How to Tell if Your Friend has Multiple Snapchat Accounts?

Anyone can create one or multiple accounts on Snapchat using different login credentials but with the same name. There are no direct methods to find out or tell whether your friend has one or more than one Snapchat account.

However, some tricks and turns can help to tell, some of those tricks are, saving the contact number of those friends, syncing the contact, or searching the person on Snapchat.

And if you found multiple accounts, you can either send a snap to all the accounts if gets delivered or check the snap score to conclude.

There are certain steps that you can take to make two Snapchat accounts on the same phone.

In this article, you will find certain points that you can get detailed information from those.

Tell if Your Friend has Multiple Snapchat Accounts

Save the contact number snapchat

1. Save the Contact Number

The most basic yet precise method is ‘Save the contact’ of the friend. When you save your friend’s contact and sync it with Snapchat, the person will automatically appear on the add friend list. Thus, if you see more than one account, you can know that you have multiple accounts.

Save the contact number

Now, there can be multiple reasons to create multiple accounts, such as they might have lost the password of the old account or have been facing some trouble in previous and created a new one. You can also check whether he/she is active on all the accounts or not by adding them as a friend and on whichever id they accept, is the current active account of the person.

2. Search the Person

The second most used trick is searching the person on Snapchat. What you have to do is, on your Snapchat, head to the search section and type in the name or username, whatever you know, of the person and see how many accounts with the same users and same displayed bitmoji appears on the list.

Search the person

If multiple similar profiles with the same DP appear, you know the person is the same. Although, you can find many accounts with the same profile details but different bitmoji. In such cases, consider the other details; if more than 2 – 3 profile details are the same, then this is your friend only with multiple accounts.

3. Look at Snap Score

Look at Snap Score snapchat

On Snapchat, the user gets the point whenever he receives a snap or sends a snap. These points collectively are called the snap score of any person. More active is the person on Snapchat with that particular account then more score and less the snap score means newer the account.

Look at Snap Score

In addition, less + constant the snap score means not active with that Snapchat account. Now, to find out the multiple accounts using this method, first of all, find and collect all the accounts, next check the snap score, one by one.

The new profile would have the lowest score on the profile.

4. Send Snaps to Those People

Next is again the most sorted technique to find out the activity on multiple Snapchat accounts. In this, what you have to do is ‘send the snap’ to all the accounts and look if you find out suspicious from your friends. For that, firstly, find all those accounts and add them to your friends’ lists. Also, wait till they add you back.

Send Snaps to those People

Send a snap of such a thing they can’t control to react. Additionally, whichever account they add you back is the active account, and if with all, then yes, your friend is using multiple accounts. Thus, the person, if viewed from all the profiles, then he’s using all those profiles and has multiple accounts. So, add him as a friend first; otherwise, snap would not deliver.

5. Their Recent Posts

Their Recent Posts

Another reliable method is checking their recent stories on all those profiles. If both the profiles have some recent stuff posted is the same, you can be sure those are active, and your friend has double or multiple profiles.

However, there is no option to save the posts/stories on Snapchat, but if the person posts some kind of story on different accounts, that also works out.

6. Google the Person’s Name

Google the person's Name

As people believe and rely on Google for everything, one can also come up with the problem. So, here, you have to do a Google search with the term > ‘Snapchat accounts of ‘person’s name’ and look for what comes on the screen. If the profile details match within your friend’s, you got it.

The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the methods that you can try in order to look for if someone just has multiple Snapchat accounts.

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