How To Put YouTube Video On WhatsApp Status Without Link

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To put a YouTube video on WhatsApp status, go to that video on YouTube. Click on the “Share” button (arrow icon), given below the video, and copy the link. After copying the link, close the YouTube app and open WhatsApp.

On WhatsApp, go to the ‘Status’ tab and click on the ‘Pencil’ icon. The pencil icon will open a tab, where you will get a space to paste the copied link and post the status. 

Hence, click on that ‘pencil’ icon and paste the link into text form, and hit the “Send” (airplane icon) button.

There is one very important point to note,, if you want to post the videos in part, then at the end of the link, add “&t=__ time from where you want to start the video ___s” and hit the ‘send’ button.

How to Put YouTube video on WhatsApp status:

If someday you saw a random video on YouTube and thought of sharing it with your people on WhatsApp through the status, then my friend, you can easily do so. You just have to copy the video link from YouTube and paste it on WhatsApp status (Text).

Here are the steps to put a YouTube video on WhatsApp status:

Step 1: Go to YouTube

First of all, open the YouTube app on your mobile device. 

Do not use a PC or laptop because WhatsApp web does not give any option to post a status. 

After that, go to the video that you want to share on WhatsApp status. 

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Share’ icon & copy the link

When you will open the video, you will find some options just below the video. 

If you have opened the video in theatre/full-screen mode, then you have to tap on the screen to avail of the options. 

From the list of options, tap on “Share”, the one with the ‘arrow’ icon, located below the video, and in the case of full-screen mode, it is present in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Share video from youtube

A tap on the ‘Share’ option will bring more options to the screen. Click on the ‘copy link’ to copy the video link. 

‘Share’ icon & copy the link

Step 3: Open > WhatsApp & go to > Status

After copying the YouTube video link, close the app and come to WhatsApp. 

Now, open WhatsApp, and over there, head to ‘Status. Click on “Status”, given next to “Chats” and to the status.

Well, you can post two types of statuses on WhatsApp. One the pictures and videos from your gallery and second you can ‘type’ something or copy a link and post it. Here, in this case, the second type is useful. 

WhatsApp Status

Step 4: Put Link as text and wait for the preview

Now, on the “Status” tab, in the lower right part of the screen, you will find a “pencil” icon. 

This pencil option will give you a space to type your status or copy a link to post it on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp Status

So, next, you have to do to click on that “Pencil” icon, and on the opened screen, paste the link. Hold the screen where it is written ‘Type a status’ and the option to paste will pop on the screen. Tap on > paste and the link will get pasted on the screen. 

After that wait for a few seconds, to preview to come upon the link. The preview is nothing but a thumbnail of the video, which is to confirm that the video you posted is the right one. 

However, sometimes the preview does not appear, due to some reason. So, if after waiting for more than 8 to 10 seconds, it did not come, then hit the send button, do not wait. 

post preview

Step 5: Tap the ‘Paperplane’ icon & Post Status

Once done with pasting the link and checking the preview, tap the ‘Send’ button. The send button looks like the ‘paper plane’ icon in white green-white color, located on the lower right corner of the screen. 

Hit it and your status will get posted.

Post Status

Can you play YouTube videos on WhatsApp without opening YouTube app:

Yes, this is possible with a recent update on YouTube. Now, when you receive a YouTube link on your WhatsApp, you can watch the video with a click on the video. The video will play. You can also watch the video while chatting with your friends. But for that, you have to click on “picture-in-picture”. 

Earlier, it was not like this, the video used to open in the YouTube app. But now you can play the video and also chat, freely. 

How to put YouTube video on WhatsApp:

Here are the steps to put YouTube on status in parts, i.e., from a particular point on video- 

Step 1: Go to YouTube

Firstly, go to the YouTube app and open the video you want to share on WhatsApp status. 

For uploading status, use your mobile device and not your laptop or PC, because, WhatsApp web does not have the feature to post a status. 

Step 2: Tap on the ‘Share’ icon & copy the link

After you open the video, look at it. There you will get an option named, “Share”. Tap the “Share” with an arrow icon and from the appeared option list, hit the > “Copy link” button. 

Share video from youtube

However, if you have opened the video in full-screen mode, then you won’t get the option below the video but have to tap on the screen, and in the upper right corner, you will see the “arrow” icon. Tap on it and select > ‘Copy link’.

‘Share’ icon & copy the link

Step 3: After the link put ‘&t=46s’ 

Now, this is the most important step. 

To post the videos in parts, what you have to do is, after copying the link, at the time of pasting, add “&t=___s”. In the blank space, you have to write the timing of the video from where you want to start the next part of the video in status. 

For example, in the first part, you posted the video from the start that is from 01 second. WhatsApp plays the video for only till 30seconds. This means, that in the first part only 30 seconds will be played. Now in the second part, you have to start after 30 seconds. For this, when you will paste the link for the second part, add “&t=30s”, at the end of the link, This will start your video after 30 seconds. Next, what will you do for the third part? You will paste the same link that you copied the first time, but this time add “&t=60s” at the time.

In short, put the time, from where you want to start the video.

put video time

Step 4: Open WhatsApp & go to ‘Status’

Now, once done with copying the link, close YouTube and open WhatsApp and tap on “Status” and go to the ‘Status’ tab.

WhatsApp Status

Step 5: Put link as Text & Post status

On the ‘Status’ tab, tap on the “Pencil” icon. On the next tab, paste the link to the video. Don’t forget to add the “&t=___time from where you want to start the video___s”. 

After putting in the link, hit the “Send” button. 

post link and tab send button

🔯 Find that video from other social media:

Another way is to download the video from other social media. You have to download the same video (from Facebook or Instagram) and then post it on your WhatsApp.

You cannot download the video from YouTube as YouTube does not give an option to download and save the video in the gallery. So find that video from other sources such as Google, Facebook, etc, and download it.

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