How to Put Your Instagram Link on Your Twitter Bio?

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  1. To put your Instagram link on your Twitter bio, first, you have to copy your Instagram profile link and then, paste it to your Twitter bio, under the website section. 
  2. To copy the Instagram profile link, open your Instagram app and click on the ‘Profile picture’ icon on the right bottom corner of the home page and move to the profile page.
  3. On the profile page, tap, and open the “Edit Profile” tab, and from the username column, copy your username. 
  4. Next, open the web browser on your device and search > Paste your username in place of ‘yourusername’ and your profile page will come on the screen. 
  5. Now, from the search box, copy your Instagram profile link. Long press on the link and copy it.
  6. Thereafter, open the Twitter app and click on ‘Three Horizontal lines’ in the top left corner, of the home page to go to your Twitter profile page. 
  7. On the profile page, tap on > “Edit Profile” and over there, under the ‘Website’ section, paste the Instagram profile link. 
  8. At last, tap on the ‘Save’ button and come to your Twitter profile page and see how your Instagram profile link appears on the Twitter bio section.
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How to Put your Instagram link on your Twitter bio?

 To add your Instagram profile link to your Twitter bio, you need to first copy the Instagram profile URL and then, paste it on Twitter’s bio. Let us see the procedure in detail.

Here are the steps to put your Instagram link on your Twitter bio:

Step 1: Go to > Instagram and Open > Profile

First of all, open your Instagram app and log in to the account that you want to add to Twitter’s bio. Enter your username and password and log in to your account. After logging in you will land on the home page of your Instagram account. There, on the home page, at the bottom, you will see some options icons such as home, search, reel, heart, and profile picture. 


To copy your account’s URL, you have to go to your profile page, hence, for that, from the option icons on the home page, tap on the last icon, i.e., the profile picture icon, in the right corner. It looks like the small version of your profile picture in a circle. Tap on it and you will reach your profile page. 

Now, on the profile page, you will find the “Edit Profile” box in the middle, just below your profile name and bio. Click on > “Edit Profile” and the ‘Edit Profile’ page will appear on the screen. Over there, go to the “Username” column and copy your “Username”.

Edit profile on instagram
Username column

Long press on username and a blue highlighter will cover your username, after that, click on ‘Copy’ and the username will get copied. 

click on Copy username

Video on Put Your Instagram Link On Your Twitter Bio:

Step 2: Copy your Instagram link

After copying your username from your Instagram profile, next, close the Instagram app and open “Google Chrome” or “Safari”, whatever is convenient to you. 

On Google Chrome/Safari, tap on the search box and type > In place of ‘your username’, paste your copied username and search. For example, suppose your username is – johnmanuel_13, so you will type > When you will search, your Instagram account will get open on the web browser. 

Note that, it might ask you to enter your login ID and password to log in. If it does, then enter it, and your account will get open. 

Once, your Instagram account gets open on Google Chrome/Safari, next you have to copy the URL from the search box at the top of the screen. Hold and long-press the search box on the URL, and a blue highlighter will appear at the start, drag it till last to cover the whole link and release the hold, then, click on > copy. This is how you have to copy your Instagram profile link. 

Step 3: Go to your Twitter profile  

After you have copied your Instagram profile link using Google/Safari, close the web browser and open the Twitter app. Enter your Twitter account, and log in if you haven’t logged in, yet.  

Go to your Twitter profile 

On the home page of your Twitter account, in the top left corner, you will get the ‘Three Horizontal Lines’ icon in blue. This is an option to go to your Twitter account’s profile page. On the profile page, there will be the bio section, where you can paste the copied link. Hence, click on that ‘Three Horizontal lines’ icon on the top left and reach your ‘Profile’ page. 

Step 4: Tap on “Edit profile”

Now, on the Twitter ‘Profile’ page, you will find all possible information plus the options to make settings to your Twitter account. To add something to your bio, you have to take the route through ‘Edit Profile’.

edit profile icon twitter

So, on the profile, alongside the Twitter profile picture section, towards the right, you will get the “Edit Profile” option box. Tap on it and with that, all profile settings-related options will come up on the screen. 

Step 5: Paste your Instagram link on your bio

The ‘Edit Profile’ option will take you to the edit profile page, where you make changes to your Twitter profile. On the screen, below your Twitter account ‘Name’ section, you will see different sections, such as bio, location, website, etc. Go to the “Website” section and paste the link.

Paste your Instagram link on your bio

Remember, you do not have to paste the link on the bio section but in the ‘Website’ section. This will ultimately display the link in the bio section, on the final profile page.  

Now, tap on the ‘Website’ section, hold and long-press the space given, and the ‘Paste’ option will pop on the screen. Click on ‘Paste’ and your Instagram profile link will get pasted over there. 

Step 6: Save and it’s complete & visible

After properly pasting the link under the website, cross-check the link and then, hit the ‘Save’ button. You will get the save button on the top right corner of the same, edit profile screen. Tap on ‘Save’ and the link will get saved to your profile under bio. 

Save and it's complete & visible

To see how the link happened on the profile page, come back to Twitter “profile” page, and read the bio section. There you will see the added Instagram link. Now, the Instagram link is completely visible to all your Twitter connections. 

This is how to add your Instagram profile link to your Twitter bio. 

Where is the Instagram Profile Link?

You would not find your Instagram profile link on the Instagram app. It is not available there. To get your profile link you have to open your Instagram profile on a web browser. The process is very simple, go to the web browser, and on the search box, type > Type your correct username and search it, your Instagram profile will open on the screen. Thereafter, copy the link from the search box. 

In short, your Instagram profile link is on the web browser and not on the Instagram app. 

How to copy the Instagram profile link?

To copy the Instagram profile link, follow the steps given below:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open your Instagram app and go to your ‘Profile page’. 

Click on Profile page

Step 2: On ‘Profile Page’, tap on ‘Edit Profile’.

Click on Edit Profile

Step 3: Copy the ‘Username’ from the edit profile page and close the Instagram app.

Click on username


Step 4: Next, open the web browser on your mobile and type > In place of ‘yourusername’ paste your username.

Search on username on instagram

Step 5: Search it. Your Instagram profile page will open up on the screen. 

Step 6: Next, on the top, in the search box, is your profile link. 

Copy Link

Step 7: Long press the screen and copy the Instagram profile link. 

Click on copy icon

Step 8: This is how you can copy your Instagram profile link and thereafter, paste it where you wish to.

What to do if can’t find the Instagram profile link? 

You would not find your Instagram profile link on the Instagram app. If you are finding the link on the app, then you will never find it. You will find your Instagram profile link on the web browser. 

You have to open your Instagram profile on the web browser, using this link > Using this link, open your Instagram profile either on mobile or PC, but on a web browser.

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