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How to Fix – Discord Installation Has Failed

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can address Discord installation failures by finding issues such as corrupted local data or interference from third-party antivirus software.
» Use Control Panel to uninstall Discord, end any related processes in Task Manager, and delete the Discord folder from App Data to ensure a clean uninstallation.

Why Does it Show Installation has Failed on Discord:

There are some reasons for which it does show installation has failed:

1. Previous App data of Discord

If you already have an account on Discord and have downloaded the Discord application on your PC, there are lots of your previous data stored in the “App Data” folder of Discord.

If you wish to uninstall the previous Discord application and re-install it again, your newly installed Discord app’s data is overwritten on the older one. That’s why the glitches will be shown there, and to avoid them, you have first to delete your old Discord app data.

2. Because of Antivirus software

There are some chances that the security software, like third-party AntiVirus software, may block the Discord installation processes. Sometimes, if you have third-party Antivirus software installed on your computer, you can not install Discord on your PC.

If the AntiVirus software is already built on your PC, in that case, the AntiVirus software allows you to install Discord. Still, if you have downloaded third-party Antivirus software for a PC (like Avast), it can show that “Installation has failed on Discord.”

3. Corrupt/abundant local data

If you are re-installing Discord on your computer after you have removed it earlier, you might have forgotten to remove the local files stored against your profile. These corrupted local files usually conflict with Discord when you try to install the application again. 

4. You didn’t allow a few permissions

When you are going to install an application, there are certain permissions that you should give them. Some permissions were asked at the time of installation of the Discord app.

You have to tick them all. If you have not ticked the boxes, you may fail to install the application.

Discord Installation Has Failed – How To Fix:

To fix the “Installation has failed on Discord” issue, you must first Uninstall Discord from your PC. You have to first delete your app by pressing “Shift+Delete” on the keyboard.

Then, you have to delete the Discord program from the “Uninstall a program” section of the Control Panel section. Then you have to delete the app data from the Discord folder. After that, restart your PC and install Discord.

🔯 Uninstall Discord from Control Panel:

There are some steps that you have to follow to uninstall the Discord app:

Step 1: End Discord from Task Manager

To uninstall Discord from the Control Panel, you have first to open your “Task Manager” and end the task of Discord. To open the Task Manager, either you press ” Windows key + R” or “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to enter the “Run” page, or you can right-click on the “Windows Button,” and you see the “Run” option there.

After entering the “Run” page in the “Open” box, type “taskmgr”, then click the “OK” button.


Now in the “Task Manager” section, go to the “Process” tab, select any process related to Discord, and click “End task.” You will have to repeat these things several times to end Discord tasks if there is more than one process for Discord.

End task

Step 2: Search & Open Control Panel 

Now you have to go to the “Control Panel” section from where you will uninstall the Discord program. To go to the “Control Panel” section, either you can press “windows key + R” on the “Run” page and then write “control panel” in the “Open” box or go to the search bar and search for “Control Panel” and click on the “Open” option.

Control Panel

Step 3: Click Uninstall a Program & Uninstall Discord

After opening the “Control Panel” section, you can see lots of options available for network and internet, security, programs, user accounts, hardware and sound settings, etc. Among these options, tap on the “Uninstall a program” option under the “Programs and Features” part.


After clicking on the “Uninstall a program” option, you can see all of your PC’s programs. Now, from the “Name” column, click on the Discord program, and you will see a pop-up will come containing two options: “Uninstall” and “Cancel.” Click the “Uninstall” option, or you can also right-click on the Discord program and click “Uninstall” to uninstall it.


How to Delete App Data of Discord on Windows PC:

In order to delete the temporary app’s data follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click Search & Find ‘%appdata%’

After deleting the Discord app from your PC, you have to delete the App Data of Discord. To delete the App Data again, you must go to the “Run” page. So, again, press either ” Windows key + R” or “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to enter the “Run” page. You can also search for “Run” in the Windows search option to enter the “Run” page. Now, after entering the “Run” section in the box, write down “%localappdata%, then click on the “OK” option.


After that, you will be redirected to the “Local” folder. Here in this folder, find the Discord folder and right-click on it, and press “Delete.” Now close the menu and again go to the “Run” page and in the box write “%appdata%, then click the “OK” option.


Step 2: Find Discord Folder & Delete

After that, you will be redirected to the “Roaming” folder. Here in this folder, you can see the Discord folder. Right-click on this folder and press “Delete”. It might take a few seconds to delete all the files of Discord.


Now you have to restart your PC; to do that right, click on the Windows option, tap the “Shut down or sign out” option, then press “Restart”. After restarting your PC, you will be able to re-install Discord on your PC. Just open Google Chrome and download the Discord application, run the Discord setup file, and it should be installed properly.

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