How To Unlock Your Snapchat

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To unlock your locked Snapchat account, you’ll need to log in to your Snapchat account by entering the correct login details. 

Next, you’ll need to go to: and then click on UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. 

On the next page, click on the Unlock button and you’ll get a success message that your account has been unlocked and you’ll be able to log in. 

Before logging in, force stops the Snapchat application from Settings and then open the Snapchat application to login into your account.

To reach Snapchat Support, you’ll need to click on: 

Next, you’ll need to click on Yes to the question Need help with something else? 

On the next page, click on the first option i.e ‘I think my account was compromised’, and then fill out the form that appears below, then click on the Send button. 

You can also unlock your account by uninstalling the third-party apps that you’ve used on your account that have caused the locking of your account. 

Then uninstall and reinstall the application to change all the permission settings of the app.

How To Unlock Your Snapchat:

Follow the below steps to unlock your Snapchat account:

Step 1: Log In to Snapchat on Browser

Snapchat users often face the issue where their profile gets locked for apparently no valid reason. When it gets locked, you’ll get the error message of your account being temporarily locked and you won’t be able to log in to it unless it gets unlocked. 

To unlock your account, you’ll need to visit the site:

Log In snapchat

On this page, it will ask you to enter your username or email address that’s associated with your Snapchat account and the password of your account. Accordingly, enter the details and make sure that you’re entering all the details correctly, or else the method would fail. Then click on the login option. 

Step 2: Then Go to Unlock Page

After the first step, you’ll need to go to the page:

This page is specially designed for users who are facing issues with their Snapchat accounts. It’s the help center of Snapchat that allows you to select the kind of issue you’re facing and at the same time provides you with the necessary option to sort the issue out. 


On the page, you’ll get a big list of categories. These are the kinds of issues users might face. So you’ll need to choose the issue you’re facing to proceed with the next step. 

Out of all the options, you’ll be able to see the option UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT. It’s the sixth option on the list. Click on it. 

Step 3: Tap on ‘UNLOCK’

After you click on the UNLOCK MY ACCOUNT option, you’ll be taken to a new page. It’s the Locked Account page.

On the page, it would be stated to your that, if your account has been recently locked then you’ll need to wait for a few hours until you try to log in again as after a few hours the issue gets fixed by Snapchat itself, but if your account has been locked for many days or weeks, you need to unlock it by clicking on the Unlock button that’s at the bottom of the page. 

Tap on  UNLOCK snapchat

Thus accordingly, first, you’ll need to complete the captcha verification process by putting a tick on the box that says I’m not a robot and then click on the yellow Unlock button. 

Step 4: Force close Snapchat & Open

After you click on the Unlock button, you’ll get a success message on the next page. It means that your account has been unlocked and you can log in to your account now without facing any issues. 

But before you log in to your account, you’ll need to force stop the Snapchat application from the Settings of your device and then log in to your account after opening the application. 

To force stop your account, 

Step 1: You’ll need to open the Settings app of your device.

You'll need to open the Settings

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Applications and notifications.

Applications and Permissions

Step 3: Next, you’ll need to click on App info. From the list of apps, you’ll need to scroll down and find the Snapchat application. Click on the Snapchat option.

Click on the Snapchat option

Step 4: You’ll get a Force stop option on the next page. Click on it and then confirm it by clicking on Ok.

You'll get a Force stop option

Open Snapchat and then log in to your account. 

How to Contact Snapchat to Unlock Your Account:

Follow the steps to contact support:

Step 1: Go to the Snapchat Support page on Browser

If your Snapchat account has got locked all of a sudden, you can contact the support center to seek help in getting your account unlocked again. You can visit the support center by clicking on the link:

After you enter the page, it will help you know the cause of your account being locked. It will also tell you the solution to the various issues related to accounts getting locked.

When your account gets locked temporarily, then it’s not a mistake but it means that Snapchat has noticed and detected some kind of violation in its policy and guidelines. It may seem to you that you’ve not disobeyed any policy but if you read the Reasons Your Account May Have Been Locked, you may figure out the cause. 

Step 2: On ‘Need help with something else?’ & Tap ‘Yes’

Right at the bottom of the page, there’s a question for you asking Need help with something else? you’ll also find two different options next to it.  Click on the Yes option. 

Click on the Yes option

As your account has been locked and you can’t get in, you’ll need to report the matter to Snapchat Support using this method so that they can solve the issue and unlock your account.  

Step 3: On Contact Us > What can we help you with? > Choose ‘I think my account was compromised’

After you click on the Yes option you’ll be taken to the next page which is the Contact Us page. You’ll be provided with several options to state your issue under the question

🔯 What can we help you with?

I think my account was compromised

All these options are provided to the users so that they can report the exact issue that they are facing with their account which will help in finding the necessary solution that can be applied to fix it. 

You are required to choose and go for the first one. Therefore, clicking on the option I think my account was compromised. As you’re logged out of your account and it has been locked due to some concern this is the most appropriate issue to go for. 

Step 4: Enter Personal Info

As soon as you click on the first option i.e  I think my account was compromised, you’ll be displayed with a paragraph and a form. It will tell you that when your account has been compromised, it means that it has been hacked by an intruder and they have access to your account.

They also recommend you change the password of your account to be on the safe side. 

Enter Personal Info

Scroll down a little and you’ll get to see the form which you need to fill up with the required details. You’ll need to enter your Username, Email, and Mobile number that’s associated with your account. Make sure the details are correct as Snapchat will use these details to contact you in the future. 

Step 5: Describe why the Account is Locked & What to do to unlock it & Tap ‘SEND’

After you enter the account details you’ll need to move on to the next box that asks you to describe the cause of the issue or whatever you’re facing in simple and clear language. 

Tap on SEND

Therefore, you’ll have to state the issue in very simple and clear language. You need to provide the details regarding why you think that someone has hacked your account. 

You need to provide accurate details to get your account back. At the end of the description, you have to request the community to unlock your account so that you can use it again. 

After you’re done describing your issue, click on the Send button. 

🔯 Alternatives to Unlock Snapchat Account:

Another way to unlock your Snapchat account is by uninstalling the third-party applications that you’ve installed and used on your Snapchat account. Third-party apps and plugins are never safe to use when it comes to logging into your Snapchat or other social media accounts. It can get your account locked because most of these plugins or apps are not legally valid which causes the violation of Snapchat’s policy.

Tap on  UNLOCK snapchat

You can even uninstall the Snapchat application and then again reinstall it from the Google Play Store or App Store. This will change all the permissions that you’ve allowed primarily and you’ll be able to get into your account. 

Make sure that you don’t continue to use any of the third-party apps as it may cause the issue the account to get locked all over again. Furthermore, refrain from engaging in spam activities from your account.

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