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How To Find Out Who Sent A Text Message

By TechniqueHow Team

Key Points:

» You can find out who has sent a text message by looking at the area code of the sender’s phone number. 

» You can also search for the number on Google to find the owner of the number. 

» You can find the owner’s details by searching on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can message the user directly asking him about his identity details.

How To Find Out Who Sent A Text Message:

Try the following methods below to find out who sent a text message:

1. See the Company’s Caller ID

Often anonymous messages are not sent by any users but they’re by different companies or apps.

While registering your account on any application, they often ask you to enter and verify your phone number. Later, they sent advertising SMS to your phone numbers about sales and other offers. You can identify if an SMS is sent by any app or company by seeing the caller ID of the number. These SMS are always marked with a caller ID along with the phone numbers. 

Therefore, you can look at the caller ID of the sender to find out if the SMS has been sent to you from any app or company. 

For instance, if an SMS is sent by Amazon or Shein, it shows its caller ID along with the number.

2. Search on Google

Another possible method to find out the details of the anonymous phone number is by searching for the phone number on Google.

Often many SMS are sent by scammers from fake phone numbers and they get reported by the receivers too. These fake phone numbers are marked as Spam by apps and authorities so that people can know about them. 


Therefore, if you search for the sender’s information on Google, you may be able to find out the background details of the owner of the number along with the name of the service provider, the location of the number, etc. If it’s a spam number, you can also get to know about it too. 

How to Identify a Fake Text Message:

You have the following things to check:

1. What it Promotes

If you’re trying to identify a fake text message, you always need to look for certain clues in the message that can help you know whether the text is fake or real. If you find that the message is promoting a service and it’s claiming to be from some best companies but is sent by a private number, it means that it’s a scam.

No service or company ever uses a private number to send promotional messages to users. Instead, they use company numbers with proper caller IDs.

2. If it’s Asking for Personal Information

Whenever you receive a text that asks you or wants to know about your details or information, it’s an indication that the message is fake.

If you find that it’s asking you to reveal your bank account details, CVV, or other information linked to your bank, it means that the message is a scam that wants to get money out of you. Don’t fall for the trap and report the message after blocking it.

3. Fake Payments-Related Messages

Text messages that are related to payments you haven’t made, are scams. It tries to scam you by asking you to click on links to win a gift hamper or prize coupons too. Never click on the links as those are spying links to get your details out of you.

You also need to know that you may sometimes receive messages from private unknown numbers telling you you’ve won a large sum of money. But all these kinds of messages are fake, therefore delete the message and block the number.

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