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How To See When A TikTok Account Was Created

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Points:

» To check when your TikTok account was created, search the welcome email from TikTok.
» You can also check the “Year on TikTok” banner or find the first video you posted.

How To See When A TikTok Account Was Created:

You have the following methods to try to see when a TikTok account was created:

1. Check Your First Welcome Email

When you created your TikTok account, you had to verify your Gmail account, so by checking the date of the first welcome email from TikTok, you can determine your account’s creation date.

Step 1: Open Gmail and search for TikTok

Open that Gmail account registered with your TikTok account and search for TikTok in the search box. You may see a lot of emails related to your TikTok account because TikTok sends all of the important notifications to your registered Gmail account.

Open Gmail and search for TikTok

Step 2: Find the welcome email and check the date

Among all of the emails, search for the first or welcome email that TikTok sent to you. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and open the last TikTok-related email. Check the date when you received the mail; it is your joining date on TikTok.

Find the welcome email and check the date

2. Scroll To First Post or Video

Using this method, you may not get an accurate date of joining on TikTok, but you will get the timeframe of your joining. You may get the date or the closest date by checking the first post, video, or your first liked video. If that was not the date, remember when you posted your first video after joining TikTok, and you will get the accurate date.

Step 1: Log In to your TikTok account

To check your first post or video, you need to install the application, and you can download and use this app on Android and iOS devices. So, open your App Store or Play Store & search for the TikTok app and install it.

tiktok signup

Step 2: Go to your TikTok profile

After installing the app, launch it and log in to your account. After logging in to your account, you can see many options at the bottom bar of your Homepage. From there, click on the Profile icon from the bottom right side and go to your Profile page.

Go to your TikTok profile

Step 3: Find the first video you posted

You can see the videos you posted on your profile page. So, scroll down to the first video that you have posted. Check the date of the post, which may be your TikTok joining date.

Find the first video you posted

Step 4: Check the first video you liked

You can see the “Like” button at the middle right of the screen; click on it and scroll down the page to find the first video you liked. Now compare both dates; which one is earlier, and it will be the closing date of your joining TikTok.

3. Checking Year On TikTok Banner

You can check your TikTok banners from the Discover section and find the joining date.

Step 1: Open TikTok and go to the Discover tab

Log in to your TikTok account, and after that, you can find many options at the bottom bar of the TikTok Homepage. Click on the Discover icon from the bar and open the Discover section.

Click on Discover tap

Step 2: Go to the Ad banner section

You can see the Ad banner section on the top of your Discover tab. Go to the section to find the joining date.

Step 3: Find the “Year on TikTok” banner

Swipe the banners until you find the “Year on TikTok” banner, and when you tap on the Get Started option, it will start scanning your profile.

Find the Year on TikTok banner

Step 4: TikTok will display the joining date

When the scanning completes, TikTok will display your joining date. It is the best straightforward way to find your joining date.

See joining line
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