How To Call Discord Support And Submit A Request

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To contact Discord support, you can just “Submit a request” form. For this, open Discord “Help Centre (Discord) and click on: Submit a request.

Select “What can we help you with?” from the drop-down arrow, then enter your “Email address” and answer all the asked information in the form & at last, click on “Submit”.

Another way is, to write a “Feedback”. For this, open Discord “Help Centre (Discord) and click on “Feedback” then scroll down the tab and select “New Post” Sign in to Discord then enter all the information such as “Title”, “details”, & “Subject” on ”What the post is about?” tab.

Add all the information referring to your issue and “Submit” it. 

And the last way is, to send an “Email” to Discord Support. From the email address that is linked to your Discord account to the support team on their official email address, [email protected]. Mention your problem and send the mail.

In a day or two, you will get a reply to your mail. 

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How to Contact Discord Support:

The most effective way to resolve any account-related issues is directly reaching out to the respective “Support” team. 

Similarly, for Discord account-related problems, let us learn to contact the ‘Discord Support team in different ways. 

1. Submit A Request Form:

The first way is an in-app method to contact Discord Support, through > ‘Submit a request form.

For that,

Step 1: Open Discord “Help Centre” and go to the “Submit a request” tab

First of all, on your web browser, open the Discord “Help Centre” website. 

For ref, use the given link – Discord. This link will directly take you to the “Help Centre” tab.

After reaching there, move the cursor towards the top-right part of the navigation bar and select “Submit a request”. 

Step 2: Select the issue

Next, on the “Submit a request” page, you will see a blank box with a drop-down arrow to fill your issue.

Here, you have to answer the question “What can we help you with?”, by selecting any one option that is best suitable for your issue. 

What can we help you with

Click on the drop-down arrow on the right end of the box and select an option. 

Step 3: Fill out all information asked in the ‘Submit a request form

After selecting an option, some more questions will appear on the screen. You have to add the relevant information to the questions asked in the ‘Submit a request’ form.

First of all, you will be asked to enter “Your email address”. Enter the email address linked to your Discord account.

Fill out all the information

After that, under the “Type of question?”, you have to select any one option which describes what your issue is all about. 

For example, if you are facing any issue in phone verification for resetting your password or logging in, then you have to select > “Phone Verification”. 

Select any one suitable option for the type of question you are asking support for. 

Next, is “Subject”. 

Here, you have to enter the main ‘subject’ for your issue, that is, what exactly is the problem where you are stuck.

For instance, if you are facing any issue in resetting your account password, then you will write, “Not able to reset my account password.”

Step 4: Describe your issue in detail and “Submit” the form

Now, under the “Description”, in the box given, you have to elaborate on your problem. You have to describe the issue in detail. 

Submit the form

Mention whatever notifications you are receiving and at what point you are facing the issue. Describe everything clearly. 

After that, under “Attachment”, you can add a snapshot of your issue. This step is not necessary; it is just an optional step. But, if possible, it is recommended to add a snapshot of the screen where you are stuck, so as to give a clear understanding to the support team. 

At last, recheck all the added information and click on > “Submit”.

2. Tap ‘New Post’ & Send Feedback:

The second way to contact Discord support is by sending feedback. Every platform keeps an eye on its user’s reviews and feedback. So, if you mention your issue in the feedback, they will definitely help you. 

For this, 

Step 1: Open Discord “Help Centre” and click on > “Feedback”

Open Discord “Help Centre” on your web browser. 

You can use this link – Discord to directly open the “Help Centre” tab.

Now, on the “Help Centre” tab, you will see an option to go “Feedback” section, on the navigation bar at the top of the screen. 


Click on it.

Step 2: Select > “New Post” and “Sign in to Discord” 

On the next tab, you will see so many ‘Community Topic’ boxes, ignore them all and scroll the page till the end. 

In the end, there will be the option as > “New Post”, to write feedback on your individual topic. 

New Post

Click on > “New Post” and the “Sign in to Discord” box will pop on the screen. Enter your email and password and click on ‘sign-in’. 

Sign in to Discord

Step 3: Enter information > “What your post is about?” & “Submit”

After ‘sign-in’, on the screen, you will see the “What your post is about?” tab. Over there you will be asked to enter the information to respective questions. 

Here, you will add information referring to your issue. 

For instance, the first question is to add “Title” to your post. So, in the box, you will enter the title of your issue. Suppose your issue is related to ‘resetting password’, write ‘Password Reset’ in the title box.

What your post is about

After ‘Title’ is the section to add “Details” about your post. So, you will write the detail about the issue you are facing in resetting the password for your account.

At last, you have to select a “Topic”. There click on the drop-down arrow and select one topic that suits your issue.

And, after entering all the information, hit the > “Submit” button to submit your Feedback. 

Once the “Support” team will notice your feedback, they will reply to you with the solution. 

3. Email Discord Support:

The last way to knock on the door of the ‘Discord Support team is to write them an email. 

The official email address of the Discord Support team is: [email protected].

Compose a mail to Discord Support, mentioning your issue and describing everything you are facing. 

Make sure you write this mail from the email address that is linked to your Discord account. This will help the support team to find your account easily. 

Within 2 to 3 days, you will receive a reply from them and do whatever they suggest you do.

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