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How To See Who You Unfollowed On Instagram

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✎ Key Takes:

» You can check who you unfollowed on Instagram by navigating to your profile, opening the ‘Followers’ list, and identifying those you are not following.
» You can try using the number of likes on your posts as a clue; explore the list of likes to recognize followers at the bottom, indicating those you recently unfollowed.

How To See Who You Unfollowed On Instagram:

These are the methods you have to use to see who you unfollowed on Instagram:

1. Check Who is Missing

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to profile and tap on “Followers”

Using this method, you can find the people you unfollowed on Instagram. First, open the app and log in to your account with your login credentials. Then you will enter the Instagram ‘Home’ page.

From the bottom bar, click on your ‘Profile icon’, and you will enter your Instagram profile page. There, on the right side of your Instagram profile photo, you can see the ‘Posts’, ‘Followers’, and ‘Following’ options. Here, click on the ‘Followers’ option to see your followers. 

profile icon on instagram
tap on “Followers”

Step 2: Scroll down and Find people

Now you have to check the follower list. After opening the ‘Followers’ list, scroll down the page to check if someone is missing from the followers’ count. When doing this method, you should be aware of one thing: the person you accidentally unfollowed needs to be following you on Instagram. Otherwise, you can not find him in the ‘Followers’ list.

unfollowed  find from the list

Step 3: Search & Follow them Again

After checking the ‘Followers’ list, you can follow them back if you happen to recognize someone you unfollowed by accident. Just click the ‘Follow’ button beside their username and start to follow them back. For those who are not on the list but remember their names, you can search for them from the ‘Search’ section and follow them again.

Search and follow them

2. Check likes on your posts

You can check the likes on your posts to determine whom you are not following.

You can easily find the people by checking the list of likes that you are not following:

Step 1: Go to your posts

Open your Instagram app and log in with your credentials. After that, you will enter the Homepage of Instagram. At the bottom of the bar, you can see there are five sections: ‘Home’, ‘Search’, ‘Reels’, ‘Activity’, and, last, your ‘Profile’. Tap on the ‘Profile’ from the bottom right corner, and enter your profile page.

profile icon on instagram

After entering your profile page, scroll down, and you can see there are three columns one section keeps your photos, one keeps videos, and in the last section, you can see the posts where people tag you. Now tap on any of your posts and open them.

Select a post on instagram

Step 2: Find who likes your post

After opening your post, you can see the names and the profiles just below your post. Click on that part, and the list of likes will open. 

Find who likes your post

Step 3: Find people you’re not following

After opening the list of likes, you can see all the profiles and names of people who like your post. There is an order of the names arranged by Instagram.

find people you’re not following

Fundamentally, the list is arranged so that the person you are following will be at the top of the list, and, on the other hand, the people you’re not following will be at the bottom of the list. So scroll down the list, and among the people, you are not following, find the person. You can also follow them again by clicking on the ‘follow’ option.

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