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Pinger records the data of every user who uses a TextFree number. It asks for your valid email address to register yourself which is stored by Pinger as the data of that user.

You can even track down any TextFree number by looking for a registered WhatsApp account under it (if any).

Even the Truecaller application can help you in finding out more information about the identity and reports of the owner of the TextFree number.

You can also report the misbehavior of any TextFree number to Pinger’s TextFree and they’ll take action against it that may cause disabling of that number.

You can also use Number Lookup Tools to find out every detail about the owner of any TextFree number.

How is it Possible to Track TextFree Numbers?

You can track any TextFree numbers using different effective methods. Every time someone tries to register on Pinger, the tool asks the user for his email details. Therefore, anyone who’s using Pinger’s TextFree number has to register before starting to use it.

Pinger has stored data of every user who’s using the TextFree number. You can’t use Pinger’s TextFree number unless you register yourself into the tool. Whenever you try to register yourself, you are asked to mention your email ID to fulfill the registration. Therefore, the users have to register themselves using their valid mail ID which is stored by Pinger. Thus, Pinger can store data of every user who uses TextFree numbers from it.

Ways for Pinger Number Lookup:

You have several ways to find a Pingert number:

1. Check if WhatsApp is Registered:

Another way of tracking TextFree numbers is by checking for WhatsApp under the TextFree number. The user who’s using a TextFree number might have registered a WhatsApp account under the number. You can look for a WhatsApp account under that number and if you find any you can get more details about the user from there.

Even if you find a WhatsApp account registered under the TextFree number, you also need to know that it might be a fake account and may not be used for legal or valid activities.

However, it can also be helpful to provide you with information about the user.

From the WhatsApp profile, you can search for more details about the user by looking for his Profile Photo, About details, etc. Therefore, it can be stated as another possible method to track TextFree numbers.

find any whatsapp

2. Find Details on the TrueCaller App:

You can put the TextFree number on TrueCaller and see if you can find any more details about the number. If you want to track a TextFree number, you can use the Truecaller application or its website to check for additional details about the number. It may provide you with information like the name of the user, location, etc.

Truecaller app

Although there are some chances that you might not get any important or valid information about the TextFree number from Truecaller, you can always search for it. After downloading the Truecaller application from Google Play Store, you can check for the details of the TextFree number using the app.

3. Report to TextFree:

If any TextFree number abuses you or tries to scam you, you can report it to Pinger TextFree. TextFree numbers are often misused by their users and used for many spam activities. If you face any kind of inappropriate calls or spam messages from a TextFree number, you should report the matter to Pinger to take action.

Pinger, after receiving your report might disable the number so that the user can no longer use it for his spam activities.

Submit a request TextFree Support

However, if a TextFree number causes an issue with you on other apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, you need to immediately report the matter to the WhatsApp or Snapchat team. The apps after receiving your report will look into the matter and take action against the account registered with the TextFree number.

How to Lookup Textfree Number:

There are a few ways in order to find out details about the Textfree number, let’s proceed:

1. Textfree Number Lookup Tool:

You can use any TextFree number lookup tools to track down the details of a TextFree number. These TextFree number lookup tools are simple and easy to use with a user-friendly interface that can help you get the details about any TextFree number in no time.

The TextFree Number Lookup tool needs you to enter the TextFree number and then within a few minutes, they’ll display every detail about it.

⭐️ Features:

◘ It can provide important details such as the name, location, email address of the owner of the TextFree number.

◘ The tool is simple to use and displays where you can send and save the result displayed for later use.

◘ It’s a web-based free tool to lookup up TextFree numbers which can also provide you with a wide range of details like state, country, pin code, social media profiles, etc.

🔴 Steps To Use:

The mentioned steps have all the details you need to follow to lookup for TextFree numbers using the TextFree Number Lookup tool.

Step 1: Search for the tool on Google and get to its official website.

Step 2: On the homepage of the tool, you’ll be able to find a search box where you’ve to input the TextFree number whose details you want to fetch.

Step 3: Click on the Search button displayed next to the search box to begin the search process.

Step 4: Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to see the result displayed to you on the screen. It will present you with details like the name of the owner, gender, country, state, email, and registered location.

2. Pinger Number Lookup – Extension:

Another tool you can use to lookup for the TextFree number is the Pinger Number lookup search extension. This tool helps you in identifying as well as finding the details about the owner of any TextFree number. It’s a new tool that’s one hundred percent effective in locating the details of any TextFree number. It’s designed with tons of advanced features that’ll let you find out the details about any TextFree number that you’re looking for.

⭐️ Features:

◘ It has a one-click feature that helps you lookup for TextFree numbers and gets their details in no time.

◘ It can provide you with quick details about any TextFree number you’re looking for.

◘ Not only does it reveal the owner’s name, location, but you can even get to know about his current address as well as social media profiles that are registered under the number whose details you’re looking for.

The interface is pretty straightforward to use.

🔴 Steps To Use:

You need to follow the steps jotted down below to use the Pinger Number lookup search extension tool:

Step 1: First, install Pinger Number Lookup Search on Google Chrome.

Pinger Number Lookup Search

Step 2: On the homepage, you’ll find a search box with the text Enter Pinger Number.

pinger number search

Step 3: You’ve to input the TextFree number whose details you’re looking for, into the box.


Step 5: It will display the result page, with all the available details about the TextFree number.

The Bottom Lines:

You can track the number and get more information about the user by looking for registered WhatsApp under the number. You can also use the Truecaller application to find out if there are any details available about the TextFree number. Reporting the issue to Pinger TextFree is another way to stop the TextFree number from abusing or spamming.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Pinger Textfree Traceable?

As every phone number is assigned to an email ID so by contacting or using any tracker tools you can easily find out who is the person behind the number.

2. Can Someone Find out who you are on TextFree by Search?

TextFree does not provide the option to search anyone on their app using the number and name. So, it is not possible to know by searching directly on Pinger.

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