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Will SMS be Delivered If Blocked On Android?

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Key Points:

1. On Android, a text message will not be delivered if blocked, this may show delivered but it will not be delivered if the person unblocks him later.

2. To tell if someone has blocked your number, check if the message you sent was delivered; check WhatsApp and Telegram for that number if you are blocked there.

3. You can not receive SMS from blocked numbers, and you can restore the blocked messages from the Blocked Messages section of your Messages app.

Will SMS be Delivered If Blocked On Android:

No, a text message will never be delivered if you are blocked. On Android, if you send a direct message to someone & it shows that the message is delivered by a delivery receipt. However, the person meanwhile will not receive the message or SMS.

If it is confirmed that he blocked you, then your message will not be delivered, and if it is delivered, that means he did not block your number, or when you sent him the message, he unblocked your number, or he may previously block your number, but currently, it is not blocked.

There are a few things you should know if this is related to iMessage.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked Your Number:

There are specific parameters based on which you can say if someone blocked your account; by sending the person a message, calling him, or searching for his number on another messaging platform, you can determine whether he blocked your account.

1. You will See Delivered

If you are trying to send a message to a person who is supposed to block you, then by checking the status of the message, you can determine whether the person blocked you or not.

You will See 'Delivered' but the Message Won't be in his Inbox

When you send him a message primarily, it should not be delivered, but if it is delivered still, the message will not be seen in his chat box, so he will not receive any message from your side.

2. Person Don’t Reply Back

If you see that the person whom you texted repeatedly but did not get any reply to your message, then there is a high chance that he may block your number.

The person didn't reply to Your Message

Because he will not receive any message from your side, that’s why he did not reply to it, it will not necessarily be true every time he blocks you, but it may happen.

3. Check WhatsApp or Telegram with the number

If your number is blocked by a particular person and by texting him, you do not get any reply, then you can check other messaging platforms. You can check the platforms which use your phone number to message, like WhatsApp or Telegram.

Check WhatsApp or Telegram with the number

Go to these platforms and try to message them and check If the messages are delivered. Check for a week, and after that, if it still needs to be delivered, the person will block your number on WhatsApp and Telegram. He did not block your number on that platform if your message was delivered.

4. Call the Person and Check what autotune says

You can also call the person to check whether he blocked you. Because when a person blocks someone, he will not receive any call from them, the autotune is set as Busy.

Call the Person and Check what autotune says

So, If you call the person and every time the autotune says that the person is busy with someone, you can say that he will block your number. When a person is on a call with anyone, it also says the same. So do some frequent observations by calling him regularly and make an accurate conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can you still receive text messages from a blocked number?

No, You cannot receive text messages from a blocked number in your inbox, but if you unblock the person for a particular time, the messages may come to your inbox. On Android phones, all the messages are stored in spam folders, which means the phone collects the data but will not notify you.

2. If you unblock a number, will you receive old texts?

No, if you unblock a number, you will not receive the old text he sent you when he was blocked. You will get messages before he is blocked and after you unblock him. But you will not get the intermediate messages between you and the blocked person.

3. Why am I still getting text messages from a blocked number?

If you are using an old version of your Android phone, the person is using a third-party tool, or if you did not block the number for message or SMS correctly, in that case, you could still receive messages from a blocked number. To fix this, update your Android version and block the number correctly.

4. If the Message Says Delivered on Android am I blocked?

The possibility is there if your message says it was delivered on Android, there is also a chance that you are blocked. Usually, when you are blocked, the message should not be delivered, but if it is delivered, it will not be true that you are not blocked.

There are many reasons for which the message may be delivered, like if the person unblocked you for that time, or the message was delivered before he blocked you, etc.

5. How to receive SMS from a blocked number?

You cannot generally receive SMS from blocked numbers, but you can see the messages from the Messages app. Open the app, find where the blocked messages are stored (for different phones, it may vary), and check the blocked messages.

If there is any glitch, you may receive messages from blocked numbers, which might be in your spam or a filtered section. You can receive and see from there; once you unblock, the messages will come into your inbox.

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