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How To See Someone’s Private Steam Profile

By Pranab Sen

Key Points:

» To view a private Steam profile, you need to add the user as a friend. Only when the user accepts your invite, you check the profile stuff of the user. 
» When you can convince the user to convert and set his Steam profile as Public.

How To See Someone’s Private Steam Profile:

You have the following methods to view private Steam profiles:

1. Add Him as a Friend

When someone has a private profile on Steam, it means that the user doesn’t allow users to invade and stalk his profile so he had set it to private.

 When the profile is set to view to Friends Only, you’ll be able to view all the stuff that the user uploads when the user is a friend of yours. 

🔴 Steps To Add:

Step 1: You need to search for the other user. 

Step 2: Then you need to directly enter the profile of the user and then click on the Add Friend button to add the user. 

Click on Add Friend

Step 3: Only after the user accepts your invite will you be able to see his profile. 

2. Ask Steam Users to Switch to Public

When a profile is set as private, it is not allowed to be viewed by the ones who are not in the friend list as the profile is secured and locked.

Click on Public

Only if the user changes his profile privacy to the public you’ll be able to check and view his profile. However, the user will not change the profile privacy by himself until you ask him to change it.

You need to convince the user to make it public so that it can make his account more engaging. Only if the user agrees to do so, you’ll be able to check the private stuff on his profile otherwise, you need to follow or use certain spying tools to check the private profiles on Steam. 

3. Using iSpyoo Tool

You can also use the popular tool called iSpyoo for spying on a private Steam profile. It has a free sign up and it’s very easy to use.

It also offers a trial of the tool that can help you know how the tool works.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the iSpyoo tool. 


Step 2: Then click on SIGN UP – FREE AND VERY SIMPLE. 


Step 3: Next, enter your email address and password to create your account. 

Step 4: Then buy a package. 

Step 5: Install iSpyoo on the target device. 

Step 6: Then you need to log in to the iSpyoo dashboard to check the private steam profile of the target. 

4. Using SpyTM Tool

The tool called SpyTM is a very user-friendly and affordable spying solution that can be used for viewing the private profiles of Steam.

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: Open the SpyTM tool. 


Step 2: Click on Sign up. 

Step 3: Then use your email address to sign up for your account. 

Step 4: Once the activation link is sent to your mail ID, click on it and activate your account. 

Step 5: Buy a plan. 

Step 6: Then you need to install the SpyTM app on the target’s device. Set it up. 

Step 7: From the SpyTM website log in to your account and view the private account of the user. 

How to make Steam profile from Private to Public:

If you want to change the private Steam account to a public one, you need to follow certain steps to do so. When a profile is changed from private to public on Steam, it becomes allowed to be visible to all users.

Therefore, all your stuff including your friend list, achievements, etc will be visible to anyone who enters your profile to stalk it. 

Below are the steps you need to follow to make your Steam profile Public:

🔴 Steps To Follow:

Step 1: You need to open your Steam account. 

Step 2: Then click on the username from the upper panel.

click on the username

Step 3: It will show you a drop-down list from which you need to click on View my Profile.

click on View my Profile

 Step 4: You’ll be taken to your profile page on Steam. 

Step 5: Click on the Edit Profile

Click on the Edit Profile

Step 6: Then you’ll be taken to the next page. 

Step 7: From the left sidebar, you’ll need to click on the Privacy Settings option.

click on the Privacy Settings option

Step 8: Then you’ll be able to see the My profile header in blue. Next to my profile, you’ll find Private. 

Click on Private

Step 9: You need to click on the drop-down arrow and then click on Public. 

Click on Public

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can friends see the private Steam profiles?

When you change your account to Private, your account stuff will only be visible to you. But if you want to let your friend view the stuff on your account, you can edit your profile and change its privacy to make it Friends Only so that your friends can also view it. Apart from your friends, no other users will be able to view it. 

2. How do I access private games on Steam?

When a game is private and hidden, you need to unhide the game. To do that, you need to click on the View button that’s on the menu bar on the top panel. Then you need to click on the Hidden Games option from the drop-down menu. It will show you the list of hidden games that you can unhide and play. 

3. Can you see who views your Steam profile?

When someone views your profile on Steam, you don’t get a notification about who viewed it. But if it bothers you that others are stalking your profile and getting to see your account details, you can switch to a private profile by changing the privacy of your Steam account. It will prevent others from stalking your profile or viewing your profile stuff. 

4. How to see who someone is playing with on Steam?

If you want to know with whom you’ve played in the past games, you need to click on your Steam profile name and then click on Friends. Then you need to click on the Recently Played with option from where you’ll be able to see with whom you’ve played. You won’t be able to know with whom others are playing.

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