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To check whether the username is available on Twitch you have two options: i. Twitch username checker tool & ii. Try registering for a new account. On the internet, there are tons of username checker tools available, you just have to go to their official website, sign up with them and check the desired username. Hundreds of free tools are available, some don’t even ask to sign-up. Secondly, try registering for a new Twitch account. If twitch is accepting that username for a new account, then, the username is available.

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Best Twitch Username Checker Tools:

The option is available in the Twitch app as well, but over there you won’t get the suggestions to adjust the desired username according to the availability. 

Now, let’s learn the best Twitch username checker tools, the steps to use them, and their features. 

On the internet, there are tons of tools available for checking the username for one’s account. Many of them are free to use. You just have to sign up, that is, create an account on the tool, and put the desired username. The tool will give the result within a few seconds. Checking the username is very simple.

You might feel it stranger, but the working principle and process of all the Twitch username checker tools are very much similar. Only the interface and one or two features are more in some. Rest, features, options, and process are almost the same, which makes the checking process facile. 

Here is the list of someone of the best online Twitch username checker tools, along with their official website link:

  • Techniquehow’s Username Checker Tools (based on character counts)
  • BrandSnag-  Instant Twitch Username Availability Checker | BrandSnag
  • Stream Weasels – Twitch Username Checker – Easy & Instant (

And many more. If you do not like any of the above-mentioned tools, then, nothing to worry about, simply, go to Google and look up “Twitch username checker tools”. From the google result, open anyone and use. 

Features of Twitch username checker tools:

  • Open-source: Many of the Twitch username checker tools are free and open-source. They are free to use. The only thing tool asks for is to sign up. This is also for security purposes and for saving your search result for later use. 
  • User-Friendly: The options, menu, and working process are really very user-friendly. User-friendly means, very easy to use and understand the overview of the tool.
  • Provide suggestions: The specialty of these tools is that, if the username you are checking for is not available, then, it gives you some suggestions, similar to your username. That makes your work less stressful and suggests a favorable username. 
  • Readily Available on the Internet: The Twitch username checker tools are readily available on the internet. The user does not have to struggle a lot to find and install and then use. All the tools only ask you to sign-up and check whatever you have to check.

Steps to use the Twitch Checker Tool:

Let’s take a tool to learn the steps to check the username:

Suppose, you decided to check the username on the “GitHub” website, hence, the following are the step:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: First of all, open the Google web browser or any other browser and search for the official website of “GitHub”. For ref – GitHub – GitHub – austinconnor/twitch_username_checker: Checks the availability of a list of usernames


Step 2: Open the website, and click on the “Sign up” button given in the top right corner. 

Signup button

Step 3: Enter the necessary details, such as name, email, etc, and create an account. 

Click Signup

Step 4: After creating the account, click on the “Search Username” tab. 

Search Username

Step 5: Next, type the username you wish to check the availability and, see whether the username is available or not. 

Step 6: If not try another, or select anyone from the suggestions. 

Step 7: This was all about the Twitch username checker tools and basic information.

Video on Twitch Username Availability Checker:

How to change your Twitch username? 

Here are the simplest steps to change your Twitch username. Follow the instructions and steps given below-

Step 1: Open your Twitch account and click on > “User Icon”

First of all, on the web browser, open the official website of Twitch and log in to your account, whose username you want to change. Enter your login credentials and your account will get open in front of you on a computer screen. 

Now, on the top right corner of the home page of your account, you will see an icon with a color background and a human head-shoulder-like design. That is nothing, but the ‘User’ icon, which will take you to the “Settings” option. Click on the “User” icon and a list will open up there. 

Open your Twitch account and click on

Step 2: Select > “Settings” and go to “Profile Settings” 

Now, from the appeared list of options, come down to the “Settings” option. Tap on it and the “Settings” tab will get open on the screen. Over there, you have to go to the “Profile Settings” section to change the username. 

Settings and go to Profile Settings

Step 3: Tap on the “Pencil” icon in the Username section and add the new username

Next, under the “Profile Settings”, you will see the “Username” section and towards the right end of the same section, you will find a “Pencil” icon. Click on that pencil icon to open the editing option. 

Tap on the Pencil icon

This will direct you to the “Change Username” tab, where on the space given below ‘Username’, type the username that you check the availability. 

If the username is available, a green tack will appear, if not available then, the notification saying username not available will appear below the box. 

Step 4: Tap on > “Update” & then, “Done”.

After typing the username, click on the “Update” button, given in below the box, and then click on > “Done”. With this, your username will be updated and changed, successfully. 

Update & then, Done

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When does Twitch Recycle Inactive Username?

A username can change his/her Twitch username, after 60 days of the previous change. So, after 60 days you can check for the desired username.

And second, if the Twitch system found an account inactive for more than 6 months or 1 year, then, it takes off that username and makes it available for other users.

2. How to find out when a Twitch name is available?

There are many usernames checker tools available on the internet. You can use them to check the availability of usernames. Also, you can try creating a new Twitch account using that username is accepted over there, for a new account, that means, it is available. 

3. Why is a Twitch username unavailable?

There are multiple reasons why the Twitch username that you want is not available. The most prominent ones are, that other user is already using that username, the username is purchased by some user and he owns the copyright for the same, etc. However, if the username is available, still you cannot use it, then, this means, Twitch has temporarily suspended the option to change the username for you, due to inappropriate activity or violation done by you. 

4. Does Twitch delete inactive users?

Yes. Twitch delete the accounts of inactive users and recycle those usernames and in end make them available in the availability pool. Twitch only deletes those accounts which is been inactive for more than 6 months. 

5. How long does it take for Twitch to delete your account?

Twitch at first, after 90 days, temporarily suspends the account, and even after that time period if the account user didn’t open it, then, the account is permanently deleted.

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