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How To Know If Someone Stopped Sharing Location On Snapchat

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» If someone stops sharing location on Snapchat it will show as “XYZ stopped sharing location”.
» However, the person’s bitmoji disappeared from Snap Map, which also means that the user is no longer sharing his location. 

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To tell if someone Turned Off location for you on Snapchat, look at the profile of the person that will turn into a blue bitmoji of a ‘ghost-like icon’ 👻 that will display on the profile if the profile has turned on the ghost mode.

The live location of the profile will also freeze if the person has turned on the ghost mode on his Snapchat profile.

How To Know If Someone Stopped Sharing Location On Snapchat:

You can try the following methods below to tell if someone turned their location off on Snapchat:

1. Finding From Snap Map

If you can find the user’s location from your new Snapchat ID, it means that his location was hidden from your primary ID. But if you can’t find the user’s location on the Snap Map even from your second profile, it’s because the user is on Ghost Mode.

If the person’s bitmoji disappeared then might be the person has stopped sharing the location or is in ghost mode.

2. Creating Another Account

Snapchat lets users choose the audience who can see their location on the Snap Map. But if you can’t see someone’s location on Snap Map it doesn’t always mean that the person is in Ghost mode.

It is also possible that his location is not available to you because he has excluded you from the list of allowed users who can see his location. Therefore, you need to use a trick to confirm it.

You need to create a new Snapchat profile if you don’t have a secondary Snapchat account already. Use a fake name to create a second account.

3. Start Chatting & Find Location

After the person accepts your friend request, you need to start a random conversation with the user on Snapchat.

After chatting for a few minutes, you need to go back and click on the Snap Map icon at the bottom left corner to open the Snap Map and check the user’s location.

How To Tell If Someone Is In Ghost Mode On Snapchat:

You will find these things below:

1. Profile Would Not Show Snap Map Option

If you turn on the Ghost mode on Snapchat, your profile won’t show up on the Snap Map. Your location won’t be shown on the Snap Map till you turn off the Ghost mode.

You’ll be able to see others’ locations on the Snap Map even if you turn on the Ghost mode. Only after you turn off the Ghost mode, your location will get updated on the Snap Map and will be available to other friends to be seen.

2. Bitmoji has been changed to a Blue sign

tell if snapchat ghost mode

Normally on Snapchat, when you are not in Ghost mode, your friend would be able to see your Bitmoji on the map which indicates your current location.

But as soon as you turn on the Ghost mode, your Bitmoji vanishes from the map and it gets changed into a blue sign that lets you know that you’re on Ghost Mode. It goes off automatically after you turn off Ghost mode.

3. Friends Don’t Receive Notifications

When you turn on the Ghost mode, your friend doesn’t receive a notification about your changing location anymore as Ghost mode doesn’t let Snap Map update your location.

Even when you’re turning on Ghost mode, it won’t be notified to your friends on Snapchat. Your last location will freeze and then disappear from the map automatically.

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