TikTok: You Are Visiting Too Frequently – Why & How To Fix

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If you see the error “You are visiting our service too frequently”, such notification mainly arises when either TikTok has banned your account or has blocked your IP address. 

This happens, due to, too many logins and logs out, continuously and also, too many failed login attempts. 

To resolve the IP address issue, you can use VPN. VPN will mask your IP address and will give you a similar platform to log in to your account. 

To use VPN, install any and create an account. After that, enter your login credential and see whether you can access your account or not.

If TikTok has banned your account, temporarily, then you have to wait, at least for a day. The ban will be released from your account.

Even after a day or two, the ban is still there and nothing is working out, then the last option is to directly write an email to the TikTok support team, describing the problem and requesting the solution This will definitely help you to fix your problem.

Why does it show You Are Visiting Too Frequently on TikTok:

The notification > “You are visiting our service too frequently”, arises when there is some serious issue with the IP address or too many logins, or failed login attempts.

If you had been continuously logging in and logging out of too many accounts, then this will affect the log-in process on your TikTok app.  Also, because of this reason, TikTok has either blocked your account, temporarily or has blocked your IP address. 

Well, there is a solution to resolve each problem, but first, let us see the reasons in detail and then will go towards the solution methods-

Following are the reasons, why TikTok is showing “You are visiting our service too frequently” on the login page:

1. TikTok blocked your Login from your account

TikTok and all other internet depended social media platforms are very strict about their rule and regulation.

They won’t tolerate a single mischievous activity on the platform. You have to follow all the terms of service, all the time, all days, while you are using the app. You are not permitted to do any kind of troublesome play to other users on the platform and also to the TikTok community. 

If it happened, then, TikTok blocked your Login from your account. However, if the case found is small enough to be resolved by giving a warning, then, TikTok banns your account, temporarily. And after some time, it will release the account.

Well, if you will ask what can be the possible reason for showing this reason, then the answer is, that you might be logging in and logging out too fast and have too many times failed logins attempts. 

2. TikTok Blocked your IP Address

Any invalid activity encountered either on your network or the application will directly make an impact on your IP address and it will get blocked.

To TikTok block your IP address, the main reason can be unauthorized access from your server. If not you then, someone is continuously trying to log in to your account using false login ID credentials. Also, it is possible that if not you then, a second person is performing prohibited activity through your server. 

Along with this, do not create more than one account and try logging in. This creates confusion on the server and then results in a block.

Observing, all these things TikTok might have blocked your IP address and which is why you are facing this notification saying – ‘You are visiting our service too frequently”.

3. Requested Failed Login too many times

Privacy and protection of users’ information and account is the prime duty of any and all platforms.

Similar is the case on TikTok. There is a certain limit and interval for failed logins. You cannot continuously enter the wrong log ID or password. In between each attempt, you need to wait for a few minutes and then, remember and enter.

Along with this, you cannot continue to keep trying, after the 3rd or 4th attempt, you should take the help of ‘Forgot Password’ if you are not able to remember the password. 

If you will continuously enter the wrong ID and password, without any gaps in between, then, one hundred percent, TikTok will consider you as a hacker or a person with unauthorized access or a bot. And will surely, block you, because of which you will receive this notification. However, the block would not be for long period, it will be taken off in some days. That means, noticing too many failed login attempts, TikTok will block the account access, temporarily. 

How to Fix You Are Visiting Too Frequently On TikTok:

The following are the best reliable solution:

1. Use VPN to Mask IP

If the IP address is blocked, then try logging in using VPN. VPN masks the IP address and provides you with a similar safe ground to login into your account. Using VPN will fix the problem.

What you have to do is, download a VPN. There are tons of free VPN providers available that you can install for free. You have to install any one VPN in your system and use it to log in. 

For reference, use the “ProtonVPN”.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Go to the official website of ProtonVPN: https://protonvpn.com/.

Proton VPN

Step 2: Next, on the screen, you will see an option to “Get VPN Free”. Click to “Install”.

Get VPN Free

Step 3: Once installed, open it and create an account. Add your name, and other information and sign up.

create account

Step 4: Thereafter, when you will open, on the left side you will find an option, to connect, that is, > “Quick Connect”. Click on it to connect for free.

Step 5: After successfully connecting, open your TikTok account, and enter your correct ID & password to log in. 

2. Reach TikTok Email Support

If TikTok has blocked your account access, then you have an option to directly e-mail the ‘TikTok Support’, on their official email id.

The following are the email ids for the respective countries:

⭐️ Europe[email protected]
⭐️ US[email protected]
⭐️ Canada[email protected]

Now, let us see the steps to make a direct e-mail to the TikTok Support Community:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: According to the country you live in, copy the mail address and go to your e-mail account.

Step 2: Try writing the mail from the e-mail address linked with your TikTok account.

Step 3: In the e-mail, write your problem in detail and ask them for the solution.

Step 4: Also, attach the snapshot of the notification that you rea receiving while logging in and opting for different methods to log in. 

Step 5: Wait for the response from them. If you are lucky enough, instantly you will get a reply, if not, then you might have to again write the same email. You frequently have to knock on the doors of TikTok. 

3. Wait for a day before login again

Temporary bans are lifted after a day or two. A temporary ban on TikTok is a kind of warning not to do the same activity again.

Here, the notification that you rea visiting too fast is arising due to too many fast logins. Hence, next time you have to be very careful to not try creating so many accounts using one server, log in and log out too many accounts, one after the other, continuously, and do not keep on trying to log in after more than 3 and 4 attempts. 

In case of a temporary ban, you have only one option to wait for a day and then try logging in. This will help you access your account and not face that notification.

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