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Can A TikTok Account Be Traced?

By Pranab Sen

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To trace getting permission from the court is required for police to access TikTok servers and retrieve information on the deleted account’s IP address, ultimately leading to tracking down the owner.

Reporting and Launching Complaints…

You can report and launch complaints against TikTok accounts engaging in unlawful activities, as police track them through IP addresses and location details, especially for live accounts in use.

There you can try a few steps to find out who is behind a fake TikTok account.

Can A TikTok Account Be Traced?

These are the methods they can take:

1. Taking Data From TikTok

A police officer can track a TikTok account by taking the data from the TikTok authorities. However, TikTok won’t reveal any data without the court’s permission as otherwise, it would be violating the privacy of its users.

Therefore, the police have to first approach the court of law to get permission and then ask the TikTok authorities to reveal data of the user the police want to track. 

From their TikTok registration and location information, the police will get to know about the user’s personal information as well as their whereabouts. 

2. Spying the Posts and Activity

Another way to track someone on TikTok is by spying on their profile. If a user’s profile is stalked thoroughly by the police force,  then they might be able to find out the location of the user and get to know how the suspect looks.

From spying on the profile, the police can also find out the linked email address and phone number to the TikTok account which can further help them track the suspect in person. 

Spying the Posts and Activity

3. Enforcing an Agent to Spy

When the police need to trace a TikTok account, they can force an agent to spy on the deleted TikTok account. This spying agent can hack the account and can track the IP address of the user’s device.

The hacker can also find the location of the person from the IP address as well as show you the records of the user from other public databases. 

Can Police Track a Deleted TikTok Account?

Police can track deleted TikTok accounts only when they get permission from a court of law to have access to TikTok servers. After the police authority gets written permission or a search warrant to look for the details and information of any deleted TikTok account, TikTok will provide all data if available there.

Only when the police authority fulfills all the conditions that are necessary to be met, TikTok will consider letting them know the details about any deleted account by granting them access to the server. 

If the authorities don’t get permission from the court of law to investigate, they won’t be able to issue a search warrant to carry on the investigation.

1. Report TikTok Account to Police

This is the first step of the whole process, where if a deleted TikTok account needs to be tracked, an official complaint has to be filed to a court of law. The court will look into the matter to judge if the situation needs an immediate investigation to track a deleted TikTok account.

If the court finds it reasonable, it would grant permission to issue a search warrant. Only if law enforcement provides permission, the police authorities would be able to proceed forward with the investigation.

2. Access TikTok Server

After law enforcement grants permission to issue a search warrant, the police would be able to approach the TikTok community with the warrant. But it’s not binding on TikTok. The warrant of the law enforcement is a kind of data request to TikTok but the required documents and conditions need to be met to get the information from TikTok, depending on the law of the country vs the complaint registered.

Unless the required documents and conditions are fulfilled by law enforcement or the police authorities, TikTok would not assist them let them have access to the server.

Law enforcement agencies need to provide valid and relevant documents which are legal to acquire the information as well as get access to the server as that may harm the privacy of other users.

Only when the police authorities get to have access to the TikTok server, they would be able to know the required information about the deleted TikTok account they’re looking to investigate.

3. Activity from IP Address & Get Details

Only if TikTok shares the information of a deleted profile by granting access to TikTok’s server, the police authority would be able to conduct further investigation to find out about the activities of the user.

The police would be able to know about the user’s activities from the IP address. Once the IP address of an old account is tracked by the police authorities, they would be able to know all other information about the user. From the IP address, they’ll be able to trace the location of the owner.

The information shared by the TikTok community about the deleted TikTok account to the police would reveal details about the user’s old followers, registration details, email address, device model, account creation date, phone number, information about the data log, etc.

Can VPN be tracked by police?

Police can track a VPN if they have the resources and legal authority to do so. While VPNs can provide some level of anonymity and security, they are not certain and can be traced under certain circumstances.

Does TikTok report to the police?

TikTok has a responsibility to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those related to law enforcement demands. However, TikTok does not automatically report user activity to the police or any other law enforcement agency without a legal request. TikTok may also notify users if they receive a legal request for their information unless prohibited by law.

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