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How Old Is My Twitch Account

✎ Key Takes:

» You can use the STEAM CHAT header to open any chat, and within the chat, locate the name of a streamer whose account creation date you want to know.
» On clicking the streamer’s name, the profile information box will display the account creation date below the name in the format “Account Created (date),” allowing you to easily find out how old your Twitch account is.

How Old Is My Twitch Account:

You can try the following steps below:

Step 1: Open Twitch and Go to Chat

Another way to find out the Twitch account creation date is from your Twitch chat section. You need to first log in to your Twitch account using the correct login credentials.

Only if you use the correct login credentials, you’ll be able to get into your account. After getting into the account, you need to open the chat page of your Steam account. You’ll be able to see the list of chats of your Twitch account on the chat page.

The Steam account creation date will help you know and analyze your account growth. It can also help you know how many followers you’ve gained in these years.

Step 2: Open Any Chat and Find a Streamer on Chat

After getting into the chat page of your Steam account, you need to open a chat. You’ll be able to see the STEAM CHAT header on the chat screen.

On the chat page, you’ll be able to find the name of a few streamers mentioned. You need to find the one whose date of creation you’re looking for, from the chat.

Step 3: Click on Name to See Creation Date

Once you’ve found the streamer’s name you need to click on the name and it will show you the profile information of the streamer in the box.

 Click on Name to See Creation

On the box, you’ll be able to find the date of account creation just below the name of the profile. It will be shown in the format written below  Account Created (date).

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How To Reclaim a Twitch Channel?

If you’ve noticed an inactive channel and want to reclaim it, you must know that it must be inactive for more than twelve months to get eligible for reclamation.

But if it’s not inactive for twelve months, but far less, Twitch will not let you reclaim it and will deny your appeal to it.

2. How do you see when a Twitch Account was Last Active?

To check when someone last used his Twitch account, you need to check the Recent Broadcast of his profile to know when the last broadcast was held from his account.

By seeing the date of the last broadcast, you’ll be able to know the last active status. If it’s very recent, then it’s an active account. But if the broadcast is from a year ago, there is a good chance that the account is inactive.

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