Color Text Generator for WhatsApp [Bio, Status, Font]

Just being a part of a group on WhatsApp noticed that many people are sending different types of fonts and colourful text on WhatsApp group chat and I wanted how could I do this as this feature by default is not available on WhatsApp.

Soon I understood the style that provided on WhatsApp is by using the special characters from the keyboard, however, the colourful text and the fancy fonts are the other parts of this game.

I searched for different ways and will share with you the methods that worked for me, the same you can apply for yourself to change the style of the text when you want to do on your chat or for your WhatsApp bio.

To change the font on WhatsApp, you have three different methods to implement by yourself. First of all, you can use the symbols to make Italics, Bold, or Strikethrough text send on WhatsApp chat. However, you can change the colour of the text to Blue by using the Blue Text App as your keyboard and this tool will type the colourful text on WhatsApp for you.

I will include the fancy font generator tool that I developed for the users who want to make the colourful fonts and using this tool you can generate different types of fonts, you just have to copy and paste on your chat and send it to your friends.

In this article, I will guide you with the step-by-step process by adding the pictorial guide for every method so that you can understand the process better and see the outcome you’re about to get.

1. Change WhatsApp Font Color [using Apps]

To change the colour of a text on WhatsApp chat or WhatsApp Status fonts, you can use the colour keyboard (any app to change the colour of the text) as WhatsApp does not provide such a feature officially.

The app you need to use is ‘Blue Text: Keyboard + Converter’. With this app, you can change the colour of your WhatsApp sentence or text that you’ve typed and you can set it as your default keyword and whenever you type anything on a WhatsApp chat it will take on a blue colour text and the same will be supported on your friends chat as well.

Let’s start these steps to change fonts on WhatsApp using an app:

blue text app
  1. First of all, you have to install the Blue Text app on your Android device. After that, just open the app and tap on the three-lines icon, from there tap on the keyboard option.
  2. Now you have to enable the blue text keyboard on your mobile to use it on your WhatsApp chat.
  3. Now once you are at the type-pad, hold the space button on your keyboard and it will show the option to select the blue text keyboard for the typing.
colour text sending method

Now once you set the WhatsApp Blue text app keyword as your default, you can now type any text and send it to your friend in the same way, will be delivered in blue colour.

That’s all you can do, you have to do for your WhatsApp colourful text but the same app is available on Android devices only. This app is able to generate the text in the blue colour, not any other colours and this is definitely a drawback of this app.

⦿ Advantages:

i) You can add unlimited texts just to by directly typing the letters on the WhatsApp chat once you enable the keyboard on your Android device. To use it you have to set the keyboard as default keyboard option that you can change later by tapping & holding onto the space button on the keyboard.

ii) You can type a text and just copy and paste it to WhatsApp chat if you don’t want to add the keyboard as your default keyboard option and this option is available on this app that is considered as the best feature.

2. Color Text Generator:

If you want to send the fancy style text to your friends then the online font generator tools can help you in this process easily. In this method, you have to just type the text you want to send on the chat and the same tool will generate hundreds of different fonts in front of you and you can select any font style to send to someone’s Whatsapp chat.

To do this you just have to copy that font from the list of different ones and just paste it on the chat and tap on the send button & the same style font will be sent to the person.

Let’s follow the guide to change the font style:

Step 1:

First of all, visit the font generator tool on our website: Go to Fancy Font Generator

font whatsapp

Step 2:

Now you will see the option to type the text, just put your text there and different types of bio fonts will be generated & will show up to you. From the list of fonts, choose one for your WhatsApp bio font and paste.

Step 3:

Once a list of fonts will be generated and you have to tap on to the text that you want to copy and just paste it to someone’s chat on WhatsApp and the same format will be delivered in that style.

This is the simplest method where you can generate different types of fonts with lots of styles and you can generate more fonts by tapping onto the ‘load more fonts’ button that will add a few more to the list. However, currently, you cannot generate colourful texts with that tool rather you can add colourful emojis to make a text font stylish.

⦿ Advantages:

i) In one click you can generate hundreds of fonts and use them accordingly as your wish. Also, you can load more if you need that.

ii) Through the font-generator, you can just directly copy and paste the text even it is a single word or a long tail sentence.

iii)  The fancy font generator tool actually free & easy to use and supported on both devices PC, Mobile browsers. Like if you are on WhatsApp Web, just directly use it on your PC to type and generate text and send it to your friend by copying it.

Note: If you are using an older version of your mobile device, either it is an iPhone or Android then you need to update the phone to the latest version, and all fonts that were not supported before, will be supported after the updates you made on your mobile device.


3. Change Font Style in WhatsApp without any app

WhatsApp provides its feature with bold, italics, and strikethrough the text format while you are sending it on WhatsApp chat even on a personal or a group chat. By using these special characters in front and at the end of a text you can change the style of the text font on chat.

This is the simplest and convenient way to bold text or make it Italic and sometimes strikethrough any text. Also, you can use a default type of font which is the monospace format of text in the same way.

Yes, you are eligible to use all of this feature at once on a sentence or in a single message.  These four features you can use on a single message while you are sending any text and want to use it accordingly to add a strong attraction to a message. Let’s dive into the process of how you can do this and the special character that you should use for this purpose.

🡆 Create Text Bold on Chat:

If you want to type text by making it bold you have to add a star * symbol at the start of the text and at the end of the text. Once you typed the symbol in this way your text will be in preview mode before you send that to someone else’s chat and you can just tap on the send button to deliver in this style.

The text style will take effect while you are typing and closing the line following the star * symbol at the end. Whenever you want to bold a text you can use this feature on your WhatsApp chat and also you can add it on your Bio for any type of feature where the text is allowed.

bold font whatsapp

🡆 Make it Italic:

Did you ever get a text in the italic style on your WhatsApp chat? If you want to make stylish text then you have to add the underscore symbol _ at the start and at the end of a text. After entering the symbol and close it by adding the same symbol at the end of the line, you will be able to deliver the text in Italic font and the person will receive it in the same style and format you’re sending.

You will see the preview at the chat as always and you can tap on the send button, the same method you can also follow from your WhatsApp web.

italic font whatsapp

🡆 StrikeThrough Texts:

If you want to strikethrough a text on your WhatsApp then you have to use the symbol of ~  at the start and at the end of the sentence or text that you want to send on the WhatsApp chat.  Now you are in the same way to see the preview that you want to send before you tap the send button on your WhatsApp chat where you can confirm & send it.

While you want to strikethrough any text to make it noticeable on a document or in a paragraph of sentences, this method will help you exactly what you want. Yes, you can use it on a single word and even with multiple sentences with all the other features like adding emojis along with it.

strikethrough font whatsapp

🡆 A Special Font: Monospace

You can add a special font that is called monospace font on your WhatsApp chat that is a little larger than the normal size, just add the symbol “` at the start and at the end of a sentence or word to generate such font on WhatsApp chat.

all fonts

4. How to Change Font in WhatsApp Status or Bio?

If you are on an iPhone device, you can change the font of your WhatsApp text by using the online tool to help protect the text and use it accordingly on your WhatsApp chat. Also, the default WhatsApp features that enable you to send the different styles of text using a special character that I have already discussed in the above is eligible, you can do the same on your iPad or iPhone devices.

Whether I recommend using the online tool for this purpose that is definitely the best option you can enable the stylish text to send you on your WhatsApp chat as there are many types of fonts available.

⦿ [On Status or Bio]:

You can add the stylish fancy font on your status and on your name or bio. If you want to add the fancy fonts on your WhatsApp bio then you can use this online tool that I have discussed above. Just type the text there and copy & paste it on your Bio and save it accordingly. This will display the same style to your friend or anyone who is viewing your profile.

The Bottom Lines:

Finally, I want to suggest you that if you want to change the font style then you can use the basic WhatsApp feature that enables you to send bold, italics and strikethrough text on your WhatsApp chat and if that is not enough you can use the online tool to generate a large amount of WhatsApp fonts to send on a chat. However, using the blue text app you can send the colourful text to your friends.

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