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If I Delete A Saved Picture On Snapchat Will They Know

By Pranab Sen

Key Points:

» If you delete a saved message on Snapchat, then according to Snapchat’s algorithm, the other person will be notified about this.
» If you clear a conversation on Snapchat, you can’t get it back. Only saved messages will not be removed, otherwise, everything will be gone.
» But in the case of deleting messages manually, you can delete the saved messages.

If I Delete A Saved Message On Snapchat Will They Know:

In the case of deleting an entire conversation on Snapchat, the other person will not know about it. But if you delete a saved chat on Snapchat, the message will be deleted for both chats but the tag will still show there that you have deleted a message on Snapchat’.

When you are going to delete a message on Snapchat, a pop-up will come where you can see it is written. For a group conversation, also the other people in your group will be able to see if you delete a saved message.

But you should take care with what you send to people, because if they take screenshots of your message, then you have nothing to do. Snapchat has no control over screenshots. 

What Happens If I Delete A Saved Message On Snapchat?

There are two cases of deleting a chat from individual chats or groups and another case is deleting the entire conversation and there is a difference in the final result between these two cases.  

1. Remove your Friend’s Username

If you delete your friend’s chats manually from individual chats, then in this case your friend’s name will not be removed from the chat feed.

Because if you delete a message, then Snapchat will alert your friends that you have deleted a message. The same message you can see in your chats also, so, despite deleting the messages, your friend’s name will not be removed. 

Removes your Friend's Username

Now, in case of clearing the entire conversation, as it’s clear the messages are only from your side, your friend’s name will be removed.

2. Remove the Conversation thread from the chat

Here also, if you send a chat to an individual or group chat and you delete the chat, then the message will be deleted but a notification will be sent that you have deleted the message. As the notification is sent to the person, instead of removing the conversation from the chat thread, the conversation comes at the top.

Remove the Conversation

But if you choose ‘Clear Conversation’, then all messages will be removed (except the saved one) from the chat feed.

3. All Saved Messages are Gone from Chat

Now if we are talking about saved messages, by default, Snapchat sets its server in such a way that every message will be deleted after viewing by the other person. So, users generally save important messages.

All Saved Messages

Here, if you are trying to clear the entire conversation, then the saved messages will not be removed from the chats, they remain there as they were. But you can delete the saved messages if you manually delete them from the chats. This time there is also a message sent to the person that you deleted a message, but the message will be deleted.  

4. Snapstreak is Lost

You can delete your chat for two reasons. One, you send something wrong to this person, and, second, you don’t want to continue the chat. When you delete a chat, the other person can see a notification in the list. In this case, the other person may stop chatting. 

If you just clear the conversation and do not continue to chat with the person then the streak would be lost.

Does Snapchat Notify When You Delete A Saved Picture In Chat?

No, when you delete a saved picture in a Snapchat chat, the other person won’t be notified. This happens only to your side of the conversation.

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