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Can You Find Someone’s Address From Their IP?

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Key Points:

» You may note that finding someone’s physical address from their IP address is not easy and correct, as IP addresses are only associated with server/user locations, not any physical addresses.
» If you need someone’s physical address, it’s recommended to use appropriate legal tracks or contact the person directly rather than relying on IP addresses.

Find Someone's Address From Their IP

Can You Find Someone’s Address From Their IP?

You can find someone’s address from their IP address using these indirect methods:

1. Searching for House Details

Getting home details through an IP address provides a rough estimate of the country, state, and city, but pinpointing the exact address requires cooperation with the Internet service provider (ISP).

ISPs collect IP addresses but won’t readily share them. Getting specific information involves legal procedures, such as obtaining a court order. Even then, details about an individual involved in online activities remain private.

2. Geolocation Services

Geolocation services are valuable options that can provide information about a user’s physical location based on their IP address, including country, state, city, time zone, and more.

IP geolocation tools offer a starting point for cybersecurity experts to verify the origin of suspicious online activities. While not accurate, these can provide details about a user’s general location and Internet service provider.

There are some direct methods one can use to track IP just from the phone number.

3. Mobile IP Address

Finding someone precisely using a mobile IP address is challenging. While telecom carriers and cybersecurity pros can use these addresses, they often lead to a general area rather than an exact spot.

Mobile data users get an IP address from their service provider, pointing to the provider’s office. Dynamic assignment of IP addresses by carriers makes identifying an individual’s location nearly impossible. Identifying the city is possible, but exact street addresses are harder.

Risk Of wrong Information:

If someone is using a VPN, the IP address displayed won’t accurately represent their actual location. VPNs mask the true IP address, making it appear as though the connection is coming from a different location. Relying solely on IP addresses without considering the use of VPNs can lead to misinterpretations and incorrect conclusions about a user’s geographical location.

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