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How To Create A Hashtag On Instagram

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» You can begin by checking the uniqueness of your desired hashtag in Instagram’s search bar, ensuring it doesn’t already exist. Copy it and navigate to your profile, where you can edit any published post by clicking on the ‘Three-dots’ and selecting “Edit.”
» On the “Edit Post” tab, add your newly created hashtag to the caption, ensuring you include the “#” symbol. Save the post by clicking the “Tick” icon.

How To Create A Hashtag On Instagram:

Following is the procedure to make your own Hashtag on Instagram, without any copy of other users or copyright of other brands-

Step 1: Search Hashtag on Instagram

First of all, you have to be 100% sure that the hashtag you are planning to make does not exist on Instagram world. You have to check and make sure it’s not available on Instagram.

To check, what you can do is, open your Instagram account and head towards the ‘search’ bar.

On the search bar type the full hashtag with the hashtag symbol “#” and hit the search bar. Click on > “See all results” and check under every tab like Top, Accounts, Audio, Tags, etc, whether anything similar appears or not. 

If under every tab, “No result found for “#________”, displays on the screen, then your route is all clear. 

You can confidently use this hashtag to make your own custom one. 

Search Hashtag

Step 2: Add the hashtag to the published post

After checking the hashtag, copy that hashtag and paste it into a safe place, so as to use it in the future. Here, one thing you should keep in mind is that you should the same hashtag every time you post a picture, story, IGTV, or reel.

Word to word the hashtag should be the same, otherwise, your hashtag won’t get popular and no post will appear under either of the hashtags. Hence you must use the same hashtag everywhere even on your other social media accounts as well. 

Now, once the hashtag is checked and copied, go to your Instagram profile page and open any of your published posts. Click on the ‘Three dots’ in the upper right corner of the post and select > “Edit”.

Edit Post

Step 3: Enter that New Hashtag

On the ‘Edit’ post tab, just below the picture, you will see the caption that you have used for that picture. 

Now, at the end of the caption, you have to add this hashtag. It is recommended to copy & paste the hashtag so that there is no chance of mistakes in typing the hashtag. 

So, at the end of the caption in all your posts, add your created hashtag with the “#” symbol. Adjust everything in the caption space as you want it to appear under the final post. 

Enter Hashtag

Step 4: Tap on the ‘Tick’ icon to Save

Once done adding the hashtag and adjusting the caption, lastly, hit the “Tick” icon on the upper right corner of the ‘Edit Post’ screen. This will save your post as well as your newly created hashtag. 

In this way have to add (paste) the hashtag at the end of the caption on your every photo, reel, story, and IGTV. The more you use the hashtag the faster it will get ranked on Instagram and Google. 

Save Post on Instagram

Step 5: Now, tap on ‘Hashtag’ and it’s Ready

After posting the photo in which you added the hashtag, open that picture to see how it looks. 

Now, to see the hashtag in the caption, tap on “More” and look at how it is going to appear on Instagram feeds. 

After that, click on your hashtag in the caption and a new page will open, with the heading “#________” and under it will appear all the posts in which this hashtag is used. 

Well, with this your caption is READY!

Hashtag Post

🔯 Conditions to make your own ‘Hashtags’ on Instagram:

The condition to make your own ‘Hashtags’ on Instagram is very simple. It should be unique, not a copy of other creators with absolutely no copyright. That’s it. These are the basic rules for creating your Hashtags on any social media. 

Let’s discuss the conditions in detail:

1. The Hashtag should not Exist Already

The first condition is that, on whatever topic you make a Hashtag, it should not exist, already. If any Hashtags already exist in the Instagram world, then how will you say these are created by you? Hence, your hashtags should be new, trending, and not already existing in the market.

Along with that, if your hashtag is not related to your business or any brand, then another very important thing is your hashtag should be related to the trending stuff. 

It is reported in a study, that trending stuff has the capability to make the basic hashtag go viral. 

Hence, your hashtag should be new, trending, and not an already existing one. 

2. It should not be created by any other user

The second condition is that your hashtag should not be created by any other user or hashtag creator. 

If your hashtag matches the hashtag of any other user on Instagram, then it will create a big controversy. You will get trapped in an unnecessary issue. 

So, it is recommended to create a hashtag that is completely yours, not even by mistake it should not match with other users or hashtag creators. 

3. Don’t Use any Copyright Hashtags

Last and the most important condition is don’t use any ‘Copyright’ hashtags. Copyright is a crime and people are very conscious about their hashtags, their popularity, etc. 

So, not even by mistake, this should happen. You should not be using any hashtag that can relate to any third-party institutions and companies. If you are using the hashtag of any third-party brand or company, then you should ask them first, have written consent, and use it. 

Make a hashtag that is related to your business, your brand, your Instagram profile, etc, but never think of copying others and the copyright of other companies. 

These were the few most important conditions for making your own hashtags. Other than this, there are so many conditions that one has to be aware of.

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