How Long Does The Your Tapping Too Fast On TikTok Last

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TikTok users often face the error You’re tapping too fast. Take a break! This is a temporary ban imposed by the TikTok authority on your account.

The duration of the ban lasting depends on its cause. The new accounts are less trusted therefore it’s longer for them to get restored and lesser for the old accounts.

However, if the cause is mass liking and commenting on videos, it’s a suspected spam activity, and the ban will stay for twenty-four hours. Even if TikTok suspects bot access to your account, the ban may stay up to several weeks.

If this issue stays for you for a few hours, you should try a few fixes.

If the action that caused the temporary ban is not suspected spam, the ban will be removed automatically after three hours or a little more.

You can try clearing the cache data of TikTok or reinstalling the app of TikTok to fix the issue manually. If it doesn’t work, wait a while for TikTok to fix it.

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How Long Does this Your Tapping Too Fast Last on TikTok:

This depends on the below facts:

1. Depends on Activity You Performed:

The error message of You’re tapping too fast can stay from a few minutes to several hours or even weeks depending on its cause in the first place. If the action that gave rise to this error is trivial, then it will stay for some minutes and then get fixed on its own. But if the issue that has caused the error message is grave, which caused TikTok to question its trust in the account, it would stay longer.

Activity You Performed

It’s also seen that the duration of this ban also depends upon if your account is old or new. For the new accounts, the block lasts for a longer period because TikTok doesn’t trust the new accounts much. The blocks for old accounts stay for a lesser period when compared to the new accounts as TikTok trusts the old accounts more.

2. Mass Liking and Commenting:

TikTok often shows error messages and puts blocks on account for mass liking and commenting on videos. If the cause of this block is mass liking and commenting, then it stays for twenty-four hours after which it is fixed by TikTok on its own.

Mass Liking and Commenting

Account owners, to increase the account’s popularity, sometimes go on liking and commenting on videos.

This is one of the suspected spam activities, which when conducted by any account be it new or old, gets blocked for twenty hours.

If you post too many comments on videos in a very short period, it may appear suspicious to TikTok and immediately your account will be blocked. You’ll receive the error message: You’re tapping too fast. Take a break!

You can’t fix it on your own but wait for twenty-four hours to let TikTok take down the ban. To avoid this kind of blockage in the future, refrain from posting mass comments or liking too many videos in a short period.

3. TikTok on Policy and Rules:

TikTok on Policy and Rules

If TikTok suspects your account is accessed by a bot, it will block your account for several weeks. The period of this ban depends on the kind of action that has led to this issue and if the issue has violated TikTok’s policy and rules then your account can be blocked for several days or even weeks.

If TikTok suspects that your account is accessed by a bot, then it would apply this ban immediately to prevent your account from being accessed. It can take up to several days for TikTok to remove this ban.

TikTok suspects that bot access has taken over your account when you’re using your account like a robot and not a human.

However, you need not worry about this ban because it’s temporary and will be automatically fixed by TikTok. But to avoid getting it in the future, try to handle and use your account patiently and humanly.

4. Watching Just the Video is not the Cause:

It’s a common misconception that if you’re watching too many videos on TikTok without reacting, it might impose a ban on your account. But it’s not true.

Watching videos on TikTok doesn’t lead to the imposition of any ban, however, if TikTok suspects your account to be accessed by a bot or robot, it will block it for a few hours or days.

Reacting to any videos, liking them, or commenting on them depends upon the user and TikTok doesn’t force you to react to any video you see. Hence, if you watch TikTok videos for hours without liking them, it wouldn’t ban you for days or weeks.

5. This Can be Unlocked in a Few Hours:

If the action that led to the blockage in the first place is not spam, it would take three hours or a little more for TikTok to remove the ban.

When you have not performed spamming activities like posting too many comments, liking too many videos, or following many profiles in a short period, TikTok would unblock your account and take down the ban within three hours.

But if your actions are suspected of spam, the ban will stay for a longer period. However, you can perform some fixing techniques to see if they’re effective in removing this ban from your account.

It’s always better that you handle your account wisely while engaging in different activities and take intervals in between to avoid rising the spam.

🔯 You can just wait for a while:

If none of the above techniques helps, you need to wait for a while till the ban gets removed by TikTok on its own.

◘ When you’re being displayed with the message You’re tapping too fast, you need to know that it’s not a permanent ban, but rather a temporary ban that will be automatically taken down by TikTok.

◘ You don’t need to fix it manually if you can’t, as TikTok will automatically lift the ban after a few hours.

◘ Even if it takes days or weeks, you should know that it will get fixed by TikTok and there’s nothing to be worried about.

◘ You need to wait patiently and check your TikTok account from time to time to know if the ban has been removed.

The Bottom Lines:

If it’s not a spamming activity, TikTok would lift the ban after 3 hours. But if it’s for mass liking, suspicion of bot access, or spamming activities, the ban can stay for several days or weeks.

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