Find WiFi Password using IP address in Mobile

If you are connected to the wireless network then the Wi-Fi secret key is already saved on your system. You can view saved Wi-Fi passwords easily on Android without root, as well as on iPhone.

All the methods to see the WiFi password can be followed easily. If you are on PC then the process is more simple to see the saved WiFi password without admin access.

Besides, finding the WiFi password from a connected device, you can view the wireless network password from a disconnected device also.

For Android, there is no need to root the devices, you can view the saved WiFi security code on Android in two ways, without rooting the device.

You may need the help of some apps in the case of Android mobile. The procedure will be the same on the iPhone (iOS) also.

For Ubuntu OS, you can also see the saved password easily by opening the wireless settings there.

Overall, the methods are really simple and easy to execute. You can also find the WiFi key using CMD (command prompt) on Windows OS.

However, on the desktop, you can go to the Network and Sharing Center settings to view the saved password on Windows 10 & 7. Also, the tool can do that easily.


Finding the WiFi password on mobile is quite easy. You can do this by following any of these two ways that are explained in this article.

Either, you can find the password scanning QR code or you can find the password from the Router admin panel from your phone.

You can perform these procedures on both iPhone and Android devices.

1. Check Connected WiFi Password – From IP

Just follow the steps which are given below to view the connected WiFi password from your iPhone or Android:

Step 1: At first, open the connected WiFi page which displays the SSID. Then, click on the ‘i’ symbol to view information.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 1

Step 2: You will see IPv4 address there. Just note the address and at the last part replace with ‘1’ and then open the address from your browser.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 2

e.g. Here address is, now replacing the end with ‘1’, it will be Let’s open the IP address ( from your browser.

Note: If that does not open the admin login page, you can go to or, and best if you can look at the router bottom to check the admin login IP or URL.

Step 3: Now login to open the router admin panel.

find saved wifi password mobile method 1

Step 4: Now go to the Wireless basic settings page to view the password. If you find it as ‘****’ just tick the option to unhide that.

find saved wifi password mobile method 3

In this way, you can view the WiFi password easily from your Android or iPhone devices. No need to do any root or use any apps on this method.

Note: If you are on the Guest network, you would not be able to open the admin login panel. In this case, method 2 will help you to view the saved password.

2. Find Saved WiFi Password on Android without Root

If you want to know the saved WiFi password and don’t have access to the Router panel, then this process might show the wifi password on your Android device without any root. You will need an app to complete this process.

Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: At first, open the WiFi page to see the connected network.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 1

Step 2: Now besides the SSID, you will get a QR code icon. Just click on it.

Step 3: This will open a QR code. Just take a screenshot of that QR code.

Step 4: Now open play store and search for ‘QR code reader’.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 4

Step 5: Now install the ‘QR Code Reader’ or any from the playstore.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 5

Step 6: Now open the app and click on the image icon to add a QR code image.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 6

(When asked, just “Allow” the permission to add the image from your device.)

find saved wifi password mobile_android 6

Step 7: Now once you add the image that contained the QR code, just click on Start. This will scan and convert that image into the text where the saved WiFi password will be displayed.

find saved wifi password mobile_android 7

Note: On iPhone, you have the default system to Scam QR code and if you tap on that, it can scan the QR code into a text.


The Bottom Lines:

This article explained the methods that you can use in order to connect to a WiFi network either from the Router’s admin panel or getting the password from an already connected device.

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