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How To Create A Poll On Facebook

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✎ Key Points:

» You can create a poll on Facebook by navigating to the ‘Groups’ section, where polls are exclusively available. Access ‘Groups you manage,’ select a group, and click ‘Write something…’ to find the ‘Poll’ option under the ‘three dots.’
» Try using clear and engaging questions with well-crafted answer options. Ensure your poll is within a Facebook group, as polls are not supported on personal accounts or pages.
» If you wish to schedule your poll for later, simply click ‘Post,’ or explore the option to schedule the post for future publication.

Can you Create a Poll on Facebook?

Yes, if you have been using Facebook for a long time, you know that Facebook had this feature for all of its users in prior times. But nowadays, Facebook removes the poll option from personal account posts and pages. So, if you are a normal Facebook user, you can not use this feature.

But Facebook allows this feature to be used in Facebook group posts. So you can use the Poll feature in Facebook Group posts. But there are also some restrictions on using this feature. Usually, you can easily post a poll in Facebook groups. Whether you are an admin or not, it does not matter.

If you can not create a poll on Facebook groups, you can not see this option available in your group, and then it could happen because the group admins don’t allow this kind of post in their group. If you are the admin of any Facebook group, you can set the rules for this group, so if you are not an admin of the group, then try to contact the group admins.

How To Create A Poll On Facebook:

Follow the few steps below to create a poll on Facebook:

Step 1: Open Facebook.com & Click Groups

First, open your Google browser and search for ‘Facebook’, then enter your username and password in the given box and click ‘Login’. After coming to the Facebook Home Page, you can see a bar at the top where you can see the ‘Groups’ icon just before the ‘three parallel lines’ icon. Click on the ‘Groups’ icon. 

If you are using Facebook’s mobile application, first open the application and log in with your credentials. From the top right corner, tap on the “three parallel lines” icon. In this section, you can see the “Groups” option, where you can find Facebook groups.

Step 2: Select from ‘Groups you manage’

After entering the ‘Groups’ page, you can see a section Groups you manage’ on the left side of the screen. In this section, you can see the groups where you are the admin. Select one group from this section. If you are not an admin of any group, select any other groups you have joined.

On the mobile, after opening the ‘Groups’ section, you can see a bar at the top containing the options like “For You”, “Your Groups”, “Events”, “Discover”, and “Manage”. Click on the ‘Manage’ option to see the ‘Groups you manage’ section. Select one group from this section.

Step 3: Click on ‘Write somethings’

After selecting one group, you can see a row containing the options like “About”, “Discussion”, “Rooms”, “Topics”, and “More”. Here go to the ‘Discussion’ section and scroll down; you can see a box there. Inside this box it was written ‘Write something…’ click on it.

After opening your group in your Facebook app from the ‘Groups you manage’ section, you can see a post-bar will be there from which users post something on Facebook. Now click on the ‘Write something…..’ box.

Write somethings

Step 4: Click on (three dots), then choose Poll

Now click on the ‘three dots’ icon on the right-most side of the ‘Add to your post’ section. After that, a pop-up will come containing a lot of options. Choose the ‘Poll’ option and click on it among these options. 

After clicking on the ‘Write something…..’ box in the app, you will be entered into the ‘Create a post…’ section. Scroll down the screen to see the ‘Poll’ option. Click on the ‘Poll’ option.

three dots facebook poll

Step 5: Type the question for Options 1 & 2; enter the options for your Poll

Now the ‘Poll’ option is open, and you can create your Poll. First, in the ‘Write something…..’ section, enter your question for the options. In the ‘Add poll’ section, enter the possible answers to this question into the ‘Option 1’ and ‘Option 2’ boxes.

For the app in the “Ask a question…” section, first type Options 1 and 2. After writing the question, you must add the answers to the 1 and 2 options inside the Poll.

Options in Poll

Step 6: Schedule a Pole

Below the Poll Options, you can see a ‘+Add Option’ section. You can add more options concerning your given question by clicking on this section. Besides this ‘+Add Option’ section, there is a ‘Settings’ icon.

Open this section and if you wish to allow others to add extra options, then keep the ‘Allow anyone to add options’ turn on; otherwise, turn it off; similarly, if you wish to allow others to choose multiple options, then keep the ‘Allow people to choose multiple options’ turn on, otherwise also turn it off.

You can see the calendar icon on the right side of the ‘Post’ option. From this section, you can schedule a date and time for posting the Poll. Open this section and enter the date and the time into the ‘Date’ and ‘Time’ and click ‘Schedule’.

In the case of a mobile, after clicking the ‘Poll’ option, you can see the ‘Schedule’ option is at the top under your profile name. The other things are the same as Facebook Web.

Schedule a Pole

Step 7: Click on Post button

Now recheck all the questions and options and if there is no problem, tap on the ‘Post’ button to publish it.

After creating the questions and options in the ‘Poll’ section for the app, you have to publish them. You can see an option in the top right corner, ‘Post’. After successfully creating the Poll, tap the ‘Post’ button. After publishing it in your group, people can give a vote in this Poll, and you can monitor the whole thing.

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