How To Join Discord Server Without Invite

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To join a Discord server without an invite, you’ll need to Explore Public Servers of Discord. It can be done by opening the Discord account from your PC. Login to your account and then from the left sidebar, click on the Explore Public Servers option. 

It will open up a new page, where you’ll be able to search for the server you’re looking for by entering its category, tag, or title.  

The result list will show the most popular servers in that category at first and as you go down the list, the popularity decreases. 

View the servers and then join the ones that you want by clicking on the Join_servername button. 

You can also use the ‘’ website to find and join Discord servers. After you get into the site, you’ll need to head on to the Discord Servers column. 

You’ll need to search for the category of server you’re looking for or choose the category from the categories section. 

The servers with the highest votes would be displayed at the top of the result list. You can at first view the server and then join it by clicking on Join. is another site that can help you see as well as join the Discord Servers in case you don’t have an invite link. 

You’ll need to head on to and search for the tag or category of servers you’re looking for. From the result list, filter out the language and the member count of the servers to find the ones suitable for you. 

It will display numerous servers under the category that you’ve searched for. If you want to join a server, click on the Join This Server button located on that server.

How To Join Discord Server Without Invite:

There are a few methods that you can follow:

1. Explore public servers

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: If you don’t have an invite link to a Discord server, you can use alternative methods to join Discord servers. The very first method is to Explore Public Servers of Discord to know and find out which servers you want to join. 

Step 2: For this method, you’ll have to use your desktop or laptop as the mobile version is not available. 

Step 3: You’ll need to open the desktop version of Discord from your computer and log in to your account.

Step 4: Then click on the  Explore Public Servers icon from the left sidebar of the page. It’s sighted as a compass icon. 

Explore Public Servers on Discord

Step 5: On the page, there’s a search bar too. On the search bar, you can search for any public servers of Discord by their category or tag and they’ll display the search results. 

Step 6: The public Discord servers are divided into categories. So you’ll need to know which kind of server you’re looking for. It can be music, gaming, beauty, fitness, health, hygiene, etc. 

Step 7: Accordingly, you’ll need to enter the category of the server that you’re looking for in the search box and then search for it by clicking on the search button.

clicking on the search button on discord

Step 8: The servers would be sorted and listed according to their popularity. 

Step 9: You don’t need to decide which one to join at once as you can also view the servers one by one in a preview mode. 

Step 10: To open a server in preview mode, you’ll need to click on it. 

open a server in preview mode on Discord

Step 11: After you’re done deciding which server you want to join, you’ll need to click on the Join servername button that’s displayed at the top of the navigation. 

Join servername and click on button

Step 12: But if you don’t want to join, you can instead go back without joining. 

Step 13: On the left sidebar of the screen, you’ll be displayed with various categories of servers. If you don’t want to search for the servers by their category, you can click on either of these categories that are displayed on the left sidebar, and it will show you the most popular Discord servers in that category. As you get down the list, you’ll find the less popular servers in that category.  

2. Join the server from the

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: When you don’t have an invite link to Discord servers, you’ll have to find the server that you want to join, by yourself. 

Step 2: For that, you’ll be able to use third-party websites to get to know about and see millions of Discord bots and servers. 

Step 3: One of the most popular websites that can help you join the Discord server is  The site can show you thousands of Discord bots and servers. It provides more than 10 categories of Discord servers. 

Step 4: To use this website, you’ll need to use a safe browser and then search for After you get into the website, you’ll be able to see its black and well-arranged interface. Popularly used by Discord users, the interface of the site is organized in a very user-friendly way that shows you the category of the servers one after another under the search bar. 

Step 5: It also displays two separate columns: Discord Bots and Discords Servers. These bots and servers are arranged according to their popularity too like it’s done on the actual Discord application.

Discord Bots and Discord Servers on

Step 6: It provides you with a search bar on which you’ll be able to search for the servers which you want to join. 

Step 7: But for this method, you’ll need to first click on the Discord Servers header that’s placed next to the Discord Bots header.

Discord Servers

Step 8: As you click on the Discord Servers header, it will show you the list of Discord servers sorted according to voting. The first one has the highest votes. 

Step 9: You’ll need to use the search bar to search for Discord Servers by their name, tag, or category. Searching needs to be done by keywords related to the category of server you’re looking for. 

Click on search bar

Step 10: However, you can also click on one of the categories that are displayed below the search bar to see the top Discord servers in that category. 

Discord servers in that category

Step 11: After the list of servers appears, you’ll need to click on those to view it. It will show you everything about the server like the description, rating, review, etc. 

Step 12: When you’re ready to join, first click on the Join this server button when you’re redirected to Discord.

Join this server

3. Find Discord servers on

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Another way to join Discord servers when you don’t have an invite link is to find the servers on

Step 2: Disboard presents you with a list of public servers which you can join. The list will show you the top servers of Discord of all categories which are open to the public to join for free. 

Step 3: You’ll need to go to and then find the category of server you want to join by searching for it. 

Step 4: As you’ll enter the site, it will present you with a search box to discover Discord servers. The interface of the site is very user-friendly and easy to use. On the top panel, you’ll also find one option called Servers. You can click on it to see the popular servers of Discord listed.  

Step 5: You can click on the Search option to go back to the search page and then search for the server by entering its name and category. 

Click on Search option on Disboard

Step 6: It will show you the popular servers at the top of the list. The list can be extended by clicking on the arrow icon under the Popular tags. 

Step 7: It also offers you to filter the language of the server as well as the type of servers you’re looking for. On searching, it will display the servers under Bumped Recently. You can also filter out the Member count of the servers too. 

Step 8: You can look for servers by clicking on the appropriate category too from the group of categories displayed.

Click the category of server

Step 9: After you’re done deciding which one to join, click on the JOIN THIS SERVER button below that particular server.

Click on Join this server

Step 10: You’ll be directed to the following page, where you’ll need to click on ‘JOIN THIS SERVER’ to complete the process.

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