit Profile” box.

With this, you will reach to “Edit Profile” tab. Over there, find the ‘username’ section, and somewhere below you will see the profile URL, in the format Just that in place of a username, your username will be written.

Alongside the URL, you will see the ‘copy’ icon. Click on it and copy it. Now, come to the tab where you want to paste the link. For example, if you want to share on social media story/status or the on-message box, just hold & long-press the screen, and the ‘paste’ option will come up, click and paste.

In this way, you can copy your profile URL and share it.

🔯 What Is The TikTok Profile URL Format?

The format of the TikTok profile URL is In place of the username, you have to mention the exact username of the person you want to search for or your username. For ex- “”.

In the URL format of TikTok “@” plays are very crucial role. Without it, the URL won’t be accurate and will not take you to your desired location, instead ‘Error 404’ or ‘Page not found’ will show up.

You might feel weird, because most of the URLs, whether be it of any google website or social media platform, usually carry “/” (slash), not ‘@’. Isn’t it? But here, along with ‘/’, ‘@’ is also added. TikTok’s URL format is a bit different from others. Hence, be careful while you put the URL.

How To Find Your TikTok URL:

Instead of making mistake in typing the profile URL, better to copy it from the profile and share it with others. Below is the simplest method to get your profile’s URL, in a few seconds

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open TikTok App > Login & Tap ‘Me’

First of all, on your mobile device, open the TikTok application. After that, log in to an account whose profile URL you want to copy. If you have already logged in, then, no worries.


To copy the URL, you have to visit the setting section which deals with the username and related stuff. For that, first, you need to enter your profile page. Once logged in, on the home page, at the bottom, you will find several options in a row.

At the end of that row, to the right corner, there is an option called “Me”. This option will let you go to your profile page. Click on the “Me” icon and move to your TikTok profile page.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Edit Profile’

Now, on the “Profile page”, you will find many sections, such as profile picture at the top, below it the ‘username’, following & followers count and below that will be an option as > “Edit Profile”.

Tap on Edit Profile tiktok

As the name says, Under the ‘Edit Profile’ tab you will get the ground to change, and copy the things in your profile, including your profile URL. Hence, click on the “Edit Profile” box and head to find the ‘Username’ section.

Step 3: You will see info i.e., Name & Username

A click on the “Edit Profile” box will take you to the ‘Edit profile’ page, where you will get all the information about your TikTok profile, such as name, username, profile picture, bio, etc.

Along with this, you get the option to change, delete, add, subtract, or do whatever you want to do with your account profile. For the profile URL, you need to go to the ‘Username’ section. On the edit profile tab, find where the username and URL are given.

Edit Profile on Tiktok

Step 4: Find the Link below username as:

After finding the ‘username’ section on the edit profile tab, next you need to look for the profile URL link in the username section. You will easily get it below the username. The URL will be in the format of Just that, in place of your username, will be there.

Find user id

Step 5: Tap on the ‘copy icon’ to copy from App

On the username section will you get your profile URL, as, Besides the link, there will be the option to copy the link. The icons look like a rectangular box ‘📑’. Click on the ‘Copy icon’ to copy the link to the clipboard, so that you can paste as many places as you want and share it with people.

Copy user id

Step 6: Paste it anywhere in the message or other social media

In this way, you can copy your profile’s URL. After copying the link, go to the tab where you want o paste it. Just hold and press for a second, the ‘paste’ option will automatically pop on the screen, click on it and the URL/link will get pasted over there.

You can paste the link in the message box, social media bio section, social media story, and anywhere you want. Paste and share.

Does this TikTok profile link open in the Browser or App?

The link will open in the browser or app, it totally depends on the received person’s system. That is, if the received person has the TikTok app installed, then the link will get open in the app, whereas if the person does not have the app, then it will open in the browser, like – chrome or safari.

 TikTok profile link open

Along with having the application, otherwise, he/she has to first log in and then only will be able to see your profile using the link.

The Bottom Lines:

Getting your TikTok profile URL is not a complicated task if you are finding it on the TikTok app. Well, on the browser also, it’s not that tough and the procedure is exactly the same. You just have to follow the above-mentioned steps, then, copy and paste and share.

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