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To fix the Please enter a valid phone number issue on Facebook, first of all, check whether you have entered a valid 10-digit phone number along with the correct country code or not. 

You can even use virtual numbers which are basically internet-based phone numbers that are not linked to any mobile phone. 

To use Virtual Number, open the website of any virtual number provider such as RingCentral or TextFree, sign up, pay the fee if required, and get a number.

Apart from all of these, retry again after removing bugs and junk files from the Facebook app.

Why Does it show Please Enter Valid Information To Proceed:

There are many reasons why you might see this error on Facebook, let’s dive into those:

1. Enter Correct Country Code

Every country has a unique country code which makes it easy to place calls and locate people anywhere in the world. It is a two-to-three-digit number, mandatorily added before the phone number. 

Similarly, on Facebook, it is necessary to add the correct country code before your phone number. Otherwise, it will create a problem at the time of phone number verification and also during other activities where phone number plays a role. 

Check & enter the correct country code. Also, many times in a hurry, people forget to add the country code and enter the phone number, because of which, it also shows – “Please enter a valid phone number”.

Therefore, on Facebook, one must enter the correct country code. 

2. Enter 10-digit phone numbers

Even after entering the phone number, it is showing – “Please enter a valid phone number”, this means, you have not entered 10 digits. 

You may have missed out on a digit. To resolve this, go back and count the numbers.

Along with 10 digits, check your phone number as well. Check whether you have correctly typed all 10 digits or not. 

3. Entering the Phone number

On Facebook, the user must add his or her phone number, without which you cannot proceed forward.

Many of you must be worried to add your phone number on Facebook, due to safety and fraud issues. But there is nothing to worry about.

The only motive of Facebook behind phone numbers is to have complete information about its user. It never leaks information without their consent. 

Also, if you do not your phone number to be displayed on your profile, Facebook gives you the option to hide it. 

To hide your number,

Step 1: Open your Facebook account and go to ‘Profile Page’.

Profile Page

Step 2: Click on “See more about yourself” (in the ‘About’ section).

Step 3: Come to “Contact info” > tap on the ‘lock icon’ (in front of the phone number) and select “Only Me”.

Only Me

Please enter a valid phone number on Facebook:

There are some steps that you need to follow to fix the issue:

1. Enter the Valid Phone Number

You must enter your valid phone number on Facebook. Here valid means currently active phone number.

For all such reasons, it is necessary to enter a valid phone number. Along with valid, make sure you enter the phone number which is with you to handle the OTP and stuff.

And, don’t be afraid, your phone number will not be leaked or misused. 

🔴 Step To Use:

To hide your phone number from other fellow users, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open your Facebook account and go to the ‘Profile Page’.


Step 2: Click on the “See more about yourself” (in the ‘About’ section).


Step 3: Come to “Contact info”, tap on the ‘lock icon’ (in front of the phone number), and select “Only Me”.


2. You can use a ‘Virtual Number’

If you do not want to add your personal phone number to Facebook, then there is one interesting alternative option for you. 

You can use ‘Virtual Number’. Virtual phone numbers are basically internet-based telephone numbers that are not linked to any mobile phone. Instead, they get connected to a pre-existing phone number through which calls to you can be made and you can manage those calls & SMS virtually, through any device.

There are many Virtual Number providers like RingCentral or TextFree that provide paid numbers that can be registered and verified on Facebook. 

Amazingly, you do not need any documents or identity proof to buy the virtual number, just have to go to their website, sign-up, pay the fee if applicable, and get the number. 

3. Clear the Facebook Cache

Even after entering a valid 10-digit phone number, it is showing, “Please enter a valid phone number”, then, possibly due to a bug and junk file in the app. 

To remove the bugs and junk files, you have to clear the Facebook cache.

For this, 

1: Go to your phone’s “Settings”,


2: Scroll down the options list, and open “App Management”.


3: There on the search bar, type “Facebook”.


4: Click on > “Clear data” and then > “Clear cache” > “OK”. 

Clear data

This will clear all the junk files from the Facebook app. 

Now, go back and retry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I Use One Number for Multiple Facebook Accounts?

You cannot use one number for than one Facebook account. Facebook does not accept it. as it is against their ‘Terms of Service’. 

Actually, with a phone number, the account verification is connected, that is the main reason, you cannot use one phone number for multiple Facebook accounts.

2. Can I use Facebook without a phone number?

Yes, you can ‘email’ for signing up with Facebook. 

If you are planning to use the Messenger app for chatting with your Facebook friends, then you have to add your number so that you can join your contact people as well on Facebook and chat with them on Messenger.

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