How To Find Someone’s IP Address Through Phone Number

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To find the IP address of the user, you can search on Google term ‘My IP Address’ from the phone to see the IP address. Tracking links of the Grabify tool can also be used for tracing the IP addresses of users.

You can send shortened links from Grabify via SMS, or WhatsApp, and as soon as the user clicks on it Grabify will record the IP of the device.

There you can follow a few steps in order to track someone with just a link.

How to Get Someone’s IP Address Located:

You can locate someone’s IP address using two techniques:

1. From Mobile Networks

The IP address of a device can be detected by knowing from where the internet is used. Therefore, you need to know the mobile network the user uses to trace his IP.

By knowing the mobile network of any user, you’ll be able to search and find out the area where the internet is used. IP addresses differ from device to device. It depends on mobile networks too. A particular mobile network has a unique IP address that you can know after finding out the name of the network the user use.

Although an IP address can just appear to be a string of a few numbers separated by dots or periods, an IP address can reveal the zip code of your city, the code of the area you’re associated with, and the internet provider or network the user uses.

Therefore, before you share your IP address or other network details with other unknown users, you should be aware that just by knowing your mobile network and the area where the network is used, a stalker or hacker can detect your IP address.

2. From WiFi

You can know the IP address of a user from the WiFi network he or she uses. You’ll need to find the service provider of the WiFi network to find out the area where the internet is used.

When you connect to your ISP you’ll be provided with a unique IP address. Once any user gets to know about the ISP you use and the area where it’s used, the IP address can be traced easily.

Therefore, when a few devices are connected to a particular WiFi network connection, the devices would have the same IP address that the ISP provides.

You can see the IP address of the WiFi that you’re connected to. You’ll be able to find it by heading to the WiFi section and selecting the network you’re connected to. It will show the IP address of the WiFi.

Every IP address is unique but stalkers can trace it using different tricks like knowing the service provider of the WiFi.

How To Find Someone’s IP Address Through Phone Number:

There are a few methods that you can try in order to find the IP address from the mobile number.

Let’s check out the best methods below:

1. Check From his Phone:

You can just get the phone of any user whose IP you want to trace and then see the IP address from there.

If you want to know someone’s IP address you can know it by borrowing their device. It’s a simple numerical label that is unknown and unique to every device. This IP address helps you to know the location of a network.

Check From his phone IP address

Although there are tons of apps and ways to find IP, the most effective way to know someone’s IP address is by taking their phone and searching IP on Google.

You need to search on Google My IP address and Google will immediately show up with the full IP address of the device.

Therefore, you need to politely ask the person whose phone number you’re willing to take, and then check the IP address from there.

As every device’s IP address is different, this works effectively to show up the IP address of the device.

2. Connect to the Same WiFi:

You can also get to know about someone’s IP address by connecting to the same WiFi the user is on. As the IP address of a device depends upon its WiFi network, you’ll have to find the WiFi network to which the person’s phone is connected. Therefore, after you connect your device to the same WiFi network, the IP of your device would show the same as on that person.

As both you and the other user are connected to the same WiFi, you both will have the same IP address. Therefore, you can check that on your phone to find out the IP from there connecting to the same WiFi.

However, this technique only applies when the person whose IP address you’re willing to know is nearby or you’re using the same WiFi. To use the same WiFi network, both of you need to be present near each other as well as the WiFi router.

Connect to the same WiFi

You also need to know the password of the WiFi network that the other user is using to connect with it. Unless it’s a free network, or you have the password, you can’t connect to the same WiFi.

3. Using Grabify Tool:

You can use tracking links to trace the IP address of other users. The best-recommended site to use is the Grabify IP Logger. You can send shortened links to the user’s mobile, and Grabify records the IP address of anyone who clicks on the links.

It’s a free link shortening tool that you can use to trace the IP address by sending the link via WhatsApp, or SMS.

Here are steps to follow:

Step 1: Find an article or video and copy its link which is very catchy enough to interest any user to open it.

Step 2: Open the Grabify IP Logger website.

Step 3: You’ll need to paste the copied link on the white input box that says Enter a Valid URL or Tracking Code.

Step 4: Next, you’ll need to click on Create URL and proceed.

create URL

Step 5: You’ll be taken to the next page where you’ll be able to find the shortened link as New URL. Copy that link.


Step 6: You’ll also see the tracking code that you need to remember so that you can use it later.

Step 7: You’ll have to send the copied link via SMS to the person whose IP you want to trace.

Step 8: Wait for the user to click to open the link and as soon as the user opens the link, Grabify records its IP address and directs back to the original topic of the link.

Step 9: Next, head on to Grabify’s homepage, enter the tracking code in the white input box, and click on Tracking Code.

tracking code

Scroll down to the next page to see the Result. It will display you the number of users that have clicked on the link as well as their other details like IP address, date and time, country, user agent, etc.

result on Grabify tool

The Bottom Lines:

A device’s IP address can be located from the mobile internet connection or the WiFi network that the user is connected to. You can also use tracking links of the Grabify IP logger to trace the IP address of users using their phone numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I track Someone’s IP if he is using mobile Data?

An Individual’s IP address can be traced or located from the network it is on either its mobile data or WiFi.

In the case of mobile data, you’ll have to know the name of the mobile network the user is using and the area where it is used.

2. Can I track someone’s IP when he is on WiFi?

For the users using a WiFi network, you’ll need to know the service provider of the WiFi to locate and know the area where it is used.

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