Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked On Instagram – FIXED

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If your account has been Temporarily Locked on Instagram, there can be many reasons i.e. if Instagram suspects your account of doing spam activity, they will lock your account.

If you enter your login credentials on any third-party fake website, then it will be stolen, and your account will be compromised; in this case, Instagram locks your account.

Now open the Instagram app, click the ‘Continue’ button, and select the email ID option to verify with email ID and phone to verify with the phone.

Now tap on the ‘Send Security Code’ option and enter the Security Code that you have received in an email or phone message from Instagram.

Now open the Email Inbox or phone inbox, copy the code, and paste it here. Then set a new password and log in to your account.

You can also go to the “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated” page and fill out and submit the form with the details that you want. After that, you will get an email, and you have to follow the instructions that they ask for.

Why Does Your Instagram Account Get Locked:

There are a few reasons why your Instagram may get locked:

1. The account is suspected of Spam activity

If you are doing any spamming activity with your account, then there is a chance that your Instagram account will be locked. Instagram easily finds spam accounts, so you should be aware of it.

If your account is involved in many activities, such as liking, commenting, posting, or stopping following accounts together, you may be flagged as spam.

If you engage in such behavior, Instagram may temporarily block you from doing these things, or you may be temporarily locked out of your account. Initially, Instagram temporarily blocked accounts, but if you are continuously doing spam activities, your account will be permanently banned.

2. Your password was stolen & Account compromised

If someone stole your Instagram password means if anyone gets your username and password and logs in to your Instagram account simultaneously, then your account gets locked.

If you enter your Instagram login credentials into any third-party fake website that you feel is real, some frauds come forward and use your account login credentials, and they can do spam activities through your account.

You should report to the Instagram support team that your account login credentials are hacked. Then Instagram will temporarily lock your account.

How to Fix if Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked:

If your Instagram account has been temporarily locked, then to fix it, you can use two methods. Either go through your Instagram app and submit your Identity and change your password to restore your account or submit the “My Instagram account has been deactivated” form. 

Step 1: Open Instagram App & Tap ‘Continue’

If your account is temporarily locked, then after you open the Instagram app, you can see a page that will open showing ‘Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked.’ Instagram will write the possible reasons for your account locking there; you can read it out. Then tap the ‘Continue’ button to start the verification

Instagram App & Tap 'Continue'

Step 2: Select the email ID option

After clicking on the ‘Continue’ button, you will be redirected to a new window where you can see your email ID and phone number as two options. Whatever you select between these two options, you will receive a security code. It is up to you to choose between the phone number and email ID options on which platform you want to get the security code.

Select the email ID option

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Send Security Code’ option

You can see the option ‘Send Security Code’ there. After choosing the platform to get the code, tap on the ‘Send Security Code’ option. Then you will receive the security code in that respective platform. 

Send Security Code

Step 4: Enter your Security Code

If you choose the phone number option, you will receive the security code in your phone’s message section, and if you choose email ID, you will receive the code in your mail inbox. 

Step 5: Open your Email Inbox & Copy code & paste

Now open the Email Inbox and open the message that Instagram technical team has just sent to you and copy the code. If you entered your phone number, open the phone’s message section, copy the code, and paste it over the page where they asked for the security code. After you enter the code, tap the ‘Submit’ button.

Enter your Security Code

Step 6: Set a new Password & Complete

After that, you will be redirected to a new window wherein, in the ‘New password’ section, you have to set a new, strong password for your account, and into the ‘Confirm new password’ section, enter the same password that you have set. Then click the ‘Next’ button, and you are done. 

Set a new Password

Note: If the above process does not work, do the following. Open your Google Chrome and search for “My Instagram Account Was Deactivated.” Open the first link and go to the official Instagram help center page. After clicking on it, you can see the section “My Instagram account has been deactivated”.

Inside this section, click the option “I understand and wish to continue”. Now enter your contact information and fill out this form; you can add proof of your content in the “Attachment” section.

After that, you can get an email from Instagram, which will give you a set of instructions. Now you have to write your full name, username, and code on an A4 sheet of paper, and by holding this sheet, you have to take a photo. After sending these things in reply, you have to wait for the final email, and after you are done.

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