Can Police Track A TikTok Account?

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Reports and complaints can be launched against the TikTok accounts that engage in unlawful or criminal activities.

They can be tracked down by the cops using their IP address and location details.

The live TikTok accounts are easy to get hold of or track because they’re currently used by the user. Police use several strategies and methods to track down the location of the account to take action against the owner.

However, deleted TikTok accounts can be traced too, although it’s quite a long process where the court needs to grant permission to issue a search order to sanction the investigation of the police.

TikTok will hand over the information of the deleted account to the police authorities when they have the valid documents. After getting access to the TikTok server, police would be able to get the information about the IP address of the deleted account and can track the owner using it.

The Grabify Tool can also help you to get hold of a TikTok user’s IP address. You can track the IP address using the IP Logger tool to trace the location of the user.

Although, it is hard to find real people behind an account, still some ways out there to know who is the person behind a TikTok account.

Can Police Track a TikTok Account?

Whenever an account engages in any kind of illegal activity or violates any law, reports are launched to the police against the owner of the account. After the launch of the report, police need to investigate the situation, and then they can track the account owner using the account details like IP address, location, etc.

Unless any account commits a severe crime and for minor violations of TikTok guidelines, it’s handled by the TikTok community by warning the account.

When it comes to violating any country’s laws, posting open threats, harassing individuals, etc the matter is taken to the police. In that case, police take over the issue to arrest the owner of the account and even take the required steps to ensure that the same crime is never repeated.

Although TikTok doesn’t reveal the IP address of its user to any laymen. Only when it comes to the violation of laws or any emergency data requirement, TikTok can hand over the necessary information to the police authorities when they have a proper and valid search warrant issued by law enforcement.

People whose sentiments have been hurt or were harmed in any way by any TikTok account owner can directly launch a police complaint after which the TikTok account can get deleted and action might be taken against the user.

⦾ For Live TikTok Account:

TikTok accounts that are active and are currently used can be traced more easily than the ones which are deleted. Since the first day of creating your TikTok account, TikTok has been keeping track of your activities. All your location details are recorded when you’re using GPS inside the application of TikTok but they’re not revealed by TikTok.

Nonetheless, when a police complaint is launched, cops can also use indirect methods to track the IP address of any TikTok account.

The police, while tracking the IP address of an account, can take the help of any VPN company and might convince them to reveal the IP address of certain users from the logs. This is not a straightforward method because if the account owner uses another VPN, the police authorities have to run through different companies to find out the details. 

Even, several indirect methods can help the police authorities or any third party are there to get access to the IP address and location. Various online tools are designed in a way that can look up the personal information of the owner of any account.

The cops can also trace the location of the phone number which is connected to the TikTok account. Tracing the phone number will help in tracking the exact location of any user.

Can Police Track a Deleted TikTok Account?

Police can track deleted TikTok accounts only when they get permission from the court of law to have access to TikTok servers. After the police authority gets written permission or a search warrant to look for the details and information of any deleted TikTok account, TikTok will provide all data if available there.

Only when the police authority fulfills all the conditions which are necessary to be met, TikTok will consider letting them know the details about any deleted account by granting them access to the server. 

If the authorities don’t get permission from the court of law to investigate, they won’t be able to issue a search warrant to carry on the investigation.

1. Launch Report & Reach Law Enforcement:

This is the first step of the whole process, where if a deleted TikTok account needs to be tracked, an official complaint has to be filed to the court of law. The court will look into the matter to judge if the situation needs an immediate investigation to track a deleted TikTok account. If the court finds it reasonable, it would grant permission to issue a search warrant. Only if law enforcement provides permission, the police authorities would be able to proceed forward with the investigation.

2. Access TikTok Server:

After law enforcement grants permission to issue a search warrant, the police would be able to approach the TikTok community with the warrant. But it’s not binding on TikTok. The warrant of the law enforcement is a kind of data request to TikTok but the required documents and conditions need to be met to get the information from TikTok, depending on the law of the country vs the complaint registered.

Unless the required documents and conditions are fulfilled by law enforcement or the police authorities, TikTok would not assist them to let them have access to the server.

Law enforcement agencies need to provide valid and relevant documents which are legal to acquire the information as well as get access to the server as that may harm the privacy of other users.

Only when the police authorities get to have access to the TikTok server, they would be able to know the required information about the deleted TikTok account they’re looking for to investigate.

3. Activity from IP Address & Get Details

Only if TikTok shares the information of a deleted profile by granting access to TikTok’s server, the police authority would be able to conduct further investigation to find out about the activities of the user.

The police would be able to know about the user’s activities from the IP address. Once the IP address of an old account is tracked by the police authorities, they would be able to know all other information of the user. From the IP address, they’ll be able to trace the location of the owner.

The information shared by the TikTok community about the deleted TikTok account to the police would reveal details about the user’s old followers, registration details, email address, device model, account creation date, phone number, information about the data log, etc.

Alternative Ways: Grabify Tool and IP Logger

Another clever way that can help in getting as well as tracking the IP address of the user is by using Grabify Tool and the IP logger tool.

Grabify tool is an online web tool that can help you to find out the IP address of any user. After you get to know the IP address, you need to enter that IP on the IP Logger to track its exact and current location.

◘ You need to first copy any link to an article or video and then open the Grabify tool to shorten it.

◘ Next, after the shortened link is generated by Grabify you need to copy it and send it to the TikTok user whose IP address you want to track. You’ll also find a tracking code that you need to remember.

◘ As soon as the TikTok account owner opens the link, Grabify will record the IP address and then redirect the user to the original content.

◘ You need to enter the tracking code generated by Grabify to get into the result page. There you’ll be able to know the IP address of the TikTok owner who clicked it.

◘ When you see the IP address of the user on the result page, copy it, and then open IP Logger.

◘ There you’ll have to paste the IP address and search for the location of the owner.

It will track down the location and share it with you.

The Bottom Lines:

While a live TikTok account is easy to trace by searching it up online, the old and deleted TikTok accounts can only be traced when law enforcement grants permission to issue a search warrant.

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