LinkedIn Active Status Not Working – How To Fix

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If the person hides the active status feature, you are using an outdated app, or you are no longer using this app, then you can not see this feature.

Using tools like Hootsuite or LinkedIn Business, you can track someone’s LinkedIn active status.

The hollowed green circle means the person is inactive currently but turns on the push notifications.

You can change the visibility of your LinkedIn status from the LinkedIn Settings page.

You can also change your LinkedIn status to not looking for a job.

Why Is the LinkedIn Active status not working:

These are the reasons:

1. Person Made it Hidden from Settings

Linkedin’s active status is not working means the person may hide it from his profile. The active status feature can be hidden from the LinkedIn profile, and it depends on the user. If anyone does not wish to show their active status, then you can not see it.

Person Made it Hidden from Settings

You can hide your active status from LinkedIn Settings. Log in to your account, tap on your Profile icon, and tap Settings. Open the Settings page, select Visibility, find the Manage active status option, and click on it, change it to “No One”, which will be hidden from your profile.

2. Not Available on LinkedIn

If you do not see the active status, you are using an outdated application; if you are using the outdated LinkedIn app, it will not be available there.

Also, if the server has any issue, i.e., the server is down, or you have network issues, then the feature will not be available.

3. Account no Longer in Use

If you can not see someone’s active status on LinkedIn, then it could happen that the person no longer uses the LinkedIn application.

If the person deleted his LinkedIn account, then you can not find his entire account, but if he had not deleted his account but still they don’t use it, then the account status feature may disappear.

Account no Longer in Use

Whether he has or has not had the app on his phone, if he no longer uses it, the active status feature will not work.

LinkedIn Active Status Tracker:

Try the following tools:

1. Hootsuite

Using Hootsuite, you can track someone’s LinkedIn profile and activity. To do that, go to the Hootsuite website and create a professional Hootsuite account, buy the suitable plans and search for the person’s name in the Search box whom you want to track.

Now go to the Analytics section and track their LinkedIn activity.


2. Using LinkedIn Business

LinkedIn Business is also a helpful app that can monitor the activity of anyone’s LinkedIn profile.

Use this link: and go to the official page.


Now tap the Get Started option, which will bring you to the bottom of the page.

Add the LinkedIn insight tag to your LinkedIn account and tell them what you track, and you will get your results.

🔯 How Accurate is LinkedIn Active Status?

LinkedIn, the most professional app in the current scenario, comes with an Active status feature, which tells you if the person is online.

They provide two higher-accuracy features where the solid green signal states that the person is online and can immediately receive and reply to a message.

The hollow green circle or the circle with a black dot means the person is currently inactive but turns on their notification. The accuracy of this feature is high, but it depends on whether the user replies to the person or not.

LinkedIn Profile Icons & Meanings:

Try the following things:

1. Hollowed out a green circle

LinkedIn has two types of green circle icons: one is solid, and another one is hollowed. The hollowed green circle or the circle with a black dot means someone is not active on LinkedIn for a long time but notifications are enabled on the app.

Hollowed out a green circle

So they will receive a message when the message is sent as the push notifications are turned on.

2. LinkedIn green dot

Like the other social media platforms, the green dot on anyone’s profile picture states that the person is online on LinkedIn, and he will immediately receive a notification when you send them a message.

LinkedIn green dot

3. LinkedIn green circle with black dot

If you see a green circle with a black dot on the bottom side of anyone’s profile picture, the person has a LinkedIn account but is currently inactive online.

But they turned on their push notifications so that he could reply when you send a message to him. If there is no solid or hollow green circle, the person is inactive on LinkedIn and did not turn on the push notifications feature.

4. Available On mobile On LinkedIn

Available on mobile on LinkedIn means the person is using LinkedIn only on mobile, and push notifications are enabled on the app. If anyone turns on their push notifications, other users will see a black dot in the middle of a green circle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can You See when Someone was Last Active on LinkedIn?

If the person is in your connection, you may see the last seen of the person on LinkedIn in the chats section. If you do not see it here, check for the last post, comments, or replies; by also checking the green circle, you can determine when he was last active on LinkedIn.

2. Can I Turn Off LinkedIn Online Status?

Yes, you can turn off Linkedin online status from the LinkedIn Settings. Open your LinkedIn profile page, tap “Visibility”, and tap the “Manage active status” option on the new page. Now you can change the online status to whatever you need.

3. How to Change LinkedIn Status to not Looking for a Job?

To change your Linkedin status to not looking for a job, open your LinkedIn app and log in to your account. Click on your Profile icon from the top left corner and go to your Profile page.

Now tap on your profile picture and tap Edit frame, select the original one without any tag, and tap APPLY from the top right corner. Now tap the ” Remove ‘Open to Work’ ” option, and it will be removed.

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