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To add or change the profile banner in Discord, on your PC, tap on the ‘Settings’ gear option in the bottom left-hand corner and go to your account settings page.

After that, on your account setting page, click on ‘My Account’ and your profile page will appear in the middle section of the screen. Over there, tap on “Edit Profile” which will take you to “User Profile”. 

Next click on “Change Banner”, select the picture you want to add, and tap on ‘Open’. Then, edit the picture according to the banner layout and click on “Apply”. At last, to save the changes, click on the “Save Changes” button at the mid-bottom. 

Whereas if you’re using your mobile for this, then, tap on your ‘Profile’ icon, on the bottom right corner of the first screen. 

After reaching your account settings page, tap on “Users Profile” and click on ‘Pencil icon’ to edit.

Next, from the popped-up option box at the bottom, tap on the “Change Profile Banner”. Thereafter, you have to select the photo from the gallery and if you want, edit the picture.

Once done with adjusting the picture, click on ‘Choose’ and then, hit “Save”.

Well, these changes and the addition of a new banner are only possible, if you have a ‘Discord Nitro Subscription’.

How to Add a Profile Banner in Discord:

To change/add the profile banner, it must have a “Discord Nitro” subscription. Because only the user with this subscription has the option to change the banner and add a new one.

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Open ‘Discord’ & click the ‘gear settings icon’ 

Primarily, open your Discord account. On the very first page of Discord, in the lower left-hand corner, are given the option to go to your profile ‘Settings’. 

gear settings icon on discrod

Click on the “Settings” option, with a gear icon, and move to your profile settings.  

Step 2: Under “USER SETTINGS” > User Profile & click on > ‘Change Banner.’

Now, on the profile settings page, you will see two main sections, one, on the left is the list of options to make settings in your account, and second, in the middle the broad display of those options. 

So, to make changes to your profile, you need to go to “My Account” under the “USERS SETTINGS” part. 

My Account on discrod

Click on ‘My Account’ and your profile page will appear in the middle section of the screen. Over there, tap on > “Edit Profile” which will take you to “User Profile”. 

On the ‘user profile’ you will see all the information related to your Discord account, such as avatar (profile picture), bio, profile banner, etc, and along with that the option to add and change them. 

Hence, click on > the “Change Banner” blue button to add the banner to the ‘PROFILE BANNER’ box. 

Change Banner blue button  on discrod

Step 3: Now choose an image and set clicking on ‘Apply’

A click on the “Change Banner” button, will take you to your “File Explorer” or the folder in your system where all the pictures are saved, to select a picture for your banner.

clicking on Apply on discrod

When you land on your picture folder, select any one picture that you wish to add to the banner and tap on “Open”. This will bring you to the layout of the banner where you get the option to edit the image, scale, and adjust it as you like. 

Once done with the adjustment, click on “Apply”, in the lower right corner.

Step 4: Click on ‘Save Changes’ to save it 

After applying, you will again land back on your “User Profile” page. Over there, come down to the middle bottom area and click on the “Save Changes” green button to save the added banner. 

Click on Save Changes on discrod

This is how you add a new banner to your Discord profile.

How To Change Profile Picture On Discord – iPhone:

Following is the guide to changing the profile banner on the Discord mobile app version, especially on iPhone-

Step 1: Open the Discord App & tap on the ‘profile icon’

Start by opening the Discord app on your mobile device and get into your account. Now, on the very first interface of the app, on the bottom, you will see some options such as a search icon, your profile picture icon, etc. 

profile icon on discord

From there, tap on the last one towards the right, that is, your “Profile” icon. It will look like your profile picture in a tiny circle, in the lower right corner. 

Tap on the ‘Profile’ icon and you will reach your account profile page. 

Step 2: Now tap on ‘User Profile’

Now, you will be on your account profile page, where on the top is your profile picture and below that will the list of options to make changes to your Discord account. 

User Profile on discrod

So, make change your banner, first, you have to go to > “User Profile”. Scroll the options list a bit down and tap on “Users Profile”.

Step 3: Tap on your banner ‘pencil icon’ to Edit

On your “User Profile” tab, click on the ‘pencil’ icon, given in the upper right corner of the already existing banner. The pencil icon is to avail the edit options. 

pencil icon' to Edit on discrod

Click on it and the option to change the profile banner will pop up on the screen. 

Step 4: Tap on ‘Change Profile Banner’ 

Next, from the popped-up option box at the bottom, tap on the “Change Profile Banner” option. This will open your mobile phone’s gallery folder or the folder where all your photos are saved. 

Change Profile Banner

Step 5: Select photos & and Crop to Set

Select the photo from the gallery/photos folder that you want to set as your account’s profile banner and tap on it. 

Select photos on discrod

After selecting the photo, you can adjust it according to the banner layout and also crop and edit it. You can zoom the photo and set it the way to want it. 

Step 6: Tap Choose to Apply

Once done with editing the photo for the banner, to apply, tap on > “Choose”. This will take you back to the ‘User Profile’ page. 

Tap Choose to Apply on discrod

Observe the banner and see how the newly added banner is appearing on your account. 

Step 7: Now tap on ‘Save’ & it’s Done

Now, finally to set the banner, tap on the “Save” option on the top right corner of the user profile page. 

tap on 'Save' & it's Done

Well, the option to change the profile banner will only appear on your account profile page, when you have the ‘Discord Nitro Subscription’. Otherwise, you cannot change the banner. 

The Bottom Lines:

Adding a new profile banner to your Discord account is a very simple task and the options for this are available on the app/website itself. However, there is one twist. To add a new profile banner, you must have ‘Discord Nitro Subscription’, otherwise, the option to change won’t appear to you.

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