How To Remove Calendar Virus From iPhone

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To remove the calendar virus from iPhone 14, go to your Settings app. Over there, you have to select ‘Calendar’. 

Under the calendar tab, you will get all the accounts that are connected to your calendar, including the virus one. Find the virus account and tap ‘Delete’. Again, click on ‘Delete’ and that virus/malicious account is successfully removed from your iPhone.

For iOS 13 or older, the process is very much the same, only the placement of the options is a bit different. 

Open the ‘Settings’ app on your device and go to the ‘Password & Accounts’ section. Over there, you will get an option as “Subscribed Calendars”. 

Under this folder are the accounts that are connected to your device’s calendar. Carefully check the list and find the virus account. After finding it, tap and select ‘Delete Account’. One more time select ‘Delete’ and your calendar is all free from viruses.

What is the iOS calendar virus:

iOS calendar virus is an operating system spam that sends fake threatful links to the subscriber’s account. The link contains malicious files that are capable of stealing all your data with just a single click on it. 

The user generally receives such links in the form of notification for an event or like, secure your phone, your battery is infected, etc and usually, the user opens it out of interest or in hurry and gets trapped. 

However, if you are receiving such suspicious links on your iOS calendar every day, better not to open and fix it. 

Here is the formula to fix the calendar virus-

How To Remove Calendar Virus – iPhone:

Removing the calendar virus is not technically that complex. You just have to delete your account from the calendar and you will be no more in danger. 

Once you will delete your account, the virus won’t be able to reach out to your account and send the malicious links. 

Now let us learn to delete the account from the calendar on iOS 14 and earlier devices-

⭐️ For iOS 14 or Newer:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app on iPhone

To delete the account, you have to go to your device’s ‘Settings” app. 

The option to delete the account from the calendar is not present in the ‘Calendar’ app but is available under the settings app. 

For that, from the app menu, tap “Settings” and open it. 


Step 2: Tap on ‘Calendar’

On the ‘Settings’ app, and there you will see many different options related to different application and their settings. 

Since you have to make changes in your calendar application, you have to find “Calendar”.

Scroll down the options list and tap on “Calendar”.

Open it and go to “Accounts”. 


Step 3: Find The Account that has Viruses

Now, under the ‘Account’ section you will see all the accounts that are connected to your calendar.

People generally attach the Google (Gmail) calendar to their phone’s calendar to pin the events and tasks, contacts, payments, etc. You will get all the connected accounts here, under this tab. 


Along with these accounts, you will also get the account of the spammer. As he is constantly updating your calendar with the malicious link, his account name would have been added to your calendar.

Next, you have to check in your calendar by which name you’re getting these false notifications and find the same name under the account tab. 

Reportedly, there is no specific name to these accounts, it generally appears as ‘Click and Subscribe’, “ALERT”, etc. 

Find the account that you will is suspicious and has viruses.


Step 4: Tap on that account & ‘Delete Account’

The simplest way to find the virus account is, carefully observe your calendar account lists, and see which one is out of the box. 

After finding the virus account, tap on it and then, hit the “Delete Account” button. 

When you will click on > “Delete account”, a warning/confirmation notification will pop on the screen, again, click on > ‘Delete’, and that virus is removed from your calendar.

Your device is successfully saved from getting into trouble. 

Delete Account

⭐️ For iOS 13 or Older:

The steps for iOS 13 and the older models are mostly the same, just the placement of the options is different. Rest everything is the same.

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app

Open your phone menu and tap on the “Settings” app. You will get the option to fix the virus account, here in the phone’s settings app. 

So, come to ‘Settings’ and open the app.


Step 2: Tap on “Passwords & Accounts”

On the settings tab, you will find multiple sections related to different features in your device and the option to make changes and resolve the problem. 

Similarly, to fix the malicious accounts in the calendar application, you have to go to “Passwords and Accounts”.

For that scroll through the settings list and find the ‘Passwords & Accounts” option. 

Step 3: Tap ‘Subscribed Calendars’

When you will open the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ tab, you will get an option called “Subscribed Calendars”. 

There are virus and malicious accounts, that are annoying you. You have to delete these subscribed accounts from your device. 

For that, click on “Subscribed Calendar” and you will see all the names of the virus accounts. 

Subscribed Calendars
Subscribed Calendars

Step 4: Tap on account & ‘Delete Account’

Next, tap on the virus accounts and then click on “Delete Account”. Again, click on > “Delete” and it’s done.

In the same way, you have to delete all the malicious accounts present in your calendar. 

Delete Account

The Bottom Lines:

People generally link the phone’s calendar to their Gmail account to easily update the tasks and meetings and this is the source from where these viruses enter your calendar.

However, the methods to get rid of this malicious calendar virus are given in the article for all the models of iOS.

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