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How To See Your YouTube Comment History

✎ Key Points:

» You can access your YouTube comment history by signing in to your account on YouTube.com. Click on “History” from the left side menu, then select “Watch History.” Beneath ‘Watch History,’ click on “Comments” to view your comments, and you’ll be redirected to your “Google – My Activity” page.
» Look at the ‘cross’ arrow in the right corner of each comment to delete any unwanted comments. On mobile, switch to desktop view after signing in, either through Safari’s “Request Desktop Website” for iOS or by selecting ‘Desktop site’ in the three dots menu for Android users.

Can See or Delete Your YouTube Comment from History?

Yes, you can see and delete the comments and watch the history of YouTube. But there is one twist in this, you cannot see your comments or go through your watch history on the YouTube app, for this, you have to use the YouTube web on a PC.

You access your YouTube using one of your Google accounts. In simple words, using your Gmail ID, you would have logged in to YouTube. Right? This Gmail ID is referred to as your Google account, where you will get all your activities.

To see and delete your YouTube comments and watch history, open YouTube web and log in to your YouTube with your Google account. Thereafter, go to “History” on the YouTube web, and over there under ‘Watch History’ you will find all the watched videos, and under ‘Community’ you will see the comments.

How To See Your YouTube Comment History:

Here are the details of the steps to see the comments history on the PC:

Step 1: Open YouTube.com on Chrome

On your PC or laptop, open Google Chrome or any web browser you use and open YouTube Web.

You can use this link as well – YouTube. It is important to open YouTube on the web browser because there is no option on the app version to see the comments history and delete them. Hence, open YouTube on Chrome.

Step 2: From the list, click on ‘History’

When you will open YouTube, on the left side of the screen you will see a long list of different options. From the list, click on “History”.

All the information about your YouTube account is placed under the ‘History’ section.
If in case you didn’t get the options on the first interface, then, click on the ‘Three Horizontal lines’ in the top left corner and the list will appear on the screen. On the list, you will get the ‘History’ option.

History option on youtube

Step 3: Set ‘History type’ > ‘Watch History’ & click on ‘Comments’

Now, on the ‘History’ tab, head towards the right part. There you will see some relatable options, such as “History Type”.

Next, select “Watch History” under the ‘History Type’ and below that multiple options will appear. To see your comments history, click on > “Comments”.

comments on youtube

Step 4: You will see all comments on the Google – My Activity page

The moment you tap on ‘Comments’, you will land on the “Google – My Activity” page. On the middle screen, you will see the heading “Your YouTube Comments” and below that, you will find all your comments.

The comment list is according to the date you commented on the particular video. Scroll through the list and see your comments history.

youtube comment history

How to Delete Old Comments on YouTube:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find comments on that Activity page & scroll down to find

After reaching your ‘Google – My Activity page from YouTube “Watch History > Comments”, you will see the list of your comments on the screen.

Next, you have to do is, scroll down the comments and find which comments you want to delete.

Find the comment

Step 2: Click on the ‘Cross icon’ on Comments & it’s Deleted

Now, when you are scrolling through the comment list, you will see a “Cross” icon on every comment towards the top right corner.

To delete the comment, click on the ‘Cross’ icon and tap on > “Delete”. In this way, go through the list and click on the ‘cross’ icon to delete the video. Remember, this will delete your comment from the video as well.

Delete comment

How To See Your YouTube Comment History – Mobile:

Following are the steps to see the YouTube comment history on a mobile device, especially iPhone:

Step 1: Open Safari on iPhone & go to YouTube.Com

On your iPhone, open the “Safari” browser app and go to ‘YouTube.com’. Generally, when you open YouTube on the web browser, it forces open the YouTube app. If this happens, then you need to open YouTube in a private window.

After opening YouTube on your web browser, sign in to your account.

Step 2: Now switch to Desktop view

Now, first of all, switch the browser tab to Desktop mode. In ‘Desktop mode’ only the options are available to check the comment history.

Hence, first, switch YouTube to desktop mode. For that, click on “aA” and tap on > “Request Desktop Website”. This will open YouTube in desktop view.

Desktop view

Step 3: Tap on History and choose comments & view next there

After switching YouTube to desktop mode, you will find a list of options on the left side of the screen. From the list, click on “History” and you will reach the section where all your YouTube watch history and comment history are saved.

YouTube History on iphone

Next, in the ‘History’ section, on the right side, select > “Comments” under the “Manage All history” part. This will take you to the “My Activity” page on Google, where you will see all your comments.

YouTube comment on iphone
Find the comment

Scroll through the list, and see your comments. And if you wish to delete any comment, then, simply click on the ‘Cross’ icon given in the upper right corner of each comment and delete.

Delete comment
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