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How To Extract Email Addresses From Facebook Group

By Pranab Sen

✎ Key Takes:

Β» You can extract emails from a Facebook group by strategically using lead-generation posts and creating an indirect method for collecting email addresses.

How To Extract Email Addresses From Facebook Group:

There are a few ways that you can take in order to extract Facebook group members’ email addresses.

1. Create a Post for Lead Generation

Extracting email IDs from Facebook groups is a great way to share your content and increase its reach. However, to extract email IDs and collect email addresses you’ll need to use indirect methods to create and post lead generations. These leads can help you collect more and more email IDs to help you grow your audiences and reach.

Gathering and extracting email IDs is a part of marketing and to do that you’ll need to use a tool named ConvertKit.

To post these lead generation links, you’ll need to first create ad links and then post them on Facebook groups. As soon as the members open up the link, they’ll need to enter their email ID to proceed with seeing the offer or content of the link.

To make people click on your link, you’ll need to post ads or offers. Audiences are always interested in freebies and free courses. You can, therefore, post ads in the group that needs the members to share their email IDs to view your offers.

If the lead-generating post you’re planning to upload is a free online webinar you can also promote it as an event to gain attention. In that case, you’ll need to set the location of the event as the landing page created by you. There on the landing page, people will register and you’ll get the emails too when they fill up.

Step 1: You can use ConcertKit to set up the forms for registration.

Step 2: You’ll need to open the ConvertKit tool.

Step 3: Next, to start using the tool for free in the trial period click on Get started for free.

 click on Get started for free

Step 4: Next, create an account.

create an account

Step 5: You’ll need to choose Email sign-up forms.

Step 6: You can create your own forms with customizable designs, and add custom fields as required.

Step 7: It allows you to add a freebie as an opt-in incentive to grow your email list.

grow your email list

Step 8: After creating the form, share it with the group.

As soon as anyone clicks on it, they’ll need to fill up the form (name, email address, etc) to see the content, ad, or offer posted by you.

2. Use Email Extractor Extensions

If you want to extract emails from Facebook groups, you can use the chrome extension of the Facebook group scraper.

This extension can help you find and scrap the personal details of the members of any Facebook group. You’ll need to first download the extension to use it.

There’s no limit to how many members’ details you can scrap through this tool as it offers unlimited use for free.

πŸ”΄ Steps to Use:

Step 1: Download the extension from the Chrome Web Store to use the tool.

Step 2: Click on Add to Chrome and then click on Add extension. Now the extension has been added to your Chrome.

click on Add Extension

Step 3: Open your Facebook account on the web, and click on the extension button.

Step 4: Click on the pin button to pin the extension.


Step 5: Then click on the purple arrow.


Step 6: Start the use of the extension after authenticating yourself. To authenticate you’ll need your account key and registered email-id.


Step 7: Next, refresh the page and search for the group from where you want to scrape members’ emails.


Step 8: Get into the People section and then click on Start Scraping.


Step 9: After completion of the process, click on the View Data button.


Step 10: You’ll have to scroll down the page and click on Unlock data with email after your request has been made.

You’ll need to Download the report once it’s finalized.

3. Third-party Tools

For extracting the email IDs of Facebook group members you can also use the third-party tools that are available. The best two apps that are appropriate to be used for scraping email IDs are HootSuite and Hunter. These apps are designed with tons of advanced features that can make your social media accounts more manageable.

πŸ”― HootSuite:

⭐️ Features of HootSuite:

β—˜ It offers a thirty-day free trial period before you buy it.

β—˜ It can create as well as schedule your social media posts anytime you want.

β—˜ You won’t need to operate all your channels separately, because HootSuite can monitor all media channels together.

β—˜ It will show you insights into your account. It’s the best tool for social marketing and social selling.

β—˜ You can interact with your friends, followers, or customers via HootSuite. It can provide email-extracting services too.

πŸ”΄ Steps to Use HootSuite:

Step 1: You’ll need to head over to the official website of HootSuite.

Step 2: Register your HootSuite account.

Step 3: Click on Get Started.

Step 4: Next, you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to HootSuite.

Step 5: To do that click on Add Social Network. Then add your Facebook account.

On the dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor your account and know about its analytics too.  

πŸ”― Hunter:

Another third-party tool that’s available online is Hunter. It is mainly used as an email address extractor.

⭐️ Features of Hunter:

β—˜ It’s an email finder whose traditional purpose is to help you find professional email addresses in just a few seconds.

β—˜ The tool helps you to connect with people for your business faster and better every day.

β—˜ You’ll just need to enter the domain number of the business whose professional email address you want to know or search for. It will help you get the email address behind any website.

β—˜ It also helps in finding authors too. It supports an email finder also.

β—˜ Its inbuilt email verifier performs a quick and total scan to check the deliverability of the email IDs. The tool has gained quite great popularity in a few years.

πŸ”΄ Steps to Use Hunter:

Step 1: Open the tool’s official website i.e www.hunter.io.

Step 2: Next, you’ll need to enter the domain name of the website whose email address you want to extract on the white search box.

orange Search button to search

You’ll need to click on the orange Search button to search for the results.

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