How to Know if Your Snapchat is Being Monitored

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To know if Snapchat is being monitored or hacked, you need to check if the incoming messages are getting vanished or not.

If your message is getting vanished or opened before you read it, then it means your account has been monitored.

When your Snapchat gets logged out all of a sudden it means it has been logged from a second device i.e it’s hacked.

If your snap score is getting increased without any activities, it means your account is being monitored.

You can only track the conversations on Snapchat when they’re set to get deleted after 24 hours of viewing the message.

But if it’s set to get deleted instantly, you’ll not be able to track the conversations on Snapchat.

To save your account when hacked, change its password and the message settings to After Viewing.

How to Know if Your Snapchat is Being Monitored:

Notice these things if you think the account is hacked:

1. Incoming Messages Are Vanished or Opened

When your Snapchat is being monitored, you’ll be able to know about it by looking for some very specific signs or indications. The hacker who is monitoring your Snapchat must have an interest in viewing your message therefore there is a good chance that you’ll be able to find that your incoming messages have vanished or are opened before you open them.

Incoming Messages Are Vanished

This means that the hacker will read them before you read the messages. He might even delete the message to avoid it from reaching you which is why it may vanish sometimes. If you find your unread or new messages are opened, then you can be sure that it’s being monitored.

2. Your Snapchat Will be logged Out

When you’re suspicious that someone has hacked into your Snapchat account or your account has been compromised, you need to see if your account has been logged out from the Snapchat app or not.

Your Snapchat Will be logged Out

If your account has been logged out automatically from the app from where it was primarily logged in, it means that the hacker has logged into your account from a second device which has caused your account to get logged out from the primary device.

You need to immediately enter your account and change the login credentials of your account such as changing the email address and the password of your account to save it from the hacker.

3. You Score May Go Up (without Activity)

When your account is being monitored by the hacker, it’s being used even if you’re not using it. If you’re an active user on Snapchat then you can’t expect to have a high Snapchat score too.

You Score May Go Up

But when your account is being used by the hacker without your knowledge, it increases the time it is used, and your account activity increases which simultaneously increases the snap score of your account too.

If you find or notice that your snap score is suddenly going up without you being active or using the account much, it must be because your account is being monitored and used without your knowledge.

How Can I Monitor Someone’s Snapchat without Them Knowing:

Try the methods below:

1. Installing Spy App

If you want to monitor someone’s Snapchat and know about their account activities, you need to use spying apps to do that. These spying apps stay hidden on the target device and track all the Snapchat account activities of the users and upload them on your spying web account.  There are many spying apps available such as Flexispy, Cocospy, mSpy, Spyic, uMobix, etc. 


These are very affordable. You need to create an account online and then purchase a plan for yourself. Once the account is created, the spying app needs to be installed physically on the target device and then connect to your account. Once you log in to your account from the web, you’ll be able to view all the activities of the user that the user uploads. 

🔯 Will They Know If I Spy On Their Snapchat:

If you log into someone’s Snapchat account from your device, the user will be able to understand as his account will get logged out from the device from which he was logged in primarily. But if he’s not aware of the signs or indications of his account getting logged out, he may not be able to understand that you’ve logged into his account. But if you make certain changes to the profile, he will be able to understand it surely after logging in.

How to Track Snapchat Conversations:

If you want to track the Snapchat conversation, it depends upon the chat settings of the conversations.

You can only track the conversation if the chat is set to stay up to 24 hours even after it is checked.

If the chat is set to get instantly deleted after it’s checked, then it’s very difficult to track the Snapchat conversation of any user as you’ll not be able to read the messages anymore after the user reads them because it will immediately get deleted as soon as the user checks it.

When the users set their chats to get deleted instantly after viewing it gets difficult to get tracked, in that case, you need to use a spying app to read the user’s chat so that all the chats of the user can get saved on your account.

When the chat stays for 24 hours even after the user checks it, you can track it easily without worrying about losing it. You can either log into the user’s account to check his chat or take over the device physically to see the messages too.

What should You do if Snapchat is Hacked:

Do these changes:

1. Change the Password

When you’re suspicious that your Snapchat account has been compromised or you notice that some changes have been made to your account that have not been done by you, you need to immediately change your account password. You need to create and use a stronger password than the one you were using before to save your Snapchat account.

Change Password

2. Set Chat Settings to Delete Instantly After reading

If you think that someone is monitoring your account or has hacked your account for reading your Snapchat messages, you need to change the chat settings to delete chats instantly and automatically after it’s read. This will prevent the hacker from tracking or getting to read your Snapchat message

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.

Step 2: You need to swipe to the right from the camera screen to open the chat list.

You need to swipe

Step 3: Then click on bitmoji and then tap on three-dots icon.

Then click and hold
chat whose settings

Step 4: Next, you need to click on Chat Settings.

click on Chat Settings

Step 5: Then click on Delete Chats.

click on Delete Chats

Step 6: Click on After Viewing.

 Click on After Viewing

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can your parents see your Snapchats?

Only if your parents use a parental control tool to monitor your account, will they be able to check or track your Snapchat account to see your Snapchat activities. But otherwise, they won’t be able to check your Snapchat if you don’t add the user to your account or don’t have a public account. However, if you share your Snapchat story publicly they’ll be able to check your stories.

2. Does Bark Tool Monitor Snapchat?

You can use the Bark tool for monitoring the Snapchat accounts of other users. But you can only use it on Androids for monitoring Snapchat accounts as it doesn’t monitor Snapchat on iOS devices. It’s very affordable and works efficiently to record the message and activities appropriately. It’s built with tons of useful Snapchat monitoring features too.

3. How to monitor Snapchat on iPhone?

You can use any spying tool available online to monitor Snapchat on your iPhone. Spying tools like Flexispy, mSpy, etc are very useful and work on both iOS and Android to record and track Snapchat conversations as well as other important details like the location of the user, call history, etc. You can use them at a very affordable rate.

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